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Name: Brenda Ketner
Bio: My husband and I only have fur babies...our dogs (and cats) are our children. We adopted Bella 7 years ago (she's 10) and she is my heart. She was horribly abused when she came into our lives and has the most gentle, loving personality. We lost our first rescue to stage 4 lymphoma 4 years ago, and this diagnosis of osteosarcoma with Bella is breaking my heart.

Recent Posts (All Posts)

Bella earned her wings
We sent our sweet Bella off to the bridge on Thursday. We adopted Bella from a rescue shelter in Lebanon, TN and brought her home to Rhode Island on November 5th 2010. They thought she was about 3, but I think she may have been closer to 5. She ha (More)
Love the Tripawds community
Wish I had more time to read and respond to so many posts on these blogs and forums. I try to explain to friends and acquaintances how impactful this site is and how courageous and loving the members are. I don't think they understand unless they ex (More)
We're back!
A little over two months post op and Bella is loving spring and looking good. I'm so grateful for this site and all of the help and support it offers. We are blessed. (More)
Bella is 3 1/2 weeks post op. Love her frosty face and smile!
Bella having fun

Recent Comments (All Comments)

What a special treasure you shared with your photos of Mosby. Such a beautiful boy. He loved you so was easy to see. I hope your heart is healing with the memories of the wonderful life you gave him and the love he had for you (More)
Thank you so much (More)
Thank you so much. I hope so too (More)
I am so sorry for your loss. Kylie was very loved by you and will take this with her on her journey. I am sure you will see her in special places and moment to come. (More)
Thank you so much. This is not such a good weekend for Bella. She's favoring her left hind leg so we are taking it easy with her. Such a loving pup though. (More)

3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. Hi Jim, Rene & Wyatt Ray!
    Hoping all is Hopping well along and that you will be able to take some time off at Christmas for a good romp into the hills!
    I was wondering if it is possible to update our new website here? This will give the link to our new Album. Thank you.

    We hope you have a Very Hoppy Christmas and Stewie and I look forward to spending more time with this incredible community in 2018!

    All the very best from The Allen Clan. X

  2. This was awesome. Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories of that day and Frankie’s singing 🙂
    Thank you all for sharing your wonderful pointers,

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. Not sure if you remember but that is the same Lucy that you featured years ago on your site when she was doing Rehabilitation at CA Animal Rehab. I am Amy her mom who was part owner of that clinic and a physical therapist!! Funny because I just pulled up the videos you guys did on her years ago!! I now own Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center in Torrance CA and Jeff Neu’s current dogs come to us. Feel free to come by any time. There is a big photo of “Miss Lucy” over the doorway to our clinic. Amy Kramer, PT, DPT, CCRT

    • WOW! Amy we never made that connection, how incredible! Had no idea she was the same Lucy. I will email you offline, this is amazing and so cool. And congrats on the new clinic! xoxo

  4. Which insurance you have for Wyatt? My dog was diagnosed with OSTEOSARCOMA and front leg was amputated. Bill is getting bigger by the minute. If I am able to get insurance for Dakota will be a great help. Thank you

  5. Good news / bad news

    Here’s the bad, and I’m starting with this part as informatinal: I had one of the most common brands of pet insurance — twice — and both times I cancelled it. It was like dealing with a human insurance company, their agenda was to do their best to avoid paying the claim. So if you have the time, willingness and organization of your bills and records, you can perservere. In my case they denied a claim of treatment for severe ear infection. Their response was that this was a pre-existing condition. The dog had had one ear infection 4 years prior. I said, “If my dog had an ear infection for 4 years without treatment, you should be on the phone having me arrested.”

    Then at my vet’s pet fair there was a booth with Trupanion. I signed up, sometimes for 3 very big dogs at once. It was not cheap. Not prohibitive, but something to definitely factor into a monthly budget. Trupanion charges a premium every month based on your location, because some areas average higher bills. And that’s it. You choose your deductible, maybe $250 or zero per event, and after that they pay 90% of the bill. So my pit bull’s extensive cancer surgery and treatment cost $7,000 and I wound up paying $400 (a few things were disqualified).

    So onto my tripawd, the ever mischievous Jack Russell pup Able. At 8 weeks old he was hit by a car and abandoned at a vet’s office. They asked me to take him and I did. Rushed into surgery, they had to take his back leg and hip and then put the rest of his insides back together. The medical bills came to almost $10,000. Because he was a new dog, there was no insurance on him but my amazing community raised the money. And you can bet the minute I’d had him for the 6 week waiting period I signed him up for Trupanion. We have so far used it for 3 trips to the ER!! A one year old Jack Russell is a catastrophe waiting to happen, so thank God for Trupanion. Great service, I love them.

  6. Poor Wyatt!!! Hope he gets better fast! Thanks for this blog. I have contemplated insurance in the past but just continue to use Care Credit.(for now).

    Tracy & Spirit Maggie

  7. WOW!!!!! PRICELESS INSIGHT!! Got all teary-eyed over here, but in a good way! 🙂 Hearing from these beautiful Souls sharing such personal moments of how this journey has touched them is so helpful, whether you are new to ithis journey, or an old timer.. We all need inspiration!

    Case in point. Hearting Teri share her life lesson from Isa who gave her confidence and strength that carries far past the “jorney” itself. Sitting here with my Tripawd Frankie who is having an AWFUL time trying to recover from a torn ligament surgery (it’s only been 24 hrs), I needed ro be reminded that I had what it takes to power him through this!! See Teri, that Isa is still installing confidence in all of us!!

    Listen to that howling dog “talking” non-stop in the baxkground…..yeah, that’s my Frankie!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Love to each of you! Beautifully said!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  8. Our tripawd lost her leg to a flesh eating bacteria (not MRSA but same effects). It spread from a small spot on her shoulder where she got stung by something (whatever it was had the bacteria on it) to her whole chest and leg in less than 24 hours. It was so scary. We didn’t know whether she would make it even after the surgery. You can’t mess around with these kinds of infections!

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