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Tripawd Tuesday Celebrates Bella the 3-Legged Tortoise Cat

Today’s Tripawd Tuesday celebrates Bella, a three-legged Tortoise cat from the UK. She had a leg amputation because of a rare subungal melanoma. This rare condition is scary, but if your cat or dog has it too, fear not! Bella’s story as told by her hooman will inspire you and give you hope.


Join the Tripawd Tuesday Celebration of Bella, the Tripawd Tortie!

This is my cat Bella. I’ve had Bella for over 5 years now. She’s a classic sassy tortie, but also my emotional support animal. She always knows when I need her and can be a proper lap cat when she wants to!


I have two other cats, Barty & Mika, who she keeps in check – she’s 100% boss in this house.


Just over a year ago, we found a tumour on her foot. After biopsies we found it was subungual melanoma – really rare in cats and quite a high mortality rate. We honestly didn’t know if she would make it. She had a CT scan to see if it had spread, and it fortunately hadn’t.

Bella Tripawd Tortie Cat

We then had two options: get CT scans every other month, risking it being in the lymph nodes & putting her through all that stress.

Or amputate. We chose to amputate and she’s been incredible.


She’s adapted amazingly and it hasn’t knocked her one bit. She still has regular cancer checks but as of now she’s *touch wood* cancer free and thriving!

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