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Name: jerry dawg
Bio: Jerry is the Founder and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Read his story here.

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Spree the Tripawd Breaks Leg But Bounces Back Beautifully
A broken leg is a Tripawd parent's worst nightmare. But Spree is proof that a full recovery and a great quality of life afterward is entirely possible. We recently caught up with this life-long Tripawd to find out how she did it. From a Puppy Tripaw (More)
Tripawd Tuesday: Meet Three Paw the Two Legged Tripawd Cat
You know that Tripawds are inspawrational. But when a dog or cat loses a second leg, they redefine the word! We've had the honor of getting to know Three Paw, a sweet Tripawd cat in Italy who lost her third leg to a limb cancer. [caption id="attac (More)
Medical Lending Library for Pets Makes Hard Times Easier
When your pet loses a leg you discover all sorts of pet products you never knew existed. From harnesses and beds to elevated feeders, these assistive products provide comfort during surgery recovery and illness. Unfortunately they are often expensive (More)
Hey Everyone, It's 2018 Tripawds Calendar Time!
Can you believe that time is upon us once again? Yes it is, it's 2018 Tripawds Calendar time! This is not a contest. You won't have to pay or ask people to vote to get featured. But this year, only three calendar designs will be produced, so r (More)
Tripawds Rock Chicago and Lancaster Events
On September 16 the three legged nation rocked Chicago and Lancaster Pennsylvania. In two different cities at different parts of the U.S., Tripawds represented like superstars at the PuppyUp Chicago event and Meet The Rescues held by our friends at T (More)

Recent Comments (All Comments)

Lee we replied to your post here: (More)
wooooaaaaah! I think she grew thumbs, that is craaaaazy. But you are SO on the right track. The communicator, the CBD, and even the boarding, which is amazing and wonderful that she did so well. That's a lot like how Wyatt was when we left him in a home setting with a sitter. He was a totally different dog, happy and content while we were away. (More)
Thank you for the explanation! Keep us posted on how things are going OK? (More)
Shelby you are making all the boydogs in heaven crazy in love with you aren't you? Pretty girl, you sparkle even brighter in the heavens. We miss you tons but take comfort in knowing that you are enjoying the beautiful love and light in heaven with all our heroes. Hoppy birthday girlfriend! Love you! (More)
Lucy and family, welcome. You are most definitely not alone and we will be here for you every step of the way. Your maw is right, amputation is always harder on the people than the pets. I have a feeling you will show them that you are even more amazing than they already thought you are. If we can help at all just bark oK? Best wishes to the pa (More)

3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. Tomorrow is Bellas (Great Dane). 1 week post op . Front leg amputation , she has been doing amazing until yesterday . She started with a yelping pain when she puts her front paw down . I sent pics to her vet of the incision, he thought it looked great. I dont know if that is phantom pain or what it is. She wasnt doing good on both Tramadol & Pregablin . They took her off the Tramadol .

  2. my tripawd likes your tripawd… Phil & “Happy”

  3. Melek, indeed – and you are, too, Jo.
    Look at that cat go! Sending love and hugs over the seas to you both. xo

  4. Way to go Melek! You are a special kitty and your mama is pawsitively terrific!

  5. Simply amazing! What a wonderful, sweet little cat.


  1. Tripawds » Spree the Tripawd Breaks Leg But Bounces Back Beautifully - October 18, 2017

    […] was just 1.5 years old when we met her in 2010 at Canine Health Resort in Fort Collins, Colorado. This adorable puppy was born with a poorly formed front leg and became a Tripawd at 15 weeks old. […]

  2. Tripawds » Canine Rehab Helps Dog After Amputation and FHO Surgery - October 17, 2017

    […] Foundation Offers Free Rehab Consultations Tripawds Recover and Relax at Canine Health Resort When a Tripawd Needs another Leg Surgery Tripawd Rehab Tips and Videos from California Animal Rehabilitation […]

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