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Tripawd Tuesday Introduces Otis the Awesome

Looking for some inspawration? Check out the story of Otis, a new Tripawd. His dad Stevee McDade explains:


Our handsome boy, Otis is a 11 month old yellow lab/mastiff cross.

He was hit by a car on October 30th which resulted in the amputation of his front left leg on November 1, 2013.


Two weeks post surgery and this tough cookie was back to his regular tricks! (playing with only his SQUEKY toys at 6am, attempting to ride shot gun in the car, and taking ME for a walk at the sight of a SKUNK!).

OtisHe is back to galloping around like the goofy puppy that he is and is getting stronger everyday.

He is exactly the same dog today with three legs, as he was with four .


Dogs are such resilient creatures and we could all learn a thing or two from their strength.


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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday Introduces Otis the Awesome”

  1. Otis is CUTE. Love the floppy ears, the “puppy dog” look, and that picture with the toys taking over at naptime is awesome. So glad to hear Otis is recovering well.

  2. Oh Otis! You are melting my heart over here!! Look at you! You are ADORABLE!

    And lovng you with all your squeaky toys!! You’ve earned everyone of them!

    Something tells me you are pretty mch getting anything you want because you are so amazing! Try and refrain from the skunk chasing though! They are a very different kind of “squeaky toy”!

    I’m realy glad you jave the human family you do. All of you can look forward to a long life of locing and pure joy! Hope you’ll continue to share your adventures with us!

    Thank you for sharing your story AND the great photos! You are a very, very handsome fella’! Love that mug of yours!

    Hugs to all yoir pack!

    Sally and Happy Hannah


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