adopt or foster barnaby three legged rescue dogA fellow dog lover just let us know about this special pup at the Lost and Found Dog Rescue in Wilmington, Delaware who is still in need of a foster home. Please visit the L&F website for complete information about adopting Barnaby.

Barnaby is a Lab/Hound mix about one and a half years old. A special friend has paid his vet bills, so there will be no adoption donation required for Barnaby! Plus the shelter will provide a one year supply of the the joint pain medication he needs to manage his pain from losing his leg.

He is a very loving boy and gets along well with most dogs, but not cats. He is young and strong but the weight of his body makes his remaining front leg bend in a painful way.

Barnaby’s vet has recommended daily medication to maintain comfort in his joints. This prescribed supplement is called Dasuquin MSM Large Dog, 150 Chewable Tablets. He will need this indefinitely.

Barnaby loves people and he is a true companion dog. We are hopeful that there is a special family who is willing to give him all the love and devotion he deserves for the rest of his life – and I know will return tenfold!