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A 3-Paw Salute to Specially-Abled Pets on National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day and in honor of specially-abled dogs, cats and other animals, we send a big 3-paw salute to Tripawds and their pawrents all over the world. Heck, Tripawd Spokesdog Wyatt Ray proposes calling today “National Specially-Abled Dog Day“!

Lake City Colorado Fourth of July Parade

From three-legged heroes to bi-pawds in doggie wheelchairs, our furry heroes are showing the world that specially-abled pets like those featured in this Pet 360 article lead awesome and inspawrational lives.

Not too long ago, most people thought that the loss of a limb or other function meant the end of the road for an animal. Thank Dog for a few forward-thinking folks who were willing to look for innovative ways to help handicapped animals get around. Their ingenuity has led to numerous mobility aids from harnesses to wagons that help a variety of animals get around comfortably while enjoying a great quality of life.

Retired Military Working Dog Emil
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With the help of a doggie wheel cart, canine war heroes like Emil can continue serving our country by working as a service dog and putting smiles on people’s faces everywhere.

While most Tripawds get around just fine on their own, sometimes it may become necessary to use mobility aids for a better quality of life. If you’re unsure about how animals can live with wheelchairs, these tales of specially-abled pets will put any doubts to rest.

Scooter defies the odds!

“Life doesn’t have to be a drag for a handicapped pet” says representative Lisa-Marie Mulkern. “With the right products and support, specially-abled pets can live happy, healthy, active lives.”

Happy National Dog Day everyone!

Share your Tripawd story about being specially-abled in the comments field below, we’d love to hear about it.

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5 thoughts on “A 3-Paw Salute to Specially-Abled Pets on National Dog Day”

  1. Heartwarming and inspirational! Look at those faces! Everybody’s happy!

    Thanks for sharing the “zest for life” these pups have mastered regardless of what life dishes out!

    The circumstances that brought them to this point in life are varied and certanly not their “choice”. They all share the commonality of an stoppable will to live and enjoy life!

    Well done!


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