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Tripawd Tuesday: Resilient the Three Legged Coyote

Humans can learn so much from animals, and Tripawds are among the greatest teachers. In today’s Tripawd Tuesday we celebrate Resilient, a three legged coyote and beacon of hope.

A Three Legged Coyote Delivers Hope During Hard Times

three legged coyote
Not all Tripawds are dogs and cats. (Image:

Last June, during the darkest days of the pandemic, a three legged coyote showed up on a game camera in Texas. In the midst of hard times, she was a gift from the Universe. Christena Stephens, a wildlife biologist for Three Rivers Foundation in Foard County, Texas, blogged about the eye-opening footage.

When I first saw her my heart broke for her.

It was in June 2020.

She appeared on a camera trap hopping along on three legs.

Her left front leg was gone except for a small stump.

She was getting around quite well for a coyote with three legs, trotting through the tall grass as grasshoppers hopped all around her. She even captured a few.

It is hard having a stomach of iron to let nature play its course in life. I had done that last year with a northern mockingbird fledging who was being pursued by a coachwhip. Eventually, the coachwhip gave up and tried coming after me.

This girl coyote appeared to be in really bad shape and to top it off it seems she had manage as well.

Things turned out very different than what Christina thought would happen. Be sure to hop over to her blog post, “Resilience and Hope in a Coyote I Have Named Resilient,” for the rest of this beautiful story.

A special shout-out to Christena for her video footage. If you love wildlife, you will love her nature stories. In addition to her work with 3 Rivers Foundation, she is also a photographer, writer, and nonprofit maven. She is slowly becoming a wildlife warrior. The video and photograph were captured on 3 Rivers Foundation conservation lands in Foard County, Texas. 

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