Many thanks to everyone who sent in their responses for Part I of our Tripawds Treatment and Recovery Survey about Canine Amputation and Cancer Care. Now, here’s Part II, which focuses on canine bone cancer and alternative medicine.

Please be sure to complete the Tripawds Treatment Survey Part 1. You will be redirected here to part 2 upon submission.

Once again, Tripawds is holding an incentive drawing for another $10 Café Cash gift certificate. One lucky winner can use it toward anything from the new Tripawds Gift Shop.

To be entered in the drawing, just fill out Part II of the survey below (and Part I if you haven’t already done so), no later than Monday, March 22 at 12 midnight, Pacific Time.

We’ll continue taking responses indefinitely. Stay tuned for our findings from your answers, here in Jerry’s blog and his three legged dog discussion forums. Thanks for taking time out to help us with this impawtant research.

Tripawds Treatment Survey Part 2
  1. (required)
  2. (valid email required)
  3. Did you complete Part 1 of this Survey?
  4. Alternative Medicine
  5. What alternative treatments have you sought for your Tripawd?
  6. The Human Connection
  7. As the pack leader, how was your emotional recovery?
  8. Did you discuss "Life Expectancy" with your care provider upon diagnosis?
  9. How Important Was "Life Expectancy" in Your Treatment Decision?
  10. Did you discuss "Quality of Life" with your care provider upon diagnosis?
  11. How Important Was "Quality of Life" in Your Treatment Decision?
  12. Cancer Related Questions
  13. Were Lung Mets Present at the Time of Diagnosis?
  14. Chemotherapy
  15. Did your Tripawd have chemotherapy?
  16. Did your dog experience chemotherapy side effects?
  17. Would you opt for chemotherapy again?
  18. Holistic Cancer Care
  19. Did you choose any holistic cancer treatment, INSTEAD OF chemotherapy?
  20. Did you choose any holistic cancer treatment, ALONG WITH chemotherapy?
  21. Metasatasis
  22. Do/did you monitor lung met development with regular chest x-rays?
  23. Did you have any tests before surgery/chemo to search for cancer in locations other than the lungs?
  24. If Yes, What Locations Were Examined?
  25. Do you feel that the expense of additional tests would have influenced your amputation or chemotherapy decision?
  26. If you think more tests should always be done, when would that information be most useful?

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