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Search results for 'Daisy recovery' (222)

…Colton and family! Our Daisy was also a TP due to being hit. We wish you a speedy and uneventful recovery!

The Dalmatian Den

Bob,Julie,Samson,Lady and Spirit Daisy

20 January 2012 3:54 pm
Posts: 11
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…was 4 weeks since Daisy's amputation.  The recovery was pretty uneventful other than she wanted to sleep alot which is normal.  Finally getting back to our normal routine.  She's slowly starting to…

…him since they haven't been able to do their normal evening walks since Thanksgiving and they love hanging out together.  They've been buddy's since Daisy was four months old!  She doesn't have much stamina yet so we hop in and just kind of hang out.  Hopefully some day she'll be able to run and play…

…out there again like she used to.

Marla and Daisy

7 January 2012 7:59 am
Posts: 14
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…- you certainly have a lot going on!  On a silver-lining note, as long as you're going to be awake with a new baby, you might as well be awake with Daisy and vice versa, right? 

Just weighing in on the age/weight issue - Ajax was 75lbs and an 8 year old Lab when he had his amputation.  It was a…

…swimming.  So please don't feel too guilty - you have every reason to anticipate having a super-happy and healthy tripawd after the intiial recovery period which feels long, but really isn't when you look at it in the grand scheme of things.

Daisy is overweight for her size, it'll be important to help her slim down once she's ready for exercise again following her recovery (which will be surprisingly soon).  It's harder on the joints to be a chubby tripawd over time.  Though I know labs vary in size and 83 lbs could…

…and things are going on.  We highly recommend that even when people aren't pregnant - so it goes double for you!  It sets a good example for Daisy anyway 

…for a dog - they lose a leg, but in very little time you'll see it just doesn't matter.

There will be a rough month of post-amputaion recovery, during which time you'll probably be posting here second-guessing yourself and wondering if you made the right decision. And all of us will…

…disgust as he suckered everyone he met into giving him a bite of whatever was handy. Amputation didn't slow him down a bit, and it won't do so for Daisy, either. The tough decision you just made is the best chance she has for a long, happy, pain-free life.

Post here often after the surgery - as

…to go the surgery route and end up at amputation in the end anyway. And you should not feel guilty about considering your finances in the decision. Daisy will most likely do quite well as a tripawd, once she gets past the recovery period.

Sorry you had to find us here, but you won't be sorry you…

…you need answers or just need to freak out a little. We've been there and understand what you are going through.

Please keep us posted about how Daisy does. Good luck with your non-furry baby!!! 🙂

Jackie, Abby's mom

Welcome to Tripawds.  Sorry you found yourself here... but if you have to amputate this is the best place to be!

What you are taking from Daisy is a painful leg that may or may not heal.  But what you are giving her is a two or three week recovery time, and then on with her life!! 


…you can do is make the best decision you can for Daisy and your family.  Unfortunately that involves fiances... we all wish we had endless funds to throw at our vets, but that just isn't the case. …

…You guys are doing your best... I've heard lots of stories of people abandoning their pups after an injury.  You are doing everything you can for Daisy now, and she will reward you with a happy tripawd hop!

Your Fiance is going to have a lot on his plate with Daisy's surgery Monday, and a baby due…

…any time!!  Once Daisy is through the recovery period she will do just fine.  Don't get discouraged though if she has some down time after coming home from the vet. Many dogs kind of crash and…

…are not really themselves for a week or two. 

January babies are the best, but I might be a bit biased....

Good luck with the baby, and with Daisy's surgery.  We would love to see a picture or two (when you have a chance).  And be sure and keep us posted on both fronts!!


Karen and

3 January 2012 4:22 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 6978

… thanks for joining us here. Wow! You have a lot going on right now, I can't blame you one bit for being so nervous about this.

I'm so glad that Daisy is otherwise OK. As long as your vet thinks she is a good candidate for being a Tripawd, you shouldn't worry (ok, easy to say....!). Please…

…here spend thousands of dollars trying to fix their dog's orthopedic issue, only to resort to amputation when nothing worked to fix the issue. Daisy wouldn't want you to go into serious debt over this, because that would only make you upset and unhappy, and that's not what she wants for you or her…

… safe environment for your pup.

With you being so close to welcoming your newest family member, your fiance should be ready to care for her during recovery. Generally dogs need two to three weeks to fully recuperate, so make sure that he has plenty of help and can care for her. Other than that though,

…glad Tasha's surgery went well.  She won't hate you for making that awful pain go away.  I picked Daisy up the day after her surgery and was so surprised how she was moving around and happy to see me.  I thought she would be mad at me, too.  She even…

…goosed a man standing at the counter (she'd never done that)!

Best of luck with Tasha's recovery!  She's a very pretty girl.  Cute hat, too.

Marla and Daisy

30 December 2011 7:28 am
Posts: 13
Views: 1082

…Happy!  Glad your recovery is going well.

Marla and Daisy

27 December 2011 2:17 pm
Posts: 13
Views: 942

…!  Glad Happy is home for Christmas.  Best of luck with recovery.  Happy is awesome!

Marla and Daisy

25 December 2011 5:46 am
Posts: 14
Views: 746

…. I'm glad Daisy is doing well! 

I am picking up Happy tomorrow. He has done well with the recovery in ICU so far. Yesterday he got up on his own and went out to go to the bathroom. His 'student' said he was a little apprehensive on the tile floor

22 December 2011 12:21 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 1377

…. I'm glad Daisy is doing well! 

I am picking up Happy tomorrow. He has done well with the recovery in ICU so far. Yesterday he got up on his own and went out to go to the bathroom. His 'student' said he was a little apprehensive on the tile floor

22 December 2011 12:21 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 1377

…everything went well with Happy's surgery.  Best of luck with his recovery!  My Daisy is 11 days post-amp and so far so good.

Marla and Daisy

20 December 2011 3:18 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 1377

…everything went well with Lucy's surgery.  This stuff comes at you so fast you hardly get a chance to take a breath.  Keep us posted on her recovery.

Marla and Daisy

19 December 2011 4:09 pm
Posts: 34
Views: 2562

…is wonderful news!! Such a weight off your shoulders I'm sure. Here's to Miss Daisy's speedy recovery and long, happy "tripawd" life!

18 December 2011 10:12 am
Posts: 15
Views: 1134

…m so glad Raleigh is doing so well.  Tripawds are amazing.  My Daisy is just 1 week post amp but she still wants to do everything just like nothing has happened.

Good luck with the recovery!

Marla & Daisy

17 December 2011 12:28 pm
Posts: 5
Views: 764

…s stories here helped me realize life on three legs can be just as good so thankfully I changed my mind.

Everyone has been so supportive to Daisy and me.  I keep alternating between wanting to celebrate and sadness for all the beautiful dogs whose news has not always been so great.  My only…

…way to describe how I feel is it is sorta like having survivors guilt.

Daisy's recovery from her amputation continues to go pretty smoothly. It has now been 1 week since her surgery.

Best to all.

Marla & Daisy

17 December 2011 6:54 am
Posts: 15
Views: 1134

…m so glad Tank is doing so well!  We're new here, too.  My Daisy just became a tripawd Dec. 9th and like Tank she has overdone it a couple times.  So far we've had a couple of "bad" days, but she keeps getting…

…better as I'm sure Tank will.  They are so resilient.

Fuss over them as much as you can.  Daisy is still being served her meals and treats on the couch.

Best of luck with Tank's recovery!

Marla and Daisy

15 December 2011 6:10 am
Posts: 16
Views: 1784

…out Jerry's Required reading list or the ebook Three Legs and a Spare?  Both are good sources of info from this site on what to expect with the recovery process.

As far as inserting pictures- they have to be hosted somewhere on line before it will work.  Many of us have started a blog here which…

…pictures and Cometdog wrote how to insert pictures from facebook.  If you still can't make it work Admin guy can help you.


Glad to hear that Daisy seems to be healing and recovering well.  There can be lots of ups and downs the first couple of weeks or so, don't get discouraged if she has some…

…down time.  Hopefully she will have an uneventful recovery!


Karen and the pugapalooza

13 December 2011 9:14 am
Posts: 17
Views: 1997

…to the site nobody wants to join but everyone is glad they did.

It sounds like Daisy is doing well so far. The panting and the 'funk' all kinda come with the recovery period. Having people come and visit was the only thing that

12 December 2011 10:35 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 1997

…and thanks for joining. Your future forum posts will not require moderation.

Best wishes for Daisy's speedy recovery. Try to enjoy the ride!

12 December 2011 4:30 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 1997

…reacting to the pain of the pelvic hernia?  I hope that the meds make her feel better and happy and that this was just a weird anomaly.  You and Daisy are in our prayers for a full recovery and a comfortable day.  So sorry that you went through this with her, I can imagine how scary that felt. 

22 October 2011 8:06 am
Posts: 14
Views: 5460

…is hard to anticipate how each one will react to the recovery and to the medications. Many have bad reactions to the medication that makes them really not themselves. Generally they are weaned off the meds…

…somewhere between 10 - 14 days and life starts to return to normal.

Unless Daisy seems to be in pain, has an infection you can see, runs a fever, or otherwise seems to need veterinary attention, just be patient with her. She

15 August 2011 7:02 pm
Posts: 16
Views: 1585

…to Tripawds! Previous posts here all have excellent bits of advice. I just wanted to also encourage you that Daisy will improve each day. Make sure you get lots of rest, and just be there for her. Please keep us posted on her recovery, and post some pics when

Golden Girls
15 August 2011 1:04 pm
Posts: 16
Views: 1585

…and Daisy -  Gerry's mom is right on when she writes that "abnormal is normal" this early on.  While I've read several postings about dogs that are "running"…

… 1 or 2 days after surgery, there are many more that take weeks to slowly get back to their old way of doing things.  As long as Daisy is being quiet and simply recovering I agree that you're probably a lucky one.  Some seem to have quite the outright struggle after surgery.


…for Sylvia - She had her amputation on 11/09/10 and we actually set up an entire special "recovery" room for her, put up a gate to keep the other dogs from getting her excited or upset, and reveled in the time she spent just sleeping.  My husband

14 August 2011 12:02 pm
Posts: 16
Views: 1585

…and thanks for joining kaelara! Sorry to hear about your pup, what's her name?

Hopefully you'll hear from Daisy, She had her people modify her cart with of all things, a silicone bra insert they found at Walmart. here are a couple existing topics with more…

…information and videos...

Hopping Around:

Wheelchairs and amputees

Hopping Around:

Zoom Zoom! Daisys Wheelchair and did you know Walmart sells silicone breast "enhancements"??

11 April 2011 12:39 pm
Posts: 7
Views: 6771

…his toy away from him. So I figured it was time to put him down instead.

When you were writing about Zaria's condition, I was thinking where is "Daisy, daisy, daisy" and then Daisy spoke up. Certainly she went through a rocky road with recovery so it is great to hear how well she is doing now …

…(even going to daycare, Daisy?!? - do you take your cart?).

Glad to hear that things were a bit better during your last post - I hope that is still the case.

How old

23 February 2011 9:05 pm
Topic: Zaria
Posts: 69
Views: 6925

…you - Thank you - Thank you


I needed that message about Daisy... and I needed all of your messages,  but particularily the message about Daisy

I had two people today tell me to put Zaria ``down`...  

`Believe me, I am NOWHERE at that spot, but so nice to not have to defend it !…

…Thank you for your concern and care and like I said to those 2 people today who gave up on her,  Ìm not...  i`m going to be in this for rehab, and recovery...   she`s my  girl and we are getting through this together`.


you are all inspirations -  I told my family tonight that knowing i could

22 February 2011 9:14 pm
Topic: Zaria
Posts: 69
Views: 6925

We are very sorry to hear about your accident. Daisy too was hit by a car. We tried to save the leg but after 7 days the skin started to die off and we ended up amputating the leg anyway. In my case …

…(and hindsight being 20/20) I wish we would have amputated 1st. She would have been on the road to recovery sooner. She was rolled pretty good and had deep cuts on her pads and her tail was broken but torso and head were spared. Please keep us updated.

Julie, Bob, tripawd Daisy and brother Samson

17 February 2011 3:51 am
Posts: 8
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