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Search results for 'prednisone' (1237)

…would add an antiemetic to help her not immediately throw up. And, perhaps. prednisone
to help with inflammation and appetite. Despite what may or may NOT be apparent on the x-rays, she should be more comfortable which truly can only…

…it is because she cannot smell well and does have some "feeling full" or "under the weather" issues. Am not a vet but would suggest antiemetics, prednisone
, and perhaps, if she has fluid building up, draining the fluid.

Best wishes, HUGE hugs, and PyrPaws all around. (She is BEAUTIFUL!!!) 

24 April 2017 10:35 am
Posts: 44
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…best to get something and cancel, if need be. My sweet girl is hanging tough but tires very easily and has almost no muscle left. The long term prednisone
is taking its toll. That said, she still LOVES to make new friends, so we're hoping to attend!


…some non agressive things without potential bad side effects things that could be done to relieve symptons and possibly extend quality time....prednisone

And for whatever it's Happy Hannah never missed a meal and I don't remember any

…Kris and my Friend Tim, both xrays, just before the amp, they were clear, and then on Monday, there were large quantities of cancer. They gave her prednisone
, a steroid, I believe, to open up her airways, to try and get her to make it without suffering till I got home early Saturday morning. On Wednesday

15 April 2017 8:07 pm
Topic: Darlas story
Posts: 48
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…understand their reasoning. 

Since the tumor in her remaining rear leg has grown slowly over the past 8 months, we have opted to place her on prednisone
which has actually relieved a lot of pressure in the tumor. What was rock hard flesh is now soft so we know she is more comfortable.

We talked

13 April 2017 10:44 pm
Posts: 104
Views: 8574

…and welcome to you and Alibi. Your posts won't need approval so post away. 

I'm sorry about the tough time Alibi's been having. Prednisone
is both a miracle and a curse at times, it's a battle many of us have faced and you can find yourself constantly questioning how to give a good…

…of life while alleviating symptoms with this drug. 

If your instinct is telling you that something is amiss, please let your oncologist know. Prednisone
isn't a drug to mess around with. The wrong withdrawal schedule and dosages can wreak havoc on the adrenal system and make matters worse. You may

6 April 2017 11:23 am
Posts: 13
Views: 839

…she was seeing in Ali's spine that it's likely multiple myeloma. they've given me zero plans as far was treatment aside from keeping her on the Prednisone
that's started having negative effects 🙁


my 70lb Boxer was started on Prednisone
mid-January. she'd had…

…t pinpoint if/where there was cancer. instead of doing more tests and scans i made the decision to treat what know and she was started on 40mg of Prednisone
for 5 days then cut back to 20mg, it worked immediately. she was back to almost normal BUT they really didn't give any treatment plan beyond that.…

…lower back which our vet thinks is due to multiple myeloma. she thinks that's why she's so achy and having issues squatting but i'm wondering if the Prednisone
side effects are more to blame? again though, they didn't give any sort of treatment plan other than to start her on Gabapentin to manage any pain…

…and keep on with the Prednisone
at the current 20mg dose.

my Dog Mom senses are telling me it might be best to knock the dosage back or ween her off completely.

6 April 2017 1:05 am
Posts: 13
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*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

…has been shown to cause permanent inconntinence. I guess we'll never know in Nitro's case - chemo or old age? Plus he is now on a very low dose of prednisone
to help with his arthritis, which can also increase thirst and urination. We've become really good at managing it, and all things considered, in

29 March 2017 9:57 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 16
Views: 2233

…m just focusing my energy on doing what I can to *maintain* the status quo since that means a happy, hungry dog. I know we'll have to pull her off prednisone
if the muscle wasting continues and the tumor will go crazy at that point but today is not that day. This week is not that week. I'm hoping to

18 March 2017 6:38 pm
Posts: 26
Views: 1832

…than any of us expected. He started coughing 5 weeks post-amp, and new x-rays revealed a mass in his chest and lung mets. We started him on Prednisone
which eased his cough and restored his appetite and attitude for a couple more weeks.

Tuesday morning he stumbled when getting up, but regained…

…afternoon. It was the hardest decision we ever had to make, but Boone hadn't been "Boone" for several days. His bark changed days after starting Prednisone
and while it helped with his cough at first, he was coughing nearly all day Sunday. A mass had also begun to grow at the amp site.

We questioned

16 March 2017 3:53 pm
Posts: 90
Views: 6025

…Boone crossed the Bridge. His breathing had become more labored over the weekend and the cough was worse despite the Prednisone
. This morning he ate his breakfast, then promptly threw it all up. With blood.

The rest of the morning his eyes just looked lost and he couldn

…you and Boone are helping everyone in this journey in more ways than you'll ever know.

I was owned by a dog named Bernie and he was off and on Prednisone
for several uears. There were times he was on it often for weeks at a time without a reduction. There were times he was on ait resuced amount;

…Boone update...

We attempted to reduce the prednisone
to 1x/day (per vet's instructions) but the coughing became worse so he's back on 2x/day dose for a week before trying to reduce again. He's still

I mention all of this because it doesn't sound like your vet had tried any drug therapy. Of course, that may not be an option but I wonder if even prednisone
would knock it back a bit? When Izzy first started the pred, it shrunk the tumor noticeably withing a week. Maybe ask about those options? If

*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

…you, again everyone. Your words of support and encouragement help me every day.

The prednisone
is working - Boone's appetite has returned with a vengeance ;-). As has his intake of water and needing to go outside. The coughing isn't too

…  Having endless money, brains, desire and a bounty of love just isn't enough.  Ask Steve Jobs. 

Milo rode a rollercoaster at the end.  We found prednisone
helped a bit with the swelling that came from the growing lung mets.  We also found Derramax helped with the pain without the same panting side

…need that.

AND, sometimes a cough is just a cough! But if it is related to the mets, you can get treatment, okay?

Can't remember if she has Prednisone
or not, but that can help too.

Let us know how it's going, okay?

Lots of hugs!

Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and

27 February 2017 10:14 am
Posts: 3
Views: 778

…every minute and never forget that we are still holding you close in your hearts.

Even with mets, you can help him stay comfortable beyond the prednisone
. Get in touch with your vet, since sometimes emergency room vets miss things that a regular vet who's familiar with the case may see. Also be sure

…clinic. Blood work looked great but sadly, chest X-rays revealed a mass as well as smaller spots on his lungs. 

The vet sent us home with prednisone
. At this point we're just keeping him as comfortable as possible. I'm doing my best to "Be More Dog
" during his (likely) last days with us.

…few months but we never know. I have been a basket case since that day, nothing takes my mind off my sweet girl leaving me one day. They put her on prednisone
and the coughing subsided a bit, but then came back non stop, so they switched her to a shot of corti-steroid. That helped but for only less than…

…two weeks so the doc put her back on the prednisone
. She was fine past few days just not as active and wants me to hold her at all times that I'm home. She has continued to eat and drink normally

24 February 2017 12:53 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 572

…aren't painful per se. My Happy Hannah never developed a cough. She just got more and more tired and her breathing pattern did change some. The Prednisone
helped as did some Tramadol. Of course, I know Jeremiah has that bum leg to deal with, but I think the Tramadol will help there. Check with


Some good options have been suggested. Wondering if a dose of fluids would help.perk him up some? I'm thinking implementing the prednisone
(or prednisolone, another variation thst may work better for cats...check with vet),'as well as the ideas to help with the cough.

There's a

20 February 2017 2:11 pm
Posts: 19
Views: 1767

… yes, she is taking 50 mg (2 tablets) twice a day. Three would be ideal but I'm not home/awake to dose her every 8 hours. She's taking 10 mg of Prednisone
daily as well but she has this thing the size of the big pad on her foot. I am just so frustrated and sad and frankly, a good bit angry. If she

…and we get that it's a hard decision to make.

Osteosarcoma is a horribly painful disease so try to put yourself in her paws. As you know the Prednisone
is only masking the symptoms so the sooner you can decide the better. I'm not sure why your vet decided to put her on Pred, I'm unaware of any

17 February 2017 11:11 am
Posts: 6
Views: 851

…leg and shoulder almost nearly non weight bearing. Neurontin, tramadol, rimadyl worked for maybe 2 weeks. Then significant decline. Now on oxy and prednisone
. Last week i was completely incapacitated by the shock of this situation. Felt hopeless and began looking amputation info. Almost immediately…

…began weight bearing again and now is more comfortable than she has been since November. Im aware of some waxing and waning affects on prednisone
and am wondering what some others in this situation have done. Comfort is extremely important for my wife and I. However no mets have been seen

16 February 2017 10:59 pm
Posts: 6
Views: 851

…and loving and tummy rubs and any and every treat she wanted!

As her breathing pattern became a little more noticeable, the Vet put her on Prednisone
and an ocassional Tramadol. She seemed comfortable. The tipping piont for me was when I realized she was having difficulty sleeping. I guess…

… or even just scar tissue, or "old dog lungs".

IF Cooper does have mets, you czn DEFINITELY make him more comfortable with some cough meds, some prednisone
and some appetite stimulant. Although the pred should help with that.


12 February 2017 8:48 pm
Posts: 31
Views: 2610


I wanted to add one more note if you do get perscribed prednisone
, for cats Prednisolone should be prescribed instead.

Cats metabolize the two meds differently. 

You help educate us every day Holly. Thank

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