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Three Cheers for Ugly Gus!!!

Ugliest Dog Contest Winner Three-legged Chinese Crested GusWoof! Woof! Woof!

Here’s to Gus, the three-legged Chinese Crested for winning the 2008 Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, CA during the recent Sonoma-Marin Fair!

He may not be a much to look at, with skin cancer, one eye and no hair, but with three legs how can you not love this little guy? Apparently his missing limb earned him a few extra points, but I think he looks better with three legs than any hairless dog I’ve ever seen … not that I’ve ever really seen any in person. Or in dog, rather

My skin dad grew up in Petaluma so he knows all about the annual Ugly Dog Contest at the summer fair. But did you know last year’s winner was also a Chinese Crested? Perhaps the judges are trying to tell us something.

I don’t know how Gus lost his leg, but he does have skin cancer. That’s not why he has no hair though. Au contraire … The hairless Chinese Crested is registered in the Toy Group by the AKC. And dogs without hair require lots of sunscreen. Or they might end up with, you got it … skin cancer.

Now I’m not about to jump to any hasty conclusions. Or condemn Gus’ people for exploiting his unsightly virtues. In fact, I think the Ugliest Dog Contest brings out the beauty in mutts who deserve it most.

Congratulations to Gus for winning the Pedigree class, and then taking on past champions to be crowned the Ugliest of 2008! And kudos to his people for taking good such good care of him. Let’s just hope they use some of the $1,600 prize to stock up on lots of natural sunscreen for little Hairless Gus!

2 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Ugly Gus!!!”

  1. The only thing that stops me from thinking that Gus has been exploited is the fact that he’s got the most amazing grin.


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