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Tripawd Tuesday Celebrates Atlas the Great

All hail the mighty Atlas, ruler of the Tripawd Danes!

Portrait by Kathy Wochele

Atlas started his Tripawd journey with more challenges than any animal should ever face. This seven year-old Dane was diagnosed with the neurological condition known as “wobblers disease” in 2012, and then in April this year, doctors said he had bone cancer.

The thought of amputation for this 150-pound sweetheart was especially scary for his mom, who said in her first Forum post:

If we were just facing the cancer I would be sure about our decision, but with the wobblers, I’m just so scared. In trying to eliminate one pain what if I bring about a bigger pain in his neck.

Atlas’ pack had a tough decision to make. The odds seemed to be stacked against him, but a voice in his Momma’s heart told her that he could make it. Still, the advice of a neurologist frightened her. He said:

” . . . he would not recommend amputation for Atlas because he has mild wobblers disease.  They say there is a chance that Atlas will not recover from surgery and be able to carry his large (150 lb) body on an already compromised frame.  That he may collapse and we would have to put him to sleep right then.”

She wondered: listen to doctors or follow her heart? “Atlas has taught us so much already- true pure love, benevolence, forgiveness, living in the moment,” she wrote.  In the spirit of Atlas’ lessons, she went with her gut feeling and decided to proceed with amputation.

It wasn’t easy, and although his recovery had its rough and scary hurdles, Atlas has proven to be unstoppable.

This week, we are overjoyed at seeing Atlas play off leash for the first time since his recovery, which is why he’s this week’s featured Tripawd hero!

Atlas, you are one amazing, inspawrational Tripawd. It’s an honor to have you and your pack as a part of this community.

Read more about Atlas’ journey in these Forum posts and his blog, Atlas the Great.

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday Celebrates Atlas the Great”

  1. It is such a joy to see our beloved doggies play again! I’m so glad that Atlas is doing well. What a sweet sweet boy! Glad he’s doing well.

  2. Even though I’ve been following The Mighty Atlas on his journey, this succinct overview reminded me again what an incredible dog he is and what devoted pawparents is mom and dad are!

    All the information in the world can be gathered, all the professional advice given, but it all comes down to you and your relationship with your dog or cat………following that whisper of your inner voice…….knowing your dog inside and out.

    Marc and Pat made a courageous decision that has given them the sacred bliss of having quality time with Atlas and the gift of living in the moment!

    It is an honor…..if we have to be on this journey… be on it with such a lovely “pack”!!

    And the pictures and videos……oh my goodness!!! Talk about bringing tears of joy to your eyes……brimming over with happiness:-) 🙂

    Get out the ice cream by the gallons! We’ve got “big dog size” celebration going on over here!!
    And extra bowls for the goat, the sweet guardian dog of the goats, the lovely Sophie and, of course, Mom and Dad!!!

    The Mighty Atlas rules!!

    Lots of love and so thrilled for all’

    Sally and Happy Hannah


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