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Ask A Vet Chat Transcript - Feb 2, 2009
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On The Road

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24 September 2009
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3 February 2009 - 10:48 pm
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Transcript of Live Chat Session with Dr. Pam Wiltzius of puyallup, WA and a special appearance from Luke Robinson of currently hiking through the snow in Kentucky.

(in reverse chronological order)

  • jerry : Goodnight everyone, thanks for being here!
  • jerry : Many hugs. Your advice and perspective is invaluable.
  • tazziedog : Talk to you soon!
  • admin : Thanks for chatting Pam!
  • Uncle Big Dog : thank you pam
  • golddog : Cool forum!!!
  • jerry : Looks like we're wrapping it up folks! Pam, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
  • tazziedog : If no more questions then I will go feed my dogs…
  • admin : that ten times fast
  • golddog : well…
  • jerry : Never too much info here!
  • tazziedog : I have not found anything on vet websites
  • jerry : Oh it looks right, I'm sure.
  • OKim1 : ps no word on Avemar? Buster goes potty better on it (too much info)
  • jerry : And spell it! Wow!
  • tazziedog : I might have spelled it wrong!
  • golddog : say that ten times fast
  • tazziedog : No but the generic is silver sulfadiazanene and is cheap
  • Uncle Big Dog : night kim - if there's anything we can do for buster
  • jerry : Pam, is Silvadene an over the counter?
  • jerry : Bye Kim! Thanks for the terrific questions!
  • OKim1 : bye…everyone
  • tazziedog : Nice talking to you Kim!
  • OKim1 : thanks Pam… have to let Buster out…
  • tazziedog : If open I use Silvadene cream and bandage then Bitter Apple spray
  • jerry : And if it's open?
  • jerry : Ouch!
  • golddog : ouch
  • tazziedog : Bitter Apple spray or Tabasco sauce (if the wound is not open)
  • OKim1 : i've used bitter end
  • jerry : Good question!
  • golddog : What is a good topical solution to use as a deterrent to chewing/biting a wound?
  • tazziedog : I have not seen it but I think any med could do it if the dog is sensitive
  • OKim1 : can rymadyl cause panting as well?
  • golddog : yes
  • OKim1 : or cause?
  • tazziedog : Tramadol might cause panting and I wouldn't use it if CHF
  • golddog : Amazing what the meds cover up sometimes.
  • Uncle Big Dog : i took him off tramadol & rimadyl & found out he was in CHF
  • tazziedog : Tramadol is very safe but should not be used in animals with seizures
  • OKim1 : what is that?
  • Uncle Big Dog : he had hypertrophic osteopathy
  • OKim1 : tramadol is an opiate how does that effect heart and lung function?
  • tazziedog : Did he have cardiomyopathy?
  • admin :
  • admin : Congestive Heart Failure?
  • Uncle Big Dog : congestive heart failure
  • tazziedog : Lung mets aren't painful like the bone mets but not getting air is scary
  • jerry : CHF?
  • admin : Or, limited lung capacity…
  • Uncle Big Dog : with malcolm - panting was an indication CHF
  • OKim1 : I don't want Buster to be in any pain…
  • tazziedog : Panting can be to cool off, anxiety, respiratory distress…
  • admin : we really appreciate your time.
  • admin : The hour's up, please feel free to go if you must…
  • jerry : Wow, cool, thanks!
  • OKim1 : shortness of breath…
  • tazziedog : I am good for another 30 min
  • golddog : exercise?
  • jerry : “can be”…what else?
  • tazziedog : Panting can be pain
  • Uncle Big Dog : great question kim
  • golddog : yes, panting is pain
  • jerry : Doc, how are we on time?
  • admin : Tazzidog is Dr. Wiltzius.
  • OKim1 : is panting pain?
  • golddog : nutso spazz, is more like it
  • admin : Good Leo.
  • tazziedog : Pain is hard to determine in our dogs because they internalize everything
  • golddog : nada. Just soakin' up toe body heat from my furry foot slipper here
  • jerry : welcome. Golddog is a long-time friend of ours. He has a gorgeous Goldie!
  • admin : wuzzup gd?
  • golddog : ho!
  • jerry : Hey!
  • OKim1 : i put saran wrap on it
  • golddog : yeah, it's me
  • jerry : Golddog?
  • Uncle Big Dog : one of the big questions i have is establishing a pain threshold for dogs - i just did an event with a pain mgmt specialist & it seems that a big topic
  • tazziedog : The same one you would use orally but use it rectally
  • OKim1 : i like walgreens…
  • golddog : Walgreens out of business yet? he-he
  • jerry : Ok, thanks for that tip.
  • OKim1 : what do they do for temp besides antibiotic and fluids? can the cancer cause infection?
  • tazziedog : A rectal digital from Walgreens is fine
  • jerry : Right, but we were looking at brands one time, and we were confused because now they're all digital.
  • tazziedog : If higher than 104 then I would go
  • OKim1 : rectal..
  • jerry : What is the best thermometer to use at home?
  • OKim1 : ok…otherwise its a trip to the ER?
  • tazziedog : Yes, some herbs can make them hot. His temp should be lower than 102.5 when resting at home
  • OKim1 : i thought a dry nose could be dehydration? i should more often isn't that a side affect of the artmesinin
  • tazziedog : If they are a little dehydrated their nose might get dry. They can also sweat through their nose and paws
  • tazziedog : Kim have you taken his temp
  • jerry : Seriously? So why do they change all the time?
  • OKim1 : Bye Cystal
  • admin : By Crystal, thanks so much for checking in.
  • jerry : Bye Cyrstal! It's great chatting with you. Thanks.
  • tazziedog : Good question! A dry nose or a wet nose may be normal. Neither one means fever or sick dog. Dry nose tends to go with dry skin
  • crystal grange : Thanks for inviting me to join in, I learned a few things. I have to go now. Take care everyone!
  • OKim1 : only at night… it the day he is fine
  • jerry : Pam, silly question…what does a wet nose say versus a dry nose?
  • tazziedog : Lung mets might make him pant
  • admin : Any guests out there? Remember, you must log in to chat. Or, feel free to keep watching too!
  • tazziedog : Kim, It might be the meds
  • tazziedog : If their knees are good I wouldn't worry! Just keep them thin
  • Uncle Big Dog : oh, okay. sorry - that's why my people don't let me get out too often
  • Uncle Big Dog : is that necessary? you're talking to a guy who freaks out about his boys
  • crystal grange : You just keep right on walking!!!
  • crystal grange : TPLO is for torn ACL. Your active dogs are good
  • tazziedog : TPLO is tibial plateau levelling
  • OKim1 : Pam sometimes Buster feels warm to me, but no temp. is it the med's or lung mets that dry out his nose and make him feel warm?
  • admin : “pretty active” … ?
  • Uncle Big Dog : i have pretty active dogs - am i missing something?
  • Uncle Big Dog : TPLO?
  • crystal grange : I was told TPLO is necessary for very active dogs.
  • jerry : WOW! Lots of dogs get that TPLO.
  • tazziedog : Most people did sutures until TPLO came along. I think it depends on angle of the joint In my opinion only 20% of dogs might need a TPLO
  • crystal grange : Insurance just has never seemed worth it. It just seems like financing the surgery in advance.
  • tazziedog : Kim is right about swimming. Tazzie did underwater treadmill
  • jerry : Is this something that fewer people know how to do?
  • OKim1 : do you have insurance?
  • tazziedog : I guess it is surgeon's ability. They have to do a good job! I had the same surgeon that did her ACLs do her amputation
  • tazziedog : Even as big as Tazzie is she had sutures
  • tazziedog : Even as big as
  • tazziedog : Tazzie had one fixed then the other 4 months later
  • jerry : How come more people don't do sutures? I always hear about TPLO.
  • crystal grange : Thanks Kim good to hear!
  • OKim1 : I was told that too … never happened
  • tazziedog : TPLO they have to fracture the bone and put a metal implant. Sutures just stabilize
  • crystal grange : She is not limping on her other leg yet. But we were told she will tear it eventually and I was hoping to prevent it. She had a TPLO on her first one.
  • OKim1 : Buster was fine… i heard swiming is best
  • jerry : What's the difference/
  • jerry : Seems like it's harder than recuperating from amputation.
  • tazziedog : I would not have done a TPLO like Ivan had. I would do suture stabilization. Very easy
  • jerry : Ouch. That surgery is so hard, I hear, to get dogs to handle the recovery period.
  • admin : even on a tripawd?
  • tazziedog : The best thing for an ACL is surgery. Short of that weight loss and glucosamine
  • tazziedog : I still give Tazzie pizza sometimes, and she loves ice cream
  • crystal grange : Speaking of ACL repair. My dog had a torn acl and her other one is weak. Is there anything we can do to strengthen it? Supplements, anything?
  • jerry : That's what I say!
  • OKim1 : ice cream?
  • tazziedog : You can give Buster whatever he wants!
  • tazziedog : They do not sell vitamins though
  • OKim1 : Buster doens't have much an appetite for healthy foods… is it ok to give him what he wants? ie hotdogs
  • tazziedog : You can buy from your vet without a RX All are 99% pure
  • jerry : Are these prescription only?
  • tazziedog : Dasequin, denamarin , Marin
  • tazziedog : Sorry
  • tazziedog : All of Tazzie's supplements aree \\ by Nutramaxx
  • OKim1 : vetri science?
  • jerry : Vet brands like…?
  • OKim1 : his vet recommended it for Buster 4 acl repair years ago
  • tazziedog : I stick with the Veterinary brands because I trust those, and I use Nature's Made (yes yellow label) for everything else (like Vit C)
  • jerry : Yeah, I think I have some too.
  • OKim1 : by Nature Made I take it
  • OKim1 : most gluco and chrodr on the market…
  • jerry : Kim, what's Triple Flex?
  • Uncle Big Dog : does buster still have his appetite?
  • jerry : Nature's Made, the yellow label? I think I saw that in Walmart?
  • OKim1 : triple flex
  • tazziedog : The best one I saw was a Consumer Reports study a few years back. Nature's Made was the best one they studied
  • OKim1 : i know i have tried everything its the best I can do for Buster, it is out of my hands for now
  • jerry : Tazzie, do you know of one good online place that has a comparison chart of different supplements/vita mins and their quality?
  • jerry : Thanks Kim!
  • OKim1 : its a good link on canince cancer i will have to send it to Jerry
  • tazziedog : If you use human-grade fish oil it should be safe. Trace metals are more common in lake fish
  • OKim1 : there is so many conflicting report with dogs and cancer…NO not mercury, other trace metals
  • jerry : Ginger, please email us offline and let us know what's happening if you're having issues…
  • jerry : Isn't mercury a metal?
  • tazziedog : You might be thinking of mercury
  • jerry : Jerry got fish oil.
  • Uncle Big Dog : it's ginger - she would like to join in on the conversation
  • OKim1 : i thought any fish oil could have metal?
  • tazziedog : I do not know about yucca
  • jerry : UBD, Is your friend having log-in issues?
  • tazziedog : True, do not use cod liver oil because of the extra vitamin A. Use salmon oil!
  • OKim1 : i use a buffered vit c easier on the GI
  • Uncle Big Dog : have a good friend trying to logon & ask about yucca & arthritis
  • admin : I'll be back.
  • tazziedog : Adding extra Vitamin C or E to a cancer dog's diet is okay
  • OKim1 : i heard even cod liver oil can have trace amounts of metal which is harmful to dogs?
  • tazziedog : I would not add a Pet Tab unless you are feeding raw, etc since all of those vitamins are already in the food
  • tazziedog : Adding glucosamine or other joint supplements is okay
  • jerry : Really? Wow. What about Pettabs? Are they of any benefit?
  • tazziedog : If your dog is on a balanced diet like Evo then I would not add vitamins for a healthy dog.
  • tazziedog : Water soluble vitamins like B,C are okay because the dog will urinate out what it doesn't need. YOu have to be careful with fat-soluble ones like A,D,E because they are stored in the liver and can be overdone
  • jerry : And what about healthy dogs?
  • jerry : Good question!
  • Uncle Big Dog : how do dogs metabolize vitamins diff than humans & how's that important?
  • admin : shoot
  • Uncle Big Dog : can i ask a question?
  • admin : try it
  • crystal grange : Should we feed healthy dogs supplements too? I can't imagine there is perfect nutrition in any dry food.
  • tazziedog : They can say it is 100% glucosamine but it might only have 20%
  • admin : or, word from those who studied their own dog's treatment plan…
  • jerry : How do you distinguish snake oil from something that truly helps?
  • tazziedog : That is why you have to careful even buying brands of vitamins (not regulated!)
  • tazziedog : The Univ study should be non-biased so would be better
  • jerry : Ohhhh….
  • tazziedog : If it is just a supplement and not a drug they can make any claims since the FDA can't get involved
  • jerry : But can you trust a company-sponsore d study as much as a University one?
  • jerry : Makes me wonder….
  • jerry : It says it does a LOT of things.
  • tazziedog : If possible. A good company like Nutramaxx does their own
  • OKim1 : seacure is to help with appetite…
  • admin : That's why we're here!
  • jerry : So we should look for a university study when we see things like “Seacure”?
  • Uncle Big Dog : do u have a link to that study?
  • tazziedog : Sometimes it is word of mouth and individual success stories
  • tazziedog : It is always ideal if there is a study (like the one at OSU for Artemisinin )
  • jerry : Pam, I have a question…what is the best way to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to things like supplements for cancer?
  • OKim1 : someone suggested it…
  • jerry : Email me if you want the link…
  • admin :
  • Uncle Big Dog : and it started with Ruff Wear socks
  • jerry : Oops! Sorry about that link
  • Uncle Big Dog : in east texas - some many miles into our journey I made IBDs (Improvised Bootie Devices)
  • jerry : Hey Kim, found a PDF download link to “Seacure”…bi ologically hydrolyzed(sp?) whitefish. It has a lot of claims…«link» http://www.aspirepethea Fullarticle_WDJ. pdf
  • Uncle Big Dog : you know…
  • tazziedog : You can also use Silvadene cream if the cracks in his feet look infected. You will need an RX but it is cheap
  • admin : No Crazy Glue and duct Tape?
  • jerry : Was just going to ask about that. Others have had issues with sliding.
  • tazziedog : This keeps the boot from spinning around and less friction on the sore
  • tazziedog : Her Ruff Wear bootie is a little big so I just use an athletic “bootie” sock and then the Ruff Wear bootie. No tape
  • Uncle Big Dog : you use socks & botties?
  • jerry : Did you have to duct-tape it to her (the sock)? I know that Jer hated socks, we tried it when he got foxtails.
  • tazziedog : I also found it helped Tazzie to put a sock on her foot before the bootie
  • jerry : Ooooh, I love frugal advice like that. Who knew?
  • tazziedog : Very cheap. I only used 1/4 bottle so far
  • jerry : And cheap too?
  • jerry : Wow, who wouldda thought!
  • tazziedog : I bought it at the grocery store. Dries fast!
  • Uncle Big Dog : cool. i will
  • tazziedog : Yes. I would soak the feet in Epsom salts, dry them, and then use the Nu Skin
  • jerry : For humans?
  • OKim1 : liquid bandage
  • Uncle Big Dog : never heard of new skin
  • jerry : Is that “NuSkin” like for humans?
  • jerry : WOW, that's COLD!
  • tazziedog : Tazzie did have a large pressure sore. I had good luck with NewSkin and booties
  • Uncle Big Dog : i do but they're cracking anyway
  • admin : Still got those booties?
  • Uncle Big Dog : Hudson's pads are starting to crack a little & I take great care of them - I use musher's wax - but i think cold weather is the culprit
  • OKim1 : sea cure for dogs (like that)
  • jerry : I'm googling Sea Cure and not finding it.
  • jerry : Great!
  • OKim1 : you can google it..
  • Uncle Big Dog : i do have a vet question
  • Uncle Big Dog : hey guys - i'm here for you
  • admin : Any vet questions for the boys YBD?
  • OKim1 : where are you now BD?
  • jerry : What month was that in, Kim?
  • admin : Great ones!
  • OKim1 : has any1 heard of sea cure it was in the whole dog journal
  • tazziedog : That is great! Are these the Pyrenes?
  • admin : FYI: Yer Big Dog is walking the 2Dogs2000Miles.o rg hike with his boys Hudson and Murphy.
  • tazziedog : Kim I think it has an odd name so I will have to check my holistic guide
  • jerry : Crystal, how are your three doggies getting along? Got any questions for Tazziedog?
  • OKim1 : hanging
  • Uncle Big Dog : Hey Kim - how's buster?
  • jerry : OMG! Hi Crystal!
  • crystal grange : Hi. Just stopping by to see what is going on in here.
  • OKim1 : what is that? Hey BD
  • tazziedog : Hi Big Dog!
  • tazziedog : Tazzie is on Bone Stasis powder but I think thy have something for lung mets. I will check for you
  • OKim1 : how much lung capacity do they need?
  • Uncle Big Dog : hey Dr. Wiltzius
  • OKim1 : he is on hepato support
  • tazziedog : Sorry, lung mets
  • admin : TazzieDog is Dr. Wiltzius from Puyallup, WA.
  • tazziedog : Did your holistic vet talk to you about any holistic meds for liver mets, Kim
  • Uncle Big Dog : is there a vet coming tonight?
  • tazziedog : She is eating better than aver and no diarrhea on the meds.
  • OKim1 : how is Tazzie? good appetite?
  • admin : Pleasurably Cold?
  • jerry : Missed you too!
  • jerry : Wow, that is awesome. Jerry never had liver issues with it, and he was on it for over 2 years.
  • Uncle Big Dog : i've missed you guys
  • Uncle Big Dog : my pleasure
  • tazziedog : I have checked Tazzie's liver weekly since starting Metacam and it is still normal!
  • admin : Luke! Thanks for coming.
  • jerry : HEY!
  • Uncle Big Dog : hey everyone
  • tazziedog : Metacam does come as an injection but once it is in the system you might as well use oral
  • jerry : Can you inject Metacam?
  • tazziedog : Metacam is much safer for the liver and still works with the metronomic protocol
  • OKim1 : ok..
  • tazziedog : It has the same side effects as the pills
  • OKim1 : to bypass the liver?
  • tazziedog : I have used injectable, usually to get the dog some relief until the pills kick in.
  • jerry : Ouch, injectible with a needle?
  • OKim1 : Pam do you ever use the injectable rymadel? excuse my spelling
  • admin : I see … thanks!
  • tazziedog : Unfortunately the Artemisinin has to be given without any iron-containing products like meat!
  • admin : AKA Liverwurst
  • jerry : Is it mandatory for the Arte?
  • admin : Braunschwager!
  • tazziedog : The Butyrate helps the body to absorb the Artemisinin
  • OKim1 : with cream cheese, they do have a smell to them
  • jerry : Ick! More pills!
  • admin : Butyrate?
  • jerry : Poor Tazzie!
  • tazziedog : Tazzie does not like those Butyrate capsules. I have to hide them in cheese. Does Buster eat them?
  • OKim1 : Hi..
  • admin : Hi Kim!
  • OKim1 :
  • jerry : Hi Pam, Hi Kim!
  • tazziedog : Hi Kim! How is Buster?
  • OKim1 : Hi…
  • admin : Welcome Doc!
  • tazziedog : Hi Jerry
  • admin :
  • jerry : Just a few minutes till we being our chat with Dr. Wiltzius. Please register if you haven't already.
  • jerry : Be here tonight, 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, for a LIVE “Ask a Vet” chat with our favorite vet, Dr. Pam Wiltzius! Bring your health and cancer-related questions!

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