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Name: jerry dawg
Bio: Jerry is the Founder and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Read his story here.

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Join the #OneCancerOneCure Team for Pets and People
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Let's Celebrate Three-Legged Heroes on #TriDay2018!
Every day is a chance to celebrate our three-legged cats and dogs but today, 3/3, is the official #TriDay2018 of the Tripawds Nation! There's no better opportunity to honor the joy and inspawration we've gained from having these heroes in our lives. (More)
What to Expect on Amputation Surgery Day for Your Dog or Cat
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Tripawd Tuesday: Sammy Hits the Jackpot
Sammy was rescued after being hit be a car. Fortunately, a dog-lover pulled over and brought him to a veterinarian (who also happens to be his Auntie). When he was found he was underweight and certainly would have died very quickly from his trauma. A (More)
How to Prepare for Pet Loss Before It Happens
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Sameer, we've seen many members go through similar tough "not this, maybe that" situations so please do post in our Discussion Forums OK? Meanwhile, my recommendation is to get another opinion if you haven't already. You can also check with a service like Colorado State' (More)
Ooooh that sounds like fun! I'll bet the people there were so impressed by you, Duker. As for Bubba, well we hope he doesn't have nightmares about those pesky rodents! (More)
Awww we love you guys back! We are sooo glad to hear he's home and on the mend. Yes, you are right, he had a LOT done to his body, more than the usual amputation, which is why he's more wobbly and out of it. But think about it: imagine how a human would be if they had those same parts removed, then went home the next day. They wouldn't! Diggs is (More)
Nick, it's hard to believe that things can change so quickly. Just had a chance to catch up and I'm so sorry about the bad news, that bites in a big way. But you did what the best oncologists would recommend doing. The most important thing is to get rid of that awful pain, and any time after that is icing on the cake. We have seen MANY dogs out (More)
WHEW! That is great news Michelle, thank you for the update. Hopefully the ortho doc will have some non-surgical ideas to help with your shoulder. Keep us posted. (More)

3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. We have a golden retriever, who has had a xrays, blood report and biospy done to confirm/eliminate bone cancer. He had no other signs, than sudden pain in leg when he took off running one day. The distal tibia xrays showed a lytic bone lesion, suspected of osteosarcoma. However, a week after the biospy, there is a slight, but painful fracture of the leg, the biopsy came back inconclusive – “some spindle cells atypia and some bone matrix, possibly osteosarcoma, but it is not definite”.
    We’re in a Jam and need to make a decision urgently, vet says better to amputate now, as bone may not heal. Though they’re not conclusive it definitely is osteosarcoma. We did the biopsy to hopefully avoid amputation if it wasn’t osteosarcoma. Now, we’re faced with having to certainly amputate because of the fracture.
    Would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions..

  2. I have a quite large male tripawd whippet. Back leg amputated. Could you please advise as to which harness would be most suitable. He wears a soft coat when it’s cold so would a harness fit on top of this?.

  3. Hello. My dog Santo just got diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on his front leg. He is 6 years-old, it seems that he is a good candidate for amputation.
    My biggest concern is the overall cost. We may be able to difficulty manage the amputation cost. But there’s no way we can do chemo and amputation.
    I read everywhere that if don’t do chemo right after it most likely be a “waste” of money and trauma.
    Any thoughts?

    • Azul and Santo, welcome. We’re sorry about the diagnosis but please don’t listen to the people telling you that amputation only is a waste of time. It is most definitely NOT and it’s one of the best things you can do to help Santo. Amputation gets rid of the pain and gives him a chance at a good quality of life. Chemo is OPTIONAL, never forget that. Our own dog Jerry (founder of Tripawds) lived TWO YEARS with amputation only and we’ve seen many other dogs who also didn’t have chemo go much longer.

      Santo doesn’t want you to be stressed about money. If amputation is what you can afford then that’s OK by him. All he wants is to feel better and for you to be happy.

      Please join us in the discussion forums for help from members OK? We are here for you both.


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