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Tripawd Tuesday: Calvert’s Graceful Lessons

It’s Tripawd Tuesday, and what more appropriate day to honor the spirit and courageous journey of Calvert, a sweet pup who left us far too soon. Today we’d like to share a beautiful Discussion Forums post that his Mom Angie shared with us, just one day before he earned his angel wings yesterday. If you are coping with heartache and loss right now, we guarantee this will soothe your soul.


About a week ago you all asked me what life lessons Calvert has taught me. I gave you my answers and also responded “he’s teaching me one right now, I just dont know what that is yet.” Well, I have the final answer. Grace. Every thing Calvert and I have been through has instilled in me a kind of grace I have never known. I didnt know it until my best friend (who also is my photographer) informed me that through this whole ordeal, and especially while at the lake yesterday, I handled myself and Calvert with such grace that she found it inspiring.

Ive never known Grace like this. It gives the word a new meaning. Grace is shedding happy tears in the midst of sorrow and anguish just because Calvert, my three legged soulmate, perked his ears up when I walked in the door tonight, then (although struggled to) walked over to me and had the slightest wag in his tail. I am sooooo unbelievably happy that I got to see that tail wag for what could very possibly be the last time.

Grace is accepting the inevitable and plunging ahead with positivity no matter how much sorrow and agony you harbor. Having Grace doesn’t mean you are calous and can face the world with no emotion, oh no. Grace is being able to feel those emotions and express them meaningfully and not be ashamed or embarassed for having them. I think once you find Grace, you can find Peace.

Calvert’s Tripawd journey is shared here in beautiful photographs, hop on over for a look at what Grace looks like.

Thank you Angie and Calvert, we are all the wiser because of you.

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Calvert’s Graceful Lessons”

  1. Oh my gosh, Thank you for highlighting Calvert’s story in Tripawd Tuesday! I hope our story can help comfort and console those going through this struggle. My heart goes out to you.

    I really appreciate everything this community has done for me and Calvert; from the first day I posted after his leg was amputated, to Calvert’s last day in his earthly body. I found the best advice here, and the most kind words anyone could ever hear while going through something like this.

    Thank you!

    Love Angie and my Angel, Calvert.

  2. YES! A spectacular chronicle of the growth of a soul…a beautiful soul…all because a dog named Calvert came to earth to teach…teach us all!

    Eloquently written…….a treasure of a love story.

    Thank you Calvert and Angie, for letting us all step into your circle of Inspired Grace.

    With appreciation,

    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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