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9 Year Old St.Bernard Lab Mix Amputation Today | Page 2 | Treatment, Recovery and Oncology

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9 Year Old St.Bernard Lab Mix Amputation Today
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21 May 2016
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15 September 2018 - 4:50 pm
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Hey sweetie 🌸

I am shocked beyond words with the comments you had to hear, those vets should get the biggest kick on their backside ever recorded and I mean it! 

They are a despicable example of human kind at its very worst. 

I cannot remember Eurydice’s pills frequency but I do agree Chance should probably get Gabapentin, my girl did. 

I don’t dare saying ask your vets because they are absolutely awful!

Are there any other vets/hospital you could call for advise?

As for the shoulder blade, my Eurydice had it removed too, the surgeon explained that would be a “dead weight” with no use at all and it would make proper balance more difficult. 

I used a tshirt under a soft harness and that helped me lifting her/taking her out for pee/poop, can you get one?

Don’t expect Chance to be energetic for now, all she needs is plenty of rest and if you take her for potty breaks make them as short distance as you possibly can. 

Where is she sleeping now?

She should be on a comfortable but firm enough bed to allow her to get up/down without any risk of sliding or falling. 

I was told to leave the incision alone and check it daily, ie make sure the area didn’t feel hot when touched and wasn’t swollen. 

You are a truly brave Mom, you can get through this and don’t forget we are all here to help and guide anytime.

Sending you an avalanche of kisses and a cloud of cuddles to Chance 😘🐮💫✨🌟🌹

Eurydice 77kg/170lb Great Dane limping end of April 2016, amputation (right front leg/osteosarcoma) 4 May 2016 6 courses of carboplatin followed by metronomic therapy, lung mets found 30 Nov 2016. 3 courses of doxorubicin, PET scan 26 Jan 2017 showed more mets so stopped chemo. Holistic route April 2017. Lung X-ray 5 May 2017 showed several tennis ball size mets, started cortisone and diuretics. Miss Cow earned her XXL silver wings 12 June 2017, 13 months and 1 week after amputation and 6 1/2 months after lung mets, she was the goofiest dawg ever and is now happily flying from cloud to cloud woof woofing away :-) 

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2 August 2018
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15 September 2018 - 6:33 pm
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ok deep breaths, Chance is home now and no one loves her more, so she is in great hands! We are only 3 weeks out and you wont believe the difference 3 weeks can make – I know it seems like that is very far away right now, but it’s just around the corner. We had lots of leaking and bleeding that first week – as long as it’s not just blood but is more pink and watered down then no need to worry. It would leak more after Horace moved around. The first time he got up to pee we only made it a few steps to the door, the second time we made it just outside on the patio and the third time we made it to the grass – every day he made progress and Chance will too. Right now rest is all Chance need, make sure she is drinking and keep her drugs on schedule. You are doing great, keep us updated.

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10 September 2018
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16 September 2018 - 2:20 am
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Update on Chance clapI have to give my girl a round of applause.  I knew she was a fighter and I believe 100% I did the right thing.  Do I know what the road ahead brings, no, but my girl is already starting to be her independent happy self.  So the first day Like I said, she did not get up to go the bathroom, very lethargic.  To be expected but I was still worried how she would cope.  You know at first it was like once you helped her up she just wasn’t sure what to do and would just stand there for a minute. Yesterday morning, second day, I helped her to get up with the t shirt ( great advice by the way Especially with the hair tie to bring it more snug also becoming a handle to help support her if needed) about 11 am she made it a few steps out the door to go pee and back in we went.  I would say about an hour or so later I was talking to my daughter telling her I had to go to take the older kids to a football game and as soon as I said go, Chance was up and ready all by herself.  I said to her do you want to go for a walk and she did her super cute head tilt from side to side.  And out we went.  She walked around for a few minutes and then I spread a blanket out for her and we spent some time outside while the kids played. Went inside rested and went out again.  I boiled her some boneless chicken thighs and I’ve been feeding her those 1 thigh at a time every few hours or so.  She only went the bathroom first thing that morning but then she woke me up a little while ago.  Scared me actually.  I put an airbed next to hers, we put her dog bed as close to the front door as we could.  I was startled out of my sleep to find her standing by my face.  She had to go out and she had to tell me.  We live out in the country and it’s pretty dark but she maneuvered out there like a champ! No falling on her face like the vet said she would be doing for the rest of her life and its only the 2nd day.  I can’t wait to see what my girl can do once the wound is healed.  Honestly I can’t wait to rub it in the vets face when I take her to get the stitches out.  I do feel like I owe him a few words, although I do not think I will not be returning to him after the stitches are removed.  It really is said because my family has used this vet for years.  The reason I stayed was because when I was about 18 I had a puppy who contracted parvo.  I called the other vets in the area and they wouldn’t even take the puppy without a down payment.  I was young and broke.  This vet told me bring her in lets try to save her and we’ll figure out payment after words.  He charged me $150 after a week in the hospital and her life was saved.  I really felt he cared more about saving the animal than the money.  Maybe he has become less emotional as the years progressed I don’t know but it’s unacceptable.  Chance is going to make him eat his words when he sees her.rasberry

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1 October 2017
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16 September 2018 - 7:39 am
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I cannot tell you how thrilled I am for you. You have already gotten some fantastic advice here, and I agree that your doctor acted shamelessly unprofessional. They might be the only ones that you can call to get a prescription for Gabapentin because Chance saw them. I personally would just make the call and get it done, and you can smile when you tell them how wonderfully she is doing. If you go elsewhere, just know that they probably wont give you a prescription until they do an exam on her for the fee of an office visit. If that does not bother you then go for it. I had to deal with a winner of a doctor that took care of Huckleberry and it was not fun. I left that hospital after his sutures were out and he was doing well. Thank goodness I finally found a decent vet for all of our furbabies. 

Chance sounds very determined and like she is feeling better. You will definitely need to make sure her pain medication is on board at regular intervals and not be late with them. She is very likely going to have a bit of a crash here in the next few days. Those hospital medications stay in the system for several days after they come home and slowly wear off. That is when it is vital to be on top of watching for signs of pain. Some people express concern thinking their pets have become “depressed” when likely that is break through pain. Not being able to get comfortable, sudden little cries, not being able to sleep, lethargy, and suddenly jumping and crying out or paying aggressive attention to the surgical site are some signs to look for. 

I was also horrified to see any vet tell you to put peroxide on the incision… yeah.. my head about exploded off my shoulders lol. It has already been addressed in here to not do that, but make sure you are watching that area for any swelling/leakage. The cool and warm compresses are wonderful, and can help stop a seroma from forming. We see this a lot in the larger dogs. Keeping her activity limited to the short walks outside to potty and lay on her blanket will also help to ward against fluid build up (seroma ).

The Novox is an nsaid, how often are you giving her that? The cephalexin is a strong oral antibiotic and that will help ward against infection. The Tramadol might have to be increased more than twice a day. I think most of our furbabies got it every 8 hours or so. I don’t know anything about the Novox. I am not a vet, just trying to get you prepared for the possibility of a bit of a rollercoaster ride that most of us go through for similar and different reasons. 

You are doing an awesome job clap  I am relieved that Chance is already letting you know you did the right thing, some of us don’t get to see that until a few weeks post op. They are all different and they all handle this differently. Looks like you are on the right path though, I am thrilled for you. Stay tuned in and keep close. Maybe you could figure out how to post a picture of your girl when you have a few moments to yourselfheart


Jackie and Huckleberry heart


Jackie, David, Mitchell, Bo, Andy, Oscar,and the coolest feral tripawd kitty Huckleberry

The Rainbow Bridge

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25 April 2007
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16 September 2018 - 1:52 pm
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First, YAY for Chance! What a fighter! What a brave, awesome girl, just like her mommy! Time to celebrate these accomplishments and know that she is ROCKIN RECOVERY! clapsuperstar

WOW. Ok I’m the one taking deep breaths now….

Now about your horrific experience. First, let me say the vast majority of vets 99.9% are INCREDIBLE, SMART HUMAN BEINGS! Unfortunately you got stuck with someone in that 1% club. I’m really sorry. How ironic that I’m going to Colorado State’s vet hospital later this week for some interviews for our news blog. I am just shaking my head that any vet with that horrible attitude (and absolutely wrong information about hydrogen peroxide) could have graduated from such a great school. I’m sure he loved hearing about our community 😉

About removing the scapula…it’s a more complicated operation, and whether or not it gets removed depends on what kind of cancer/injury is involved, and what the surgeon’s preference and capabilities are when it comes to this surgery.

I know you felt a loyalty because of what he had done for your puppy in the past. We felt the same way about Jerry’s first vet, an older gentleman who dragged out his cancer diagnosis for several months, and would never admit he didn’t know what was happening. It took his vet tech to suggest we get a second opinion at a better hospital! And we were so glad we did. Several years later, that same veterinarian had his license revoked for several huge surgical errors and wrongdoings to his clients’ animals!  It was a long time coming.

Meanwhile, I would save your energy on showing him how wonderful Chance is doing. I doubt that’s going to change his perceptions about the situation, and will only cause you stress. If his practice is large enough to have a practice manager, you may want to write them a letter instead. And again, if you’d like us to help you find a better clinic in your area please PM me, I’m happy to do so.

And now, keep on giving Chance all the encouragement and love and celebration she needs for a speedy recovery. We are cheering you on too!

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Forum Posts: 6640
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21 May 2016
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18 September 2018 - 5:24 pm
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Sweetie pie 🌸

Those are the GREATEST news, I am totally thrilled for you and Chance !

But, as Jackie says, expect some potential crash, this usually happens between days 3-5 and, if this happens, it is normal.

Make sure Chance rests as much as possible and do restrict her activity until stitches are removed.

Only potty breaks should be allowed now, bed, bed, bed.

Sorry René, I totally respect and truly admire your souplesse and you are most probably right with your letter suggestion but personally, if it was me and my dog, there is no way I would not make sure that idiotic vet would know and see how well my baby was doing!

This may not have changed his ludicrous views on amputation but it would surely give me a lot of pleasure to prove otherwise and maybe, only maybe, he would hesitate in making comments to others as he did to you.

Anyway, all that matters now is how well our Chance is doing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Keep up the good work, sweetie.

Hugs and cuddles 😘🐮💫✨🌟🌹

Eurydice 77kg/170lb Great Dane limping end of April 2016, amputation (right front leg/osteosarcoma) 4 May 2016 6 courses of carboplatin followed by metronomic therapy, lung mets found 30 Nov 2016. 3 courses of doxorubicin, PET scan 26 Jan 2017 showed more mets so stopped chemo. Holistic route April 2017. Lung X-ray 5 May 2017 showed several tennis ball size mets, started cortisone and diuretics. Miss Cow earned her XXL silver wings 12 June 2017, 13 months and 1 week after amputation and 6 1/2 months after lung mets, she was the goofiest dawg ever and is now happily flying from cloud to cloud woof woofing away :-) 

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28 August 2018
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18 September 2018 - 11:40 pm
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I’m so happy to hear how well Chance is doing and that you’re feeling better after that horrible experience.


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