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Tripawd Tuesday Double Feature

Randomly selecting for one Tripawd of the week is tough, so this week our Tripawd Tuesday feature spotlights two amazing heroes. Read their stories and be inspired!


Last week Tripawds pawrent Tammy Parnell shared Rogue’s story with us.

“Would like to nominate Rogue, our sweet McNab tripod who went to Rainbow Bridge two years ago at age 7. He was getting lame in his front leg, which was causing him a lot of problems. Sadly, amputation revealed it was due to a large, inoperable nerve-sheath tumor. He lived happily and active as a tripod for several months until the cancer got to be too much for him. He was a very sweet, loving boy and is still greatly missed. Here is our tribute video.”



Tripawd Mom Jennifer Dann wrote to share Lonnie’s story.


“Almost two weeks ago, had to let our beautiful tripawd Saint Bernard go. There’s not a minute that goes by that we don’t feel Lorrie with us, although we miss the happy sound of her hopping and howling through the house. Lorrie was a Wonder Dog after her amputation, and taught us that we can’t know what we’re capable of until we’re given the chance. She received 6 rounds of chemo and then metronomic chemo daily, and was happy and healthy until the very last days.

She survived 1 year, 1 month and 1 day past diagnosis – and we wouldn’t trade a moment of it.

She had a long, full life after we thought she couldn’t, and we believe she’s hopping around on the other side, like the wildly happy tap-dancer that she was on three legs, basking in the sun, rolling in the grass and smelling flowers, waiting for us all to join her.

Thank you all for your love and support of our sweet bear in her life. We continue to send her love now that she has really reached the rank of Saint.”

How to Get Featured on Tripawd Tuesday

Each Tuesday, Tripawds from around the world can enter for a chance to be “Tripawd of the Week.” Just share your Tripawd’s story and you’re entered to win!

On every Tuesday of the week, tell us about your three-legged hero here in the Tripawds Discussion Forums or on the Tripawds Facebook page. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. In a few short sentences, describe your three-legged hero’s story.
  2. Include a photo or video.
  3. Include a link to your Trpawds Facebook page, Forum topic and/or Tripawds blog (if applicable)

All entries must be received by Tuesday at 11:59 pm. One Tripawd story will be selected at random to be featured the following Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday Double Feature”

  1. SAINT WONDER DOG!!! You already knew you were a Saint from the day you were born, huh?
    Your sweet tribute to Lonnie and knowing the sadness and void you are feeling yet, again, has me typing through the tears and gasps..

    I love the ‘life lesson” she came here for all of us to learn. Those kinds of gifts are eternal just as her love for you and your love for her. Know that, just as she continues to live in your heart, she infused all the love and joy you gave her into her being and has that with her forever.

    She really has left a legacy of hope and courage , as well as a gentleness of spirit that comes shining through that lovely portrait of her. When she exited this life, she did it on HER time frame and thumbed her paws at cancer. That’s what Wonder Dogs do!!! Especially when they reach Sainthood!!

    I shall hold the beautiful image you painted for us of her rolling in the grass and soaking up the sun. I hope you can go to those places of joy more and more now. She would want you sharing the healing light of the sun with her.

    We cry with you and yet we celebrate a life well lived and well loved! We celebrate the life of a master teacher nd a gentle, but powerhouse of a warrior! You are the proud parents of a true Saint!

    Thank you for sharing her grace. We are privileged.

    Holding you safely and with comforting memories in our hearts, Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Ya know’ this site is the happiest place on earth sometimes.
    And sometimes, like right now, it can feel like one of the saddest places on earth YET always happy and grateful for the gift of time our heros like ROGUE and LONNIE were able to have with us.

    Rogue, your tribute your mom and dad gave you through video and song melted my heart into a sobbing puddle. What a strikingly handsome boy who clearly embraced every second of life with a gleeful, happy spirit that couldn’t be touched by any stupid disease. I thought any minute he was going to bounce out of the video!

    Rogue lived his life to the fullest and was surrounded by a loving dog and human family. Eventually the happy memories will sustain you and see you through. Rogue knows you will grieve deeply for him. He also wants nothing more than for you to be gleefully happy about the wonderful loving life he had. I know you will miss home forever and I also know that he will live in your hearts forever and NOTHING can take that away!

    We cry with you today as we celebrate the life of Rogue who lived a life of purpose and meaning. We cannot do a thing to lessen the sadness you feel. Please know that we all understand and hope you know how supportive energy is surrounding you, Just as ROGUE’s supportive energy is always always’ with you engulfing you with his love.

    Peace and serenity to you, and a sweet bliss in knowing “job well done by all”

    Sally and Happy Hannah


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