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Tripawds Wanted for Fun and Games with Dog Expert Sarah Wilson

Calling all Tripawds! Renowned dog behaviorist and trainer Sarah Wilson is holding two February seminars in New York to help pawrents build a stronger connection with their pups through skills-specific, indoor games and exercises.

Now’s your chance to work directly with Sarah; she was the one expert in the world who could help Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray overcome his many challenges that resulted from his abusive past. Sarah has worked miracles with our pack, we can’t recommend her enough!

If you’re in New York on February 11, here are short descriptions of her two classes taking place:

Beyond Cabin Fever: Quick and Easy Indoor Activities to Amuse Every Family Member

Games to amuse. Build the connection between you and your dog one laugh at a time. For people tired of being in the house and just not sure what else there is to do with their dog and for people who “just” want to expand their toolkit. Bring your sense of humor and a hungry dog.

60-Second Games: Short-Burst Training for Long-term Results

Short-burst training is a fun, effective way to connect with and educate your dog. Doable even on days when finding time seems impossible, 60-Second Games are rewarding – for both of you. These are skills-specific, indoor exercises that strengthen the foundation behaviors while they challenge you to try the next level with your dog. When the snows melt and life outside begins again in earnest – you’ll be ready! Experience what can happen in a minute!

You can join Sarah’s free community and sign up on Sarah’s website at My Smart Puppy.

Tripawds is hoppy to welcome MySmartPuppy as our most recent commercial supporter; you’ll see Sarah’s banner ad in the “Recommendations” widget throughout the Tripawds News blog. To learn about marketing opportunities with Tripawds, see our advertising page.

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