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stellabelle wrote: Life as a tripawd: what we learned
Stella was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma on October 15th, 2020, her right forelimb was amputated November 5th, 2020 (three days after her 7th birthday), and she finished chemotherapy at the end of January 2021. It's been over 19 months sin (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Talk: Cementoplasty for Osteosarcoma Dogs and Cats
If amputation is not an option for your dog or cat, you'll want to tune in to this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio: Cementoplasty for Osteosarcoma Dogs and Cats. (UPDATE: as of July 2022, BioceraVet is now in the US) What is Palliative Cementoplasty (More)
stellabelle wrote: Diagnosis
After Stella's biopsy, I felt my hope grow. I tried not to raise my expectations too high, but I wanted to stay positive. The idea that this whole thing was a mistake was something I wanted so badly to be true. A week and a half passed. Our ve (More)
stellabelle wrote: "It's Osteosarcoma"
In October of 2020, Stella developed a significant limp that wasn't getting any better with time. She was 6-years-old. I wasn't too concerned as it wasn't unusual for her be a bit stiff after a challenging hike or a long session of fetch. At 3 (More)
jerry wrote: Dog Cancer Vaccine and Osteosarcoma Treatment News
When the pandemic hit, pet cancer didn't stop. And neither did important work, like the multi-site dog cancer vaccine study, or osteosarcoma treatments at Colorado State University. In a recent panel discussion, "Meeting the Challenge: Cancer Hasn't (More)
jerry wrote: Bone Regeneration Technique Saves Pets Legs at UC Davis
Many pets lose a leg after multiple fracture repair surgeries trying to save it. But a bone regeneration technique being researched at the University of California at Davis could help future pets with non-healing broken legs avoid amputation. Dr. (More)
jerry wrote: The Vaccine Against Canine Cancer Study: Does Your Dog Qualify?
Can you picture a day when a dog cancer vaccine is as routine as a rabies shot? We can, thanks to the Vaccine Against Canine Cancer (VACC) study happening at three veterinary schools in the U.S. All three sites are still actively enrolling and recrui (More)
jerry wrote: Dogs Beat Osteosarcoma Odds with ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment
Osteosarcoma's days are numbered thanks to the canine osteosarcoma vaccine and new immunotherapies like the ELIAS® Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI ®) treatment. Today on Tripawd Talk Radio you'll learn all about the company's new Osteosarcoma vaccine that' (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Chemotherapy Candidates and Alternatives
When it comes to pet cancer, there are no right or wrong treatment choices. Some pet parents choose to fight it with chemotherapy. Some do not. If you're leaning away from conventional treatment for your dog or cat, you'll appreciate today's discussi (More)
hecatol wrote: Preparing for surgery
Aspen, our 5-year-old Great Dane, has been diagnosed with bone cancer in one of her front legs (osteosarcoma). While we had hoped to move forward with a limb-sparing procedure, our surgical oncologist is very hesitant to recommend that after looking (More)
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