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No-Slip Floor Ideas for Your Tripawd

When your dog joins the Tripawd community, one of the most helpful things you can do is ensure that the floors in your home are slip-proof. Even if you are just able to create a path throughout the house for your Tripawd to follow, this will give your pup tremendous confidence with his new body structure.

When I became a Tripawd, one of the first things my pawrents did for our home was to cover the hardwood floors with pre-made carpet floor runners. They covered our hallways and my favorite parts of the house. But this wasn’t cheap, and since then they’ve discovered other ways in which pawrents can affordably slip-proof floors.

Here are just a few recommendations:

Interlocking Child-Friendly Floor Mats

12″ x 12″ x 3/8″ thick puzzle pieces.

Interlocking Carpet Tiles

2′ x 2′ Interlocking Tiles. 5/8″ thick. Corners and Border pieces available for a finished look.

Non-Skid Eco Friendly Floor Coatings

Add an eco-friendly, safe clear coat to your concerete, tile or wood floors.

Also, check out “No Skidding, Floor Safety Products.”

And visit for a directory of anti-slip flooring companies.

Do you have a favorite no-slip floor solution for your three legged dog? If so, please share it below in our Comments section or in this Discussion Forum Topic.

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11 thoughts on “No-Slip Floor Ideas for Your Tripawd”

  1. I tried I heart pet head oatmeal raw butter paw cream, but it made her paws slippier. I have gone with the runners and a yoga mat. I am thinking of getting some no slip shoes so that we can go to other peoples houses without any problems.

  2. Thanks everyone, this was really helpful. Willow just had her back leg amputated but also has a cast on her front leg, so I need to find something for the kitchen floor.

  3. We found some non-skid “Rib-It” All Weather Mats made by Shaw Living at Home Depot for $3.50 each for 18″ x 27″. They are charcoal colored and have a nice non-slip rubber backing. They really don’t slip and we have made some little paths through the house.

    Unfortunately I can’t find them on-line to provide a URL. Lowes carries other Shaw Living products so perhaps they will have this too.

    Shaw Living
    SKU 93713 07785

  4. Our kitchen is vinyl. We put down a walk-off mat from one end to the other, about 15-20 feet. When I went to Lowe’s and asked for this, the man didn’t understand what I wanted. He showed me several kinds of rubber-backed carpets on a roll. They were about 3 feet wide and as long as we wanted. It works perfectly and only cost about $20.

  5. we have found a wax to put on Niki’s paws. It is called Excel Paw Protector. It helps with grip on slippery surfaces and it also helps protect their paws from burns from hot concrete or salt on the ice in winter months. We found this online for about $7 and it works great!!

    • Jana, i would like to know where you found this online. Do you remember the website. This sounds like it would be great for our Tala. Thanks, Belinda


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