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ltmiles37 wrote: Day 8 questions and blues!
So, long first week as most have said on here. Pain management the first 3 days was definitely biggest thing. Could tell when the fentanyl patch wore off!!! The good- has been eating, drinking, going to the bathroom since we got home. Don't wanna (More)
susanandjose wrote: 5 Hours Post Op
Today was Maceo's big day! We were SO NERVOUS leading up to the surgery, and especially in those hours of the actual operation. Our operation got delayed by about 4 or 6 hours because the clinic had a miscommunication with the surgeon, who I guess (More)
jerry wrote: Metronomic Chemotherapy FAQs for Tripawds
After your Tripawd successfully completes chemotherapy, you might wonder, "What's next?" If so, you may want to ask your oncologist about metronomic chemotherapy. This low-dose, at-home regimen may help keep cancer away. In today's Metronomic Chemoth (More)
Sheena wrote: Enjoying the Holidays!
Thanksgiving was a great day!  Our turkey was the best ever, the weather was beautiful and we were more than thankful to be spending the day with our sweet HoneyBear!  She even got her own dinner, don't worry it wasn't that ginormous turkey in th (More)
jerry wrote: The Basics of a Good Anti-Cancer Diet
Until recently, the old adage " you are what you eat" was a double standard when it came to the health of our companion animals. For decades, few pet pawrents questioned the complex list of unrecognizable ingredients in pet food, as manufacturers wer (More)
doggiemomma9 wrote: Hoppy New Year 2013
Hi everyone, it is me Butchey Hudson.  I hope you all had a Hoppy New Year!  I thought New Year's was fine, but Momma says we got some bad news on New Years Eve at our doc appointment.  It would seem my latest X-Rays show that although Felix is stabl (More)
doggiemomma9 wrote: Mets Update
Hi everyone, Butchey Hudson here. Momma says we ought to post an update on how my last NEVOG appointment went.  I feel fine!  I don't know what all this fuss is about! Anyway, Momma says we need to name these 2 nodules that are in my lungs.  Mo (More)
Unknown wrote: dr. a
on thursday morning we dropped sullivan off at 7:00 am for a full day neurological examination.  dr. a felt the only way to truly know what was happening was to perform an MRI and spinal tap. upon examination, dr. a noticed decreased withdrawal refle (More)
doggiemomma9 wrote: The M Word
Butchey Hudson's Momma here.  As many of us know here on, one of the words we hate to encounter after a cancer diagnosis is Metastasis.  It is a nasty word, and unfortunately we have it. One of Butchey's chest x-rays back in May showe (More)
lupedog28 wrote: History of how we got here
To say that the past month has been a rollercoaster is truly an understatement.  Quick background of things... Lupe is a 14 year old cockapoo and I wish I could say it was love at first sight, well it was, for my friend but not for me.  I had the (More)
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