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jerry wrote: The Best Tripawd Quality of Life Tips for Cats and Dogs
Today we are ending Pet Pain Awareness Month in a big way, by discussing Tripawd quality of life tips. Your guide is pet pain management hero, Dr. Robin Downing. Learn all about Tripawd pain management and quality of life. Be sure to catch all (More)
Tripawds Foundation wrote: Free Spa Day for Three Legged Greyhound Coco
Tripawds Community member cocothegreyt is recipient #62 of the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab. Read on for details about the benefits of canine rehabilitation for three legged Greyhound Coco. See all Tripawds who have received free rehab sessio (More)
jerry wrote: St. John's Wort Can Help Phantom Pain in Tripawds
Sometimes the go-to remedy of Gabapentin and other treatments don't help phantom pain in Tripawds. That's when it might be time to incorporate another remedy in your post-amputation toolkit, the herb St. John's Wort or its homeopathic version, Hyperi (More)
kalkitty wrote: Helpful Ideas to Survive Post Surgery
Introduction: The help I received reading the Tripawds site and ebook was truly priceless in preparing me for my cat's surgery and preparing our home for his return.   The oncology vet told me about Tripawds, and I couldn't thank her enough.  I read (More)
jerry wrote: Free Rehab Webinar! Help Your Three-Legged Pet Get Strong
When Tripawds founder Jerry came home after amputation surgery, his vet said “Just let him be a dog.” We didn't know what that meant for a Tripawd. If only we had a canine rehabilitation therapist ready to explain how to help a three-legged dog (or c (More)
jerry wrote: Help Your Tripawd Live Better with Dr. Robin Downing
To help a Tripawd live better on three, we must learn the best ways to prevent and manage pain. Today kicks off a seven-part Tripawds Pain Management video series, with world-renowned veterinary pain management trailblazer Dr. Robin Downing. Stick (More)
jkopper wrote: Day after chemo and ... rehab!
We are pleasantly surprised that the day after chemo G is digging into breakfast and seems far less worried than we are. Lesson 1: I need to learn to "be more dog". The oncologist said she chose a slightly lower dose for him until we see how he re (More)
jkopper wrote: Post-op day one: unexpected victory
With home being 3 hours behind in time it was a long wait for new news. But , I know that middle of the night phone calls are never a good sign ... so no news is good news. Imagine my surprise and tears of joy when I received a video from the resi (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Phantom Pain Relief Blanket Sale Ends Next Week
If you're considering a Farabloc blanket to help with your Tripawd phantom pain relief, get yours this week. The company's sale prices end on June 14, 2019. Tripawd Phantom Pain is Real Wyatt napping with the Farabloc blanket. New and long-term (More)
tripawdrazzle wrote: I Wish...
I wish things were going a different direction. I wish Raz were still the curious, pain-free tripawd she was a couple weeks ago. I wish cancer didn't exist. But unfortunately, I don't have a fairy godmother or a genie in a bottle. This has bee (More)
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