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Furballs of Gratitude on a Tripawds Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day, America. We hope you’ll take time to stop, slow down and ponder all that we have in our life. Sure, that’s not always easy, especially if you’re new to this community. But our animals are here to show us that even when times are ruff and things aren’t going as we had hoped, there is always something to be grateful for on this Tripawds Thanksgiving holiday.

Tripawds Thanksgiving

This day has extra special meaning for us, your faithful founders. After all, our fearless Tripawds Founder Jerry went home after amputation surgery on Thanksgiving Day in 2006. We were scared to death, but the moment he hopped out of the hospital, he never looked back. We watched in awe as we mourned the loss of his leg, but Jerry ultimately taught us that we didn’t amputate his leg, we amputated the pain. Without it, he was free to move on and enjoy every day to the fullest once again.

A wise Buddhist once said that we live life moment to moment. It’s all we have. Everything else is just an idea. This is so hard to do when your life has been turned upside down by something that requires amputation surgery. Suddenly we are reminded of our animal’s mortality and it feels like the walls are closing in. But if you stop, breathe and find it within yourself to acknowledge the good things still present in your life, you’re that much closer to achieving the wisdom that our beloved animals carry in their souls. They are always present, always grateful for the moment unfolding right now. And their lives are that much richer because of it.

Tripawds Thanksgiving

Each day we’re thankful for the love and wisdom that our animal friends and you, Tripawds Nation, bring into our world. You restore our faith in humanity every single day by doing so much to make this world a better place! Thank you for being there during happy times and sad, for sharing your wisdom and your experience, and providing a place to turn to when all hope seems lost. Here at Tripawds, nobody is a stranger. We are all family. 

May you have a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration today and a life filled with abundance and hope . We love you Tripawds members!


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9 thoughts on “Furballs of Gratitude on a Tripawds Thanksgiving”

  1. Hoppy Thanksgiving,

    We give thanks everyday for all you guys do. For Spirit Jerry who is still working behind the scenes!

    Who knows where any of us would be if it was not for Tripawds and all the info, support & love!
    Thank you for all that do for this community & to keep it running!

    We are furever grateful & we love you right back!
    Holly, Mark , Purrkins & Saxton!

  2. Such a beautiful sentiment Rene, and so true. I will never be able to thank you enough for this wonderful family….I firmly believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I had not stumbled onto this site. You threw me a lifeline when I was drowning, and are still a major source of comfort. Our lives changed forever on that fateful day we began this journey, Despite our sadness, we have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for you!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    • Paw shucks thanks Paula! You’ve always been a pawesome person and we are glad you leaned on us when you needed it most. Thanks for all you do for everyone in this community, you make a huge difference here every single day.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! You have made such a difference in our lives and we will be furrever appreciative. The supportive friendship that we have found here is like none other. If you are travelling today may your travels be safe! Big hugs from all of us here in Huckleberry Land, we love you guys!
    Jackie, David, Huckleberry, Andy, Oscar, and Mitchell

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to our dear American friends and fur babies!

    Stewie and his pack would like to say that we are truly grateful to be a part of this community! Thank you to everyone for your support during our difficult time, but a billion thanks to Jim, Rene & Spirit Jerry! None of us would be here to celebrate our fur kids lives (& passings) if it weren’t for the three of you and the courage that you found to build a nation of Tripawds!
    Thank you for reminding us Hoomans to stay in the hoppy moment… we sometimes forget to listen to our fur kids!

    So here’s to you Jim, Rene, Wyatt Ray and Spirit Jerry! Hoppy Thanksgiving to you!

    All the very best and sloppy kisses from Super Stu and his Pack!

    • Awwww thanks so much Petra! We are humbled by your thoughtful words. Really though we just make things run here, it’s the amazing people like you who add the magic to Tripawds! We are so grateful for your kindness, support and friendship always!


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