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Purrkins playing with kitty boinks
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11 July 2016
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26 March 2017 - 7:51 am
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Sharing some fun!

I continue to try to get video’s of Purrkins in action, running and jumping. He is too quick for me most of the time !

I got a little shot of him here. Best I can do with my phone. I have a wish list for Karen’s go pro;) lol 

The boy does not skip a beat on his 3 legs! We are always in amazement of him! I slowed the shot down and Wow it is even more impressive!

I should also tell you Purrkins went for his Acupuncture/Chiro on Saturday I could tell something was off with his hop! His head would go further down to the ground and his one shoulder did not look right? Hard to describe but I knew something did not look right with his gait. He looked uncomfortable to me. Purrkins was still going non the less.  Dr Matt found he was out of whack in 4 places the Atlas- 1st vertebra of the neck, (carries the head), cervical 7, thoracic 10 & right pelvis that needed adjusted. He followed with his acupuncture. 

So yea he gets around on 3 and does not skip a beat but it does take a toll on his body. I am so greatful we can take him to Dr. Matt. He will go back in 2 months for recheck. Saxton also goes to Dr. Matt for his bad gut! So the go pro wish list well 😜what-ever 

The phone is good enough!😉

Purrkins has lost over 1lb yeah we are making progress!!clapWatch him go😍 

Love & hugs to all!heart

Holly & Purrkins & brother Saxton😺


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2 April 2013
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26 March 2017 - 8:29 am
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Good job Purrkins!

btw – we bought the same runners for in our hallways!  lol


Donna, Glenn & Murphy

Murphy had his right front leg amputated due to histiocytic sarcoma at 7 years old.  He survived 4 years, 2 months & 1 week, only to be taken by hemangiosarcoma at 11 1/2 years 6/12/17  


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2 December 2016
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26 March 2017 - 8:46 am
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OMCCCCCCC!!! PURRRRRRKINS!!! You have just shamed RubyRoo DaBear with your leaps and bounds and stealth kills and fancy paw work! We at DaBears HQ are now using this as a training video! The intensity of the hunt, the sneaky approach, the quick kill, the flying through the air like a trapeze artist! You are a Cirque Du Purrkins act, indeed. (And, btw, look shiningly healthy and happy!) And, I think I see you live in a house with wood walls: your people thought of everything for you as THOSE walls can be scratched…and pummeled… and scratched some more:) Purrkins, you are an absolute corker and a gem. Sooooooooo nice to see you in top form. 

As always, many best wishes and many happy PyrPaws ( and RubyRoo Paws) all around!

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27 July 2014
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26 March 2017 - 10:32 am
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Thanks for the video. The slow motion is purrfect to show Purrkins cat pounce. He is a real beauty.  I sure would love to cuddle with him.kiss

That’s great that Purrkins chiro/acupuncture treatment works so well. Mona went for a chiropractic treatment a month after her amputation and I was shown how to do massage her to keep her loose. Somehow Mona also learned to adjust her body after her treatment. Sometimes she would start walking and stop and I’d see her move her remaining shoulder and a ripple would run down her spine and she’d continue walking/hopping again. It was like she was getting something in the right place again. It would be interesting to see if Purrkins does that.

Hugs to all,


London, UK

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15 December 2015
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26 March 2017 - 11:23 am
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Awww Master Purrkins! He truly is 100% PURE POPPET! I love the slow motion. It really does enable you to see quite what a majestic creature he is. Such a beautiful, graceful movement, such flow!

Interesting re the chiropractor. I’ve been thinking of trying one for the girls. They have acupuncture but not chiro, and I have a feeling it might be really helpful. I have exactly the feeling you describe, just a sense that something isn’t quite right. Well seeing Purrkins has decided me as what you are doing is clearly working wonders!

Big hug,

Meg, Clare and Elsie Pie xxx

Meg, Mutt, aged around 11, adopted 31/12/2009. Sudden explosive right elbow fracture 06/12 (caused by IOHC), diagnosed with End Stage Arthritis 03/15, Total Elbow Replacement 08/15, problems with healing leading to skin graft & skin flap surgery, Chronic Infection leading to implant breakdown. Became a Tripawd 9th March 2016. 
Lives with Mum, Clare, watched over by Angel Pie and Angel Billie
My life as a MEG-A-STAR 


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11 July 2016
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26 March 2017 - 12:13 pm
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Thank you! The runners ,thats funny ,must be a Michigan eye 😄 LOL
The price was right and neutral color, sold!
They have made a big difference for Purrkins.
We have them thru the house now.
Hope Murphy and the gang are doing well!
Hugs and a can of whip cream to the pack !☺️

DaBears HQ
Thank you Purrkins is a 💎 🏅🎪and you assessment is spot on. Sneaky approach and quick kill, I was thinking that poor bird😺
RubyRoo did you see you Karen found a new activity for you?🐑
Hope the bears are doing well woofling at the stars and making
Pyrpancakes in the pasture!
Hugs and cuddles to all at HQ

I loved seeing the slow motion too! Purrkins is a cuddle bug, you would love him! 😍
Mona is a Smart kitty! Wow! She needs to talk to Purrkins:)
We do see the ripples in Purrkins when he is getting adjusted. He also winced this time. I have not seen him wince before. It was just for a few seconds and then all was fine. He did better then I did watching him.
The accupuncture he just loves! I am envious I would love to have the same done! Saxton accupuncture is really a show to see. His back end goes crazy twitching ! Dr Matt says it is a release happening.

It’s all so neat to see the changes that occur and the difference in them afterwards!
I will watch Purrkins and see if he does that.
We all need to have this done!
Chin scratches to Mona & Eli

Thanks Clare! Poppet Purrkins is 💯% We know Purrkins would not do as well as he does without Dr. Matt and these treatments! It is amazing to see the changes! If you suspect, you are right! We should never second guess our gut instinct. We know our animals and can see if they are not 100%

I would highly suggest chiro for the girls! Both Saxton and Purrkins get accu/chiro if needed. Dr. Matt checks the alignment before acupuncture and if needed he adjusts! I would recommend both if you can possibly do it! Being a tripawd whacks the spine out Purrkins has been adjusted 2 x in his 8 months of being a tripawd.
Thats not bad! According to Dr. Matt cats hold their alignment longer then dogs. We get a discount for taking them both at one time at least that helps!
Purrkins amazes Dr Matt too😀
Let us know if you decide to take them, I would love to hear what your results you see! You can try it and see, I believe you will see a huge a difference!
Also Dr Matt sent us home with Canna Companion fyi.😉
I will let you know if we see a change. He thinks it will do wonders for Purrkins and we should know either way in one month.
Give the girls kisses from us!

The Rainbow Bridge

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25 April 2007
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26 March 2017 - 2:37 pm
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And he goes “BOINK!BOINK!BOINK!” LOVE this! heartclap

He looks like the happiest cat on the planet. And who can blame him with a mom like you?!

It's better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.™
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Forum Posts: 1832
Member Since:
11 July 2016
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26 March 2017 - 4:29 pm
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kisses.jpgImage Enlarger

Minus a left arm😉


Forum Posts: 18551
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22 February 2013
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26 March 2017 - 4:57 pm
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OH PURRKINS!!! WE JUST LOVE YOU!!! you are having THE BEST TIME just being you!!! 🙂

Fhat slow motion picture was SPECTACULAR!!! Purrkins was flying! 🙂

Interesting reading all the posts avout acu/chiro. Also interesting how MONA makes her own “adjustments”‘when needed.

Love everything about this Purrkins and this post! 🙂 🙂


Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

Happy Hannah had a glorious additional bonus time of over one yr & two months after amp for osteo! She made me laugh everyday! Joined April's Angels after send off meal of steak, ice cream, M&Ms & deer poop!


Forum Posts: 1832
Member Since:
11 July 2016
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26 March 2017 - 9:16 pm
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Rene and Sally,

Purrkins is the happiest kitty! He expresses himself so well! I have never owned such a happy go lucky guy! He is a gem. He is the gentlest of souls! Complete love bug! He is part dog I have no doubt 😉 I do believe he was sent just for me!

Sally I was owned by a special Doberman her name was Faith Rae. Purrkins is named after Faith, Purrkins Ray.😻 thought you would enjoy knowing that ;)Dog’s do not always send dogs:)

Ray is a special name in our Family my dear grandpa was Ray and my Moms middle name is Rae😍 

Tripawds do fly we have proof on many videos on this site 🙂clap

Love & hugs to you both!heart 

Livermore, CA

Forum Posts: 3710
Member Since:
18 October 2009
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26 March 2017 - 10:59 pm
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He is having so much fun!

I love how he ducks down on the stair to sneak up on the boink!


Tri-pug Maggie survived a 4.5 year mast cell cancer battle only to be lost to oral melanoma.

1999 to 2010


              Maggie's Story                  Amputation and Chemo

Los Angeles, CA
Forum Posts: 3554
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13 June 2013
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27 March 2017 - 9:28 am
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Oh this is the best!!! Look at him! He’s having so much fun!!! Who needs 4 legs is right!!!??? Thank you for sharing … he’s just so adorable and playful. Love it! 

Shelby Lynne; Jack Russell/Shiba Inu mix. Proud member of the April Angels of 2014.

October 15, 2000 to April 8, 2014

Our story: Broke rear leg in June 2013 - non-conclusive results for cancer so leg was plated and pinned. Enlarged spleen in September 2013 and had it removed and was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma and started chemotherapy. Became a Tripawd January 8th, 2014 and definitive Hemangiosarcoma diagnosis. Three major surgeries in 7 months and Shelby took them all like a champ only to lose her battle to cancer in her brain. We had 8 amazing extra months together and no regrets. #shelbystrong #loveofmylife

Schofield, WI
Forum Posts: 1451
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13 August 2015
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27 March 2017 - 11:38 am
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Purrkins totally is “poetry in motion”.  Love the slow mo!  Beautiful kitty!  You go Purrkins!


Forum Posts: 18551
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22 February 2013
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27 March 2017 - 2:47 pm
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Awww…love that Faith Rae (beautiful name) sent you Purrkins Ray 🙂

And, as you know, the Oaktown Pack has a “family name” of Ray too! Maybe you are all related! And Jerry sent Wyatt Ray ….lots of special RAYS around here!!! Sort of like RAYS of SUNSHINE 🙂 🙂

Happy Hannah had a glorious additional bonus time of over one yr & two months after amp for osteo! She made me laugh everyday! Joined April's Angels after send off meal of steak, ice cream, M&Ms & deer poop!


Forum Posts: 1832
Member Since:
11 July 2016
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27 March 2017 - 4:19 pm
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Karen & Alison & Linda
Thank you !
Happy to share Purrkins is a smile maker 😻


Rays of sunshine they all are😍


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