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Search results for 'bisphosphonates' (233)

…top of their health care.

Thanks for the update on Millie. I hope she can stay with you and have more time without pain. Has your vet discussed  bisphosphonates
as an option for her?


22 September 2014 12:22 pm
Posts: 29
Views: 2859

…the same way. 15.5 is quite advanced especially for a large dog like a Dal.

I like the way your vet is thinking, sounds like she is suggesting bisphosphonates
? If so, that's a great idea, we've had quite a few members here utilize it as palliative care and it worked very well.   Here are some Forum…

…search results about using bisphosphonates when amputation isn't an option.

What do you do at the vet clinic? Are you a tech?

2 September 2014 8:38 pm
Posts: 29
Views: 2859

…life for as long as possible. Here's a story about Katy, who underwent cyberknife radiation therapy. 

Did the docs mention the possibility of bisphosphonates for pain relief?

As you know, your situation is different than most. When osteosarcoma or another bone cancer is in the spine, what we've seen

13 April 2014 3:08 pm
Posts: 4
Views: 3928

…they saw a good chance at getting it all so they went for it, and the rest is history. Have they done a CT scan on Shilo?

As for managing with bisphosphonates
, here is a helpful discussion for you:

Be sure to read through all of the posts, there' a lot of info…

…there. I do believe that bisphosphonates
are good choice when amputation isn't a possibility, I would just want to be sure that it really isn't before I proceed.

Geez I'm so sorry.

… feed him ice cream and pizza, make every moment count. I know you get that.

What did the onco give you for pain control? Did they talk about bisphosphonates
at all?

And yes, you bet we are here for you now and always.


8 April 2014 5:33 pm
Posts: 44
Views: 7482

…situations. I hope there is some good news from them. Keep in mind that if you can't do amputation you may want to talk to your vets about using bisphosphonates
for pain relief. Here's a forum post that talks about it:

Keep us posted OK?


Hi, Jerry -…

…to say HUGE thanks for that post and its suggestions and links. It gave me lots of encouragement, and I'm emailing the onco doc to ask about the bisphosphonates
and a couple of the other options.

Who would have guessed that Fosomax and Boniva could help dogs,!

Thank you again for this

…my life!  

Thanks again for all the support and good thoughts and well wishes and for the helpful links, Jerry -- I'll definitely check out the bisphosphonates
and anything else you and others recommend for pain management
, mets, tumor management, etc. I’ve learned so much by reading your posts and some

…situations. I hope there is some good news from them. Keep in mind that if you can't do amputation you may want to talk to your vets about using bisphosphonates
for pain relief. Here's a forum post that talks about it:

Keep us posted OK?

…for surgery, the other option as you are aware is palliative, pain management
. As part of that, many dogs who aren't candidates are trying bisphosphonates
, this may be something else to consider. Here is a link to forum posts that discuss bisphosphonates for dogs.

We're here to help. Hang in there

21 February 2014 1:59 pm
Topic: Need advice
Posts: 20
Views: 2832

…had many members here who decided not to and we're also here to support them (and you) also. In fact we've had a few others who had success with bisphosphonates
. I just updated this Forum topic you might want to check out:

Bisphosphonates; when Amputation isn't an Option

Thanks again, we're so glad you

15 February 2014 5:18 pm
Posts: 2
Views: 1348

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15 February 2014 5:17 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 4933

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9 February 2014 2:31 pm
Posts: 2
Views: 848


There are sevral cases here where amputation wasn't an option...I don't dare try and remember some of the treatments...

Bisphosphonates is one suggestion when amputation is not an option.

Be sure to tune into Tripawd Talk Radio this Saturday. Lori chose palliative care for Chuck

…t care what the x-rays said, she's just going to keep living with all the enthusiasm she always had.

Also, you may want to ask your vet about bisphosphonates, a pain-relieving drug that can do a lot more than Tramadol and has helped a lot of dogs when amputation isn't an option. Chuck the Saint can tell

17 September 2013 9:50 am
Posts: 24
Views: 3145

…times like this, is all any of us can do. Give her a big hug from us and remember we are here for you.

P.S. You might want to ask your vet if bisphosphonates
can help in this situation. I'm not sure but it's worth asking.


16 August 2013 3:15 pm
Posts: 20
Views: 2241

…getting a second opinion and consulting with a certified rehab vet. If your girl is indeed a poor candidate for amputation, ask your vet about bisphosphonates
. What's her name?

Below are a few Tripawds News blog
posts you may find helpful. Consider downloading Tripawds e-books
for many more links…

…blog posts, forum topics and videos.

Bone Cancer Tumors and Treatment Options for Dogs
When Is Amputation The Right Choice For My Dog or Cat?
Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn’t an

…fracture. The pain of amputation surgery recover will last a few weeks at most. Should you decide not to amputate, please ask your vets about bisphosphonates.

Check out the financial assistance resources available in the Tripawds Downloads blog
, and be sure to bookmark Jerry's Required Reading List

19 June 2013 6:44 pm
Posts: 25
Views: 5186

…isn't for every dog, and even though you aren't going that route, we are here to support you so do keep us posted on how treatments are going. Bisphosphonates are something lots of folks ask about and in fact have had a lot of success with by adding more quality time to their pup's life. We send all our

18 June 2013 7:16 am
Posts: 10
Views: 1798

…for checking in, best wishes in the decision you face. Please keep us posted.

If amputation is not an option for chuck, ask your oncologist about Bisphosphonates or radiation.

FYI: We deleted the duplicat topic you started as a guest, thank you for logging in. You can now post without moderation,…

…to topics, join the chat, and much more!

Search the blogs for more helpful posts...

Bone Cancer Tumors and Treatment Options for Dogs
Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn’t an Option
A Look at Colorado State University’s Animal Cancer Center (Radiation Therapy

17 June 2013 7:23 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 1798


Many hugs to you and you decide what to do. Remember, there are no "right" or "wrong" answers.

And one more thing to consider: bisphosphonates
. Here's more reading for you:

Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn't an Option


11 June 2013 8:24 pm
Posts: 11
Views: 2410


BY the way does anyone know anything about bisphosphonates


Tripawds News Blog: Bisphosphonates, When Amputation Is Not an Option

Tripawds Downloads Blog: Bisphosphonates Brochure from VCC




P.S. Pictures later today or tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!  BY the way does anyone know anything about bisphosphonates


It might be something else (and I hope it is) but if it is osteosarcoma there may be some options such as radiation and treatment with bisphosphonates
that would ease the pain and strengthen the bone to give Louie more quality time with you.


Please let us know how you go.


…Ask An Oncologist chat a while back.

But waiting for a break? Seriously? pain management
only works so well, it's all about quality of life! Bisphosphonates or radiation can at least be prescribed if waiting to amputate is recommended.

Don't miss this related Tripawds News blog


…with this condition? Thank you.

Here is what Dr. H said:

"So glad I havent seen a hypertrophic osteopathy case in a while so cant comment on bisphosphonates
, but I sure would try them.  They have very few side effects"


…side effects in dogs, but it's far from clear.  I hope to be able to consult with an oncologist about options including radiation and maybe bisphosphonates


Thanks again for this great community of people who love their dogs so much.

11 January 2013 7:21 pm
Posts: 16
Views: 13991

…big at 180 and getting up in years for a dane.

So how did the Aredia go? Do you think it helped? Have you talked to your doc about any other bisphosphonates
to control the pain and bone disintegration?

As for the tumor, I would definitely have your onco doc take a look at this. I would hate for

28 December 2012 8:36 am
Posts: 2
Views: 1099

…is an excellent idea. If you haven't already found Chance's story, check it out. 


This post may also help:

Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn't an Option

p.s. If your register as a member, your posts won't require moderation so we hope you'll do that.

21 December 2012 9:39 am
Posts: 7
Views: 1780

…mets return in all sorts of weird places other than the standard lung presentation.

You can do more as far as palliative care, however. Look up "bisphosphonates
" here and you'll find lots of info about this class of drug that can ease pain and often slow down the tumor. Sorry, I would link to it but I can't

…for now, there will be plenty of time later. Enjoy every precious day, and you can get through this. 

In the meantime, ask your oncolgoist about bisphosphonates if you haven't already. Many dogs have experienced excellent pain relief with them when amputation isn't an option.

Keep us posted and remember

30 October 2012 1:50 pm
Posts: 9
Views: 1793
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