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Tripawd Tuesday: Brave Beagle Jasper

Today for Tripawd Tuesday, prepare yourself to meet adorable Jasper, a strong, brave Beagle who lost a leg when a surgery went terribly wrong. His mom sent us his story via Instagram. Please give them a warm Tripawd style welcome!

From Fractured Leg to Tripawd Hero, Brave Beagle Jasper Thrives 

Brave Beagle Tripawd Jasper
A broken leg did not break his spirit!

Jasper is a two year old beagle. He fractured his tibia when he was about 7 months- simple fracture nothing that a puppy his age couldn’t overcome!

We were assured by his veterinarian that it would heal within 2 months with no issues. He performed Jasper’s surgery, however, the vet did not provide any discharge information. He simply stated, “keep him in has cage and make sure he puts ZERO weight on it.” We followed these directions wholeheartedly.

Jasper Tripawd
He patiently waited for healing and lived in a crate.

Two weeks post surgery, Jasper’s X-rays revealed the pin had pushed out and so the vet had to do another surgery. Jasper caught an infection after this surgery and we found out one year later, the infection was caused because the vet used the same pins from the first surgery in the second surgery. They did not do a test to see what kind of infection it was so it got worse because he was not on the right antibiotics.

Fractured Leg Beagle
Jasper waits for his leg to heal.

At this point, X-rays we’re not showing signs of healing, rather after 3 weeks of under the direct care of his old vet, Jasper developed a HUGE gap in his bone where the fracture was. Essentially the infection ate away at his bone. His doctor had no answer to us as how Jasper lost an enormous amount of bone under his direct care for three weeks. The doctor boarded Jasper into his facility to ensure he heals and we get a horrific call saying Jasper got worse after his latest X-rays.

Jasper the Beagle Tripawd

We rushed him to the speciality center and after multiple surgeries to try to get the leg to heal, after a year we had no choice but to amputate. The Veterinary Board of Medicine has found this doctor’s actions as negligent and have disciplined him for the lack of care and gross negligence he has committed. If it weren’t for his carelessness and lack of competence, Jasper would have four legs today.

Nonetheless, Jasper thrives everyday and continues to amaze us as well as those around him. He is the strongest, happiest, and bravest little guy I know. 

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