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Eurydice's lung tumours are catching up with her | Page 68 | Treatment, Recovery and Oncology


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Eurydice's lung tumours are catching up with her
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Norene, TN
Forum Posts: 1070
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21 October 2014
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19 June 2017 - 2:25 pm
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I so loved reading about your adventures. The destination of the cancer journey was over-shadowed by your grandiose daily celebrations of life. The lesson learned here is to ♫ Live As If You Were Dying ♫. You (Teresa) and Miss Cow are the epitome of that song, embracing all the good there is and leaving no stone unturned in your wake. We would all be the better if we followed in yours and Eurydice's paw-prints.

Kudos to you for kicking C's arse! I'm thankful you joined this community. I'm thankful for your insight and I'm thankful I got to "know" Eurydice.


Harmony became a Tripawd on 10/21/14 (MCT). She left us way too soon on 11/1/14.

"We miss you so much; our love, our heart, our Harmony."

- Pam, Ron and Melody, Meesha and DoubleStuff

Forum Posts: 4658
Member Since:
21 May 2016
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20 June 2017 - 7:36 am
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... wonderful, beautiful, lovely friends ...

I am sorry I cannot reply to you all yet but I promise I will, individually.

I read all your comments several times and it just filled my heart with joy to witness all that love, admiration and appreciation of Eurydice, our lovely, goofy, happy Miss Cow. 

Our Ambassador of Love.

I am so sorry to hear Murphy and Fionn departed too ...

And Murphy, the Great Dane on the 16th ...

Well, I think they were all planning to meet up, indeedy ...

They are all happy and back on four legs, not that that makes any difference 🙂

Thank you so much Holly for publishing Eurydice's youtube videos, you are so sweet, girl ...

Could you please publish Tim McGraw's song Live as if you were dying, Norene's song to Eurydice?

It went straight to my heart and so, so true.  

I will be back.

I really want to address each one of you, kind and wonderful people heart

Much love and spiritual woof woofs from Missy Cow and Missy Kinky heartheart

Forum Posts: 761
Member Since:
11 July 2016
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20 June 2017 - 7:42 am
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Norene's song to Eurydice

Love that song! Words we all need to live by heartheartheart

Forum Posts: 156
Member Since:
23 December 2016
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20 June 2017 - 4:04 pm
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I am so, so, so sorry. You and Eurydice were an example and model for ALL of us to follow when it comes to seizing every day and focusing on life and not cancer. She was a gorgeous girl who lived life to the fullest and knew every day how much she was loved. And you are now an example of how to let go with grace. You and Eurydice are truly heroes of the Tripawds world. My heart goes out to you; Miss Cow will be dearly missed by all, even those of us who only knew her through your posts and pictures.

Kerry and Mosby <3

Santa Fe, NM
Forum Posts: 123
Member Since:
19 July 2016
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20 June 2017 - 4:13 pm
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Teresa, I don't have the words. Sorry is woefully inadequate but it's all any of us can offer you. You gave everything to your girl and no dog could ever ask for more or better. And I am so grateful you let me come along for the ride. She is watching over you, every day, every second. I have no doubt of it.

True heroes are never forgotten and Miss Cow's legacy and example will live on here. And she will live on in our hearts.

heartheartheart I wish there was some comfort I could send your way. You are in my thoughts.

Teri, Roxy and Angel Isa

Right rear leg amp 7/12/16 due to OSA. Metastatic lesion on her right front leg, January 2017. Joined the Winter Warriors January 19, 2017. Run free my sweet girl.

Forum Posts: 80
Member Since:
4 October 2016
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20 June 2017 - 8:37 pm
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Hello Teresa, 

I'm in tears as a type this. I haven't logged on to forums in awhile and I'm so very heartbroken to read that sweet Eurydice is gone. It's hitting me very hard.  

You had a lot of kind words for me when I first got on here after Chance's diagnosis. I'm not sure what I can offer now to make you feel any better. Just know that we are sending big hugs and love.  Reading all your past posts about your world travels together brought a smile to my face every time I read them. 


-Patricia and Chance heart

Forum Posts: 1926
Member Since:
14 February 2016
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22 June 2017 - 5:19 pm
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I am so sorry to be reading this, and dont know how I missed it, but her banner popped up just as I got to your post.  That has got to mean something!  You two not only fought the good fight, but you had a lot of fun together and are probably the poster for "be more dog."  We will all miss your adventures together.  

Otis - 106 pound lab/Dane mix, lost his right front leg to osteosarcoma on Febuary 9, 2016.  Four rounds of carboplatin completed in April, 2016.  Lung mets August 25, 2016.  Said goodbye too soon on September 4, 2016.   Lost his adopted sister, Tess, suddenly on October 9, 2016. likely due to hemangiosarcoma.  

Wherever they are, they are together.


Forum Posts: 13303
Member Since:
22 February 2013
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22 June 2017 - 7:55 pm
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And in case anyone has missed Eurydice's banner.........

Eurydice made sure we would have this great photographic reminder of how she lived every single day with a gleeful heart! That's how she lived and that's how she will ALWAYS be remembered!!

 photo 2017-06-22 10.38.02_zpslb6mp3av.png

Happy Hannah had a glorious additional bonus time of over one yr & two months after amp for osteo! She made me laugh everyday! Joined April's Angels after send off meal of steak, ice cream, M&Ms & deer poop!

Forum Posts: 4658
Member Since:
21 May 2016
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23 June 2017 - 4:47 am
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Hi Holly, 

You were so sweet writing to me and Eurydice such lovely words straight from your heart heart

I think it was you who mentioned at some point in our travels that our travel logs were full of hearts, millions of hearts.

That was the way she was living each day, touching everybody's hearts heart right until the very end ...

I actually had the same comment you made re her living on because she was so loved (by me and sooooooooo many others) from Caroline the vet after she passed.

We were discussing the 5th May lung X-ray and I said I honestly cannot comprehend how she managed to live for 5 weeks ...

Caroline said "yes, now that you've seen the X-ray you know why we said she would be here 2-3 days, maaaaybe one week" 

But she didn't, did she?

My wonderful baby girl hang on, as you say she knew I needed time and hopped on until she could no longer do it.

She got her huge wings to try out, yes, sweet Holly and she is forever free heart

And she brought you to me and for that I am forever thankful too.

Sending you all my love and tons of cuddles to our sweet mister Purrkins heart

Forum Posts: 4658
Member Since:
21 May 2016
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23 June 2017 - 5:34 am
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Oh Clare, sweet Clare heart

You hit it on the nail, girl ...

You described Eurydice just as she was, a tornado of love that swept people's hearts and brought happiness to so many humans, dawgs and cats she met along the road during her cancer journey.

She was a truly pure spirit, her energy and love were indeed contagious, nobody could remain indifferent to her.

I remember meeting a man in Putney Heath many, many, many months ago.

Eurydice run to him and he recoiled, he told me he wasn't "keen" on dogs and had a lot on his plate at the moment.

But she insisted in getting closer and had that marvellous sweet look in her eyes which said "you need to pat me, you don't know you do, but you do".

I told him all she wanted was a cuddle, one little cuddle and what would he have on his plate that could not wait until he cuddled her?

So he did.

Reluctantly at first and she was ever so gentle (no mad jumping as she did with you when you met) and as he patted her more and more he started telling us his problems.

He had a terrible day, his internet connection was lost so he could not do what he needed to do, he wasn't sure it could be fixed that day etc etc

Eurydice just kept looking at him with the sweetest eyes and I told him, look, life is too short.

Forget the internet, look at Eurydice.

She lives with incurable cancer, lost her leg but is still here and enjoys all of her days. 

We humans can choose to have good days or bad days it is all to do with our attitude to life.

In the end, he was crying and really cuddling with Eurydice and she "winked" at me.

Mission accomplished winker

That is how she was, as you know sweet Clare, the kindest of souls and I now know all of this happened for a purpose.

She was an angel even when she was by our side in her earth clothes.

I miss her terribly, terribly, terribly, her joie de vivre was incredible and she made every single second we shared a truly special, magical one. 

She is in our hearts, as you say, in our hearts forever.

Sending you all my love and tons of cuddles to Meg and Elsie Pie whom I will certainly meet one day and was a wonderful day it will be heart

Forum Posts: 4658
Member Since:
21 May 2016
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23 June 2017 - 5:36 am
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Holly I just wanted to add one big heart to your name in my above post.

I don't know how I didn't.

I simply adore you, girl heart

Forum Posts: 25
Member Since:
1 May 2017
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23 June 2017 - 8:22 am
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I am so very sorry for your loss - and yet, you didn't "lose" at all did you? You and Eurydice won, and won big! Cancer is awful. It is cruel and unfair and plays dirty but living or dying clearly does not determine the winning score. You two BEAT cancer. You WON because winning is measured in love, in peaceful sighs, in snuggles with penguins, in cheese tastings, in crazy porcupine acupuncture needles,  in new friends, in old friends, in smiles...

Yours was one of the very first stories I read after discovering this wonderful community and I was so inspired by your attitude, your love for life, your respect for Eurydice, your kindness toward those who helped you and the way you decided to beat cancer. You were such an advocate for Miss Cow and took the burden of her cancer upon yourself so that she could just live her life as a happy-go-lucky girl - and live she did. What a beautiful gift you both have given us. Your Love Story will live on in these posts and videos and in the hearts of everyone who was touched by you and your sweet girl.

I know this is not the end of your story and I can't wait to hear more and to find out how she visits you and read about all the lives you two have touched. I will be looking forward to more.

Thank you for loving Eurydice and for sharing her love and light,

heartAmy & Rusty

Forum Posts: 4658
Member Since:
21 May 2016
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23 June 2017 - 8:46 am
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Oh Amy heart 

You are so right.

Eurydice is not gone, not at all.

And I've had "visits" from her every day, I feel her presence with me and she has managed to prevent me from grieving hard.

Instead, I feel we are together and she and Kinky have shown themselves through inexplicable, strange, marvellous ways through "non-believer" friends who now believe.

They now believe death is not the end, they had to accept there is no logical explanation and Kinky and Eurydice kept showing themselves until they were certain it was them.

It is just SO beautiful to watch this.

Both my girls continue to change lives by presenting themselves to those who would not believe death is not the end so that their human souls grow wiser.

And Eurydice also shown herself to "believers" too.

All spoke to me at how amazed they were, how incredible the experiences were and every single time my heart did a gigantic happy jump inside my chest and I laughed and laughed with pleasure, heart full of joy.

I am SO happy they are both together.

I am SO happy they are whole and happy.

I am SO happy me and Eurydice did not let cancer win. 


Not for one second.

Even in death.

This is why I feel so serene, Amy, this is why I feel at peace heart

Eurydice departed at the right moment and she was totally ready, my beautiful, happy, goofy girl heart

And I remain really, really, happy our records together of all those many, many, many, happy months served to inspire others and show them that being more dog and beating cancer CAN be done.

Cancer will only win if one lets it.

The secret is keeping your babies excited and happy so they shriek with delight every morning thinking what have Mom or Dad prepared for me today ? ...

Needs not be complicated.

A walk in the park, sitting in the garden, sharing a bit of ham, you name it ...

Eurydice's story will continue a little bit, I will be publishing the record of the few days she had with Sandrine before she had to leave us. 

Happy, happy days heart

Thank you Amy, thank you for your words, I am so happy me and Eurydice showed you the way to beat cancer alongside all other tripawds pawrents. 

I wish you a long long long long long happy time with Rusty and when his time to leave this earth comes you will surely feel his presence surrounding you too, my sweet, sweet friend ...

Sending you all my love and tons of cuddles to your sweetie pie heart

Forum Posts: 4658
Member Since:
21 May 2016
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23 June 2017 - 9:01 am
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Sweet Linda heart

I cannot tell you how moved I felt when I read your post.

It was so touching that you burst out crying at the thought of Eurydice not being here one day and then composed yourself and smiled again because that's what she would have wanted you to do.

You really touched my heart, sweetie, you really did.

People like you are what makes this world a wonderful world.

You are so kind, your heart is the size of the entire Universe, are you sure you weren't a dog in your previous life winker?

It was a real privilege to have you (and spirit Max) with us in our travels.

I just wish we could have travelled a bit longer ... but cannot complain, really.

We had a marvellous 13 and 1/2 months and lived each day to the full.

We could not have done any better, Linda, even if we tried smiley ...

Eurydice sure lives in all our hearts forever and ever 

And you and Max live in mine heart

Thank you for being there, always and routing for Miss Cow as you did.

Sending you my love to you and spirit Max who, I'm sure, is having the time of his life playing with my goofy girls heart

Forum Posts: 4658
Member Since:
21 May 2016
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23 June 2017 - 9:16 am
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Darling Lisa heart

Pofi was a MAJOR inspiration for me and Eurydice, the way he would go up and down stairs (at an unbelievable speed) and hop around with his tongue flopping about, eyes smiling ...

He was a real cutie too and your dedication to him as a family was a true example to the rest of us. 

You showed us the way when Eurydice was still recovering from surgery and for that I am forever thankful.

This is the most marvellous site but it is you and all the other gentle souls in it who make tripawds so special.

I sure hope I can hug you in person one day.

For now, we can be sure Eurydice and Pofi are playing like mad, going up and down stairs laughing and woof woofing away ...

Thank you for being there for us, I hold you very close to my heart, sweetie pie heart

Sending all my love to you and angel Pofi heart

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