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Panda saved herself from animal cruelty.

Panda Survived Tennessee Animal CrueltyI must thank Arnie from Watson’s Pet Products for sending us this story. But some people are just so stupid!

Featured on WBIR in Knoxville, Tennessee, Panda is a Saint Bernard who had it with her human who obviously didn’t care for her one bit. She had been tied up outside and had become entangled with a wire for so long, that she gnawed off her own rear leg to get away. You go girl!

Panda Survived Tennessee Animal CrueltyPanda obviously knew she’d be better off on three legs that tied up and forgotten. Her owner, Adolfo Lopez was charged Thursday with animal cruelty. Perhaps we should tie him up and wrap a wire tight around his leg for a week or so …

But I digress, not all people are bad. The Smokey Mountain Saint Bernard Rescue group is now caring for Panda and hoping to find her a new home. I couldn’t find adoption info on their site yet, but if you’re in Tennessee, or know someone willing to take better care of Panda, please email them about her.

Arnie was even kind enough to donate a Bottom’s Up Leash to help Panda get around. It’s too bad all humans aren’t so caring toward animals.

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4 thoughts on “Panda saved herself from animal cruelty.”

  1. I almost cried thinking somebody could do something to a gentle giant like this. i have two saint bernards and beleive me they are soooo spoiled!

  2. Wow. And, THANK YOU! I just saw Panda’s hindquarter pciture on Jerry’s main page and searched for the story. I don’t know how I missed this heroic pup’s efforts. They are so blessed amazing!
    Thank you, Melissa and Todd for taking her in. Is there any way to get an update on pretty Panda? I would liek to hear about her new life and see her smiling face.
    Again…thank you, ALL for caring!

  3. We are her new proud parents as of 4/15/08. She’s a jewel and a true joy to our home. She’s awesome! We look foward to sharing our home and lives with this truly amazing animal. We are more than happy, actually speachless, to be able to have her and provide her a loving home. Thank you to everyone for their concern’s and prayers. Continue to pray for her and ourselves for what is to come for her in the future. We are blessed for sure! 🙂 MG


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