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Posts By Jerry
Tripawd Tuesday: Romy Runs Again
Cars can be a dog's best friend, and their worst enemy. Just ask Romy. This sweet girl almost lost her life to one, but today she's back and hoppy as ever thanks to the love and support of people who love her. We know you will too after you read Romy (More)
Getting Closer to a Vaccination Against Canine Cancer
Every day scientists around the world are working hard to discover breakthrough pet cancer treatments. This year the biggest canine cancer study to date will enroll 800 healthy dogs in order to test the viability of a vaccination against canine cance (More)
Tripawd Tuesday: Angel Gus Lights the Way
There is never an easy time to say goodbye to our animals, but there can never be a worse time than when a dog or cat doesn't make it through amputation surgery. Today for More)
Tripawd Cats Pain Management Tips and Tricks
In our ongoing efforts to share more information about three-legged cats, we hope you enjoy this entire Tripawd Talk Radio podcast dedicated to Tripawd cats pain manag (More)
Tripawd Tuesday: My Foxy, Forever Companion
Ready for your Tripawd Tuesday distraction? We've got a great one for you! Check out the story of Fox, a Forever Companion, best friend and number one cheerleader o (More)
#ItsMyHomeToo Asks How to Arthritis Proof Your Home?
Here at Tripawds we talk a lot about "Tripawd-proofing" your home, but did you know that many of the tips we suggest for three-legged animals apply to four-legged ones too? The new More)
Thinking of a New Vet Hospital? Explore AAHA-Accredited Clinics on #AAHADay 2018
Are you thinking of finding a new veterinarian? Don't wait for a health crisis. There's no better time to research new providers. Start by visiting AAHA-accredited clinics during the annual #AAHADay celebration! What Makes AAHA Clinics So Great (More)
Tripawd Tuesday: Meet Osteosarcoma Survivor, Tripawd Nikki!
Ready for a big dose of Tripawd Tuesday inspawration? Here's a great one. Meet two year osteosarcoma survivor Tripawd Nikki, our warrior of the day! Osteosarcoma S (More)
All About Rehab Therapy for Tripawds
Everyone used to think that a new amputee dog or cat could carry on with their old activities once the incision healed. But that thinking has changed. Today's experts know that a Tripawd’s activities must be modified in order to avoid injury, and a (More)
Tripawd Tuesday: Lawri Beats the Feline Fibrosarcoma Odds
Love finds us in the most unexpected places sometimes. In today's Tripawd Tuesday feature, you'll enjoy the sweet story of how Lawri beat the feline fibrosarcoma odds. Here is their story, as tol (More)
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3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. Today we picked up our beautiful 9 year old Golden Newfie, Tiffany, after having her front right leg amputated on Thursday due to Osteosarcoma. Since being diagnosed on Aug 8 we have been overwhelmed with emotion an have looked at your site daily for information and to find the courage to get through this. Thank you.
    Penny, John, Adam, Emma & Tiffany

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