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Search results for 'bisphosphonates' (233)

…may want to ask an oncologist about bisphosponates. This class of drugs has helped many dogs live great lives when amputation isn't feasible. 

"Bisphosphonates: When Amputation Isn't an Option"

"Bisphosphonates Brochure from VCC"

I read the article you referred to. That guy sounds like he needs

24 October 2012 7:05 am
Posts: 36
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…. Eventually (maybe 9 months or so later), she had an amputation and did really well. You should be able to find her story in the archives.


Bisphosphonates are a family of drugs that can help strengthen the bone, and perhaps reduce pain, when amputation is not used. Good luck - it sounds as though you

29 September 2012 4:00 pm
Posts: 89
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…is not recommending amputation, you may want to seek the opinion of a specialist. Tazzie was a 125 lb mastiff who did quite well on three legs.

Bisphosphonates are another option when amputation is not. Otherwise we would recommend a custom fit dog leg brace to provide support if recommended by a vet.

22 September 2012 7:56 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Topic: wraping leg
Posts: 6
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…opinion can be very helpful if she isn't dealing with pre-existing conditions. If amputation still isn't an option, you may want to ask about bisphosphonates
, which is a therapy drug that can strengthen the bone while providing pain relief. Here is some info that may help:

Bisphosphonates Brochure

15 September 2012 8:07 am
Posts: 7
Views: 2078

…you for suggesting bisphosphonates
.  I have read about this, but my brain has been going in circles over this amputation decision that I seem to have dismissed everything else.


I have printed the information on bisphosphonates
and we took it with us when we made the long trip to the city for Bear’s acupuncture.


  Bear’s regular doctor wasn’t at the clinic yet, but…

…options we have for my pup.  She was happy that Bear’s homeopathic treatment had arrived and we got it started and  she was delighted to read about bisphosphonates
and thought that this could be a great option for my cuteness pup.  She is going to share this information with our regular doctor and she is

14 September 2012 7:16 pm
Posts: 46
Views: 5819

… without amputation that painful tumor will continue to grow and the limb will eventually break. Ask a veterinary oncologist or specialist about bisphosphonates if they don't don't believe Abby will do well on three legs, but be sure to search the forums
and blogs for plenty of success stories from big dogs,

14 September 2012 6:11 pm
Posts: 7
Views: 2078

…wish the opinions from the vet professionals that you've seen were different, my heart goes out to you. 

In the meantime, Karen's suggestion about bisphosphonates
is terrific. This blog post tells more about it

Bisphosphonates Brochure from VCC

Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn’t an Option

I hope

13 September 2012 7:45 pm
Posts: 46
Views: 5819

…m sorry to hear that amputation may not be the best option for you. Have you discussed radiation and bisphosphonates
 for the leg with osteosarcoma?  I know of one dog here, KBear, who was able to get some more quality time with radiation therapy on the leg. I'm

13 September 2012 4:35 pm
Posts: 46
Views: 5819

…Quality of Life Clinical Trials.

Related Reading:

Dog Cancer Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know

Tripawds Resources (Clinical Trials)

Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn't an Option

Jerry's Osteosarcoma K9 Immunity Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial Announcement: UPenn Bone Cancer Vaccine

28 August 2012 7:43 am
Posts: 6
Views: 55584

…not do anything for it, you would need to consider stronger drugs that a vet who is well-versed in pain-management protocols can tell you about. Bisphosphonates are another option.

I highly recommend both of you read our "Required Reading List" and our ebook, "Three Legs & a Spare" so you know what to

29 July 2012 7:35 am
Posts: 9
Views: 1109

…is a tough spot. It sounds like you have a great vet team though, so I would rely on them to help guide you in the right direction for your pup. Bisphosphonates  work very well in many dogs, I hope it does for yours too. Keep us posted oK?

…is information here on Tripawds about bisphosphonates


We have had a few people here that has had hemangio show up in the bone.  The one thing I remember

…knowing you did your research. I just wish the answer was different. 

So it sounds like you're going the palliative route. Be sure to ask about bisphosphonates
, they can really help extend quality of life and not leave Bruno all dopey. 

Bisphosphonates: When Amputation Isn't an Option

We will be here

17 May 2012 12:04 pm
Posts: 90
Views: 10639

…(cell suicide).  There are quite a few of us using this and Penny's Jane is 1 year post OS and a senior rottie (no amp, no radiation, no bisphosphonates
) and is still doing well.  There is an arte and cancer group also (and many of us are over there too): 


…call after getting some opinions. Either way, we are here for you. Remember that if you decide to go the palliative route, talk to your vet about Bisphosphonates to help manage the pain.

Oh and to add images to your post, this should help.

7 May 2012 9:14 am
Posts: 90
Views: 10639

…of that bone never healing at all, and a waiting game for it to break again. One other treatment option you might consider is asking your vet about bisphosphonates.

Best wishes, please keep us posted!

17 April 2012 12:39 pm
Posts: 28
Views: 7815

…is not eligible for radiation. I was told the cost for radiation & consult would be $820 (not including travel costs). Also Jack can be on bisphosphonates
(which I think I misspelled) while also doing radiation.

Dr. Custis also suggested that Jack might have micro-factures in his leg that don't

5 April 2012 12:52 pm
Posts: 47
Views: 3225


It would be interesting to hear what kind of success the oncologist has had with the Aredia.  We haven't seen anyone here have any luck with bisphosphonates
(or at least I haven't in 2 odd years).  Maybe someone else can chime in about it.

Again, I'm very sorry.  Sending lots of good wishes to

3 April 2012 2:39 pm
Posts: 24
Views: 11547

*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

…this site have used radiation for OSA when amputation was not an option (bilateral OSA). Timberkins had a good result with STS at CSU. They used bisphosphonates
to strengthen the bone at the same time. Pez (sp?) might also have had radiation - not sure but you can probably search the archives. He was…

…older and the vet did not think he was a candidate for amputation due to age and arthritis. I think after 6 months or a year of bisphosphonates
and radiation they did amputate, and he did great and lasted quite a long time.

Good luck on Tuesday. I hope there is good news. Keep us posted

1 April 2012 10:03 pm
Posts: 49
Views: 10261

…put a lot of weight on too, and if you're at all doubting that one, a second opinion can be worth its weight in gold.

We have covered the topic of bisphosphonates
in the past, which is a drug that can be given when amputation isn't right. Here is a blog post that can tell you more:

Bisphosphonates: When…

…make the most of each moment we have together. I have read stories about non-Tripawds who made it several months with just palliative therapy like bisphosphonates
, while others just got a few weeks. If you're at all in doubt about whether or not he is in pain, or when the time might be best to set his spirit

…isn't, we are still there for folks. It's great you have such a supportive vet. Maybe you might want to ask her about bisphosponates? This post, "Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn’t an Option" tells more about how this drug can alleviate the pain. I hope it helps.

Please come here to talk whenever you

29 February 2012 8:53 am
Posts: 19
Views: 1944

*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

7 February 2012 4:02 pm
Posts: 9
Views: 1472

…she) was older and arthritic and – if I remember right – the vet did not think amputation was an option. Dogs like that sometimes do radiation and bisphosphonates
and have good results. It can strengthen the bone in the bad leg (the bisphosphonates
) and control the tumour growth (the radiation), so it…


Like you, I would also do more than alleviate the pain. It sounds as though Crystal is active enough to handle an amputation, but radiation and bisphosphonates
are also good options. Search the archves for older dogs – lots of them around here.

I used artemisinin as have some other people on this site.

8 January 2012 6:02 pm
Posts: 28
Views: 2378

…for joining, sorry to hear about Crystal.

We have heard many people report how radiation helped.

Zoledronate or other bisphosphonates
may also be an option, please keep us posted.

Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn’t an Option

8 January 2012 5:11 pm
Posts: 28
Views: 2378

*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

31 October 2011 10:59 am
Posts: 3
Views: 791

… metastasizing to the bone, seems to be happening more and more around here. I don't get it.

If your daughter hasn't already looked into it, bisphosphonates can help ease the pain and give a good quality of life.

Lots of hugs and wishes for many good days ahead coming your way....

8 September 2011 5:53 am
Posts: 12
Views: 1024


Has anyone heard of PAMIDRONATE.

Try searching these forums and the blogs, and be sure to check out our video interview about bisphosphonates in the Tripawds News blog

6 September 2011 10:21 pm
Posts: 11
Views: 979

…: You might consider asking your vet about bisphosphonates for bone cancer when amputation is not an option.

26 August 2011 5:00 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 35850
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