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Search results for 'phantom limb pain' (980)

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10 December 2012 8:15 am
Topic: New Member
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…up, before we could order the RuffWear harness, and partly to have an area on which acupuncture could apparently be done more easily to help with any Phantom limb pain.


The day of surgey, it became clear that something was not quite right... no phone calls from the surgeon, even after repeated calls, and

…I give the Tramadol and Robaxin. He also had some chiropractic work done to address arthritis as well as something called Bicom for arthritis and phantom limb pain. The vet thought he would experience some relief over the weekend. I did not ask about the Gaba. Now that it is Saturday morning and I heard him

…figured it out and we brought him home.

One week ago - or 10 days or so after surgery, he has started to suffer badly from what I am certain is phantom Limb pain. They come Every hour or so and last all through the day and night. Yelping and pitiful barking - and of course accompanied by an acute human

13 November 2012 9:34 am
Posts: 10
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What a sweet picture of your boy. Loa is a yellow lab too (We are almost three months post-amp.)

After reading the questions on phantom limb pain, and having many sleepless nights from the whining (Tahoe) and worrying (Us) I was glad to hear there was mediation for it.  I called the vet

…from the UC Davis Veterinary school. One of the doctors there was kind enough to give me his email to ask him questions about the Gabapentin, phantom limb pain etc in cats. I am waiting for a reply.

I feel like once I've really made a final decision, I will be better able to cope and take it one step at

26 October 2012 8:30 pm
Posts: 66
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…address this better than I can and offer suggestions as to how to approach this with your vet...but I'll tell you that from our own experience, phantom limb pain is definitely something that we've seen here. Not to all animals but we see it here quite often. It's something that occurs in human amputees and…

…interested in relationship-based care since she's given me her email and has been answering my questions. I am still extremely nervous about the phantom limb pain issue. She also said that arthritis is uncommon in cats and not to worry about it, while I has told on here to buy some arthritis supplements

26 October 2012 9:12 am
Posts: 66
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…address this better than I can and offer suggestions as to how to approach this with your vet...but I'll tell you that from our own experience, phantom limb pain is definitely something that we've seen here. Not to all animals but we see it here quite often. It's something that occurs in human amputees and

25 October 2012 6:51 pm
Posts: 66
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…& Jerry -

I asked my Vet who will be doing the surgery about phantom limb pain, and unfortunately she said "The phantom limb thing I have never seen." Should this worry me? - she seems so nice and experienced and is so happy

25 October 2012 3:22 pm
Posts: 66
Views: 22719

…issue, I've taken Marjorie's advice and purchased some supplements. He's a lap-cat so "regular massage" should not be an issue!

The idea of Phantom Limb pain is very scary... I would hate for him to hurt AND be missing a leg. Thank you so much for the link - I will start reading tonight, as I surely

24 October 2012 7:55 pm
Posts: 66
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…either the gabapentin or time stops those screaming bouts quick! They are so heart-breaking.  Yoda had them and I did come to assume they were phantom limb pain, but never tried getting him on gabapentin - by the time I found that info on here they were less frequent and then stopped.  He had his over a

14 October 2012 9:50 am
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 6
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…off-he woke up yelping and crying.  I didn't know what to think!  This happened several times and thru this forum I learned he was probably having phantom limb pain.  We gave him a smaller dosage of tramadol (he was off the meds for over a week) and that helped.  It hasn't happened again in the last two days

30 September 2012 6:03 am
Posts: 36
Views: 8005

…these little freak outs when trying to communicate with it, and it turn, it's real scary for the pup. Search throughout the forums and blogs for "phantom limb pain" and you'll find lots of info about it. Our Required Reading List also has some info. If it continues you may want to talk to your vet about a drug

…. My Leonberger Odin was yelp free for two weeks and then had some phantom limb pain. It came and went for a week or so. A couple of times each day. If the crying is for long periods I might be a bit concerned, but if its a moment

…about getting some gabapentin? We didn't use it with Abby, but I know a lot of folks here had good results with it - especially for shrieking from phantom limb pain.

Hang in there!

Jackie, Angel Abby's mom

19 September 2012 1:56 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 1614

…control- it is really hard to to know sometimes if the symptoms are pain or from the effects of the pain meds.  The crying out sounds a little like phantom limb pain- gabapentin is used by some here- I think it blocks the nerve endings.  Maggie had a fentanyl patch for 3 days, then tramadol for about two weeks

10 September 2012 12:38 pm
Posts: 13
Views: 4864

…of the Tramadol.

Good to know about the Ace, Lisa. I will talk to the vet about Gabapentin. I have seen some references to this for treating phantom limb pain. Is it a painkiller?

Great idea about the wagon! I'll check around.

Thank you for the support. I'm feeling better this afternoon and just

…to relieve his pain. He is on Metacam, Tramadol, and Acepromazine. His fentanyl patch came off yesterday.


My fiance and I think Barney had phantom limb pain Friday morning. He has had about 6 shrieking incidents over Friday and Saturday, and this morning he cried a little when he stood. The vet

26 August 2012 9:32 am
Posts: 13
Views: 2512

…has proven most helpful for reducing or eliminating the effects of phantom pain
. You may also find these blog posts helpful

tips for managing phantom limb pain in dogs

post amputation side effects in dogs

25 August 2012 9:50 pm
Posts: 5
Views: 2359

…Bo had pretty severe phantom limb pains for weeks after surgery. They are so scary and we felt helpless!

We noticed that the pains would come on after he did something for the first

25 August 2012 9:44 am
Topic: Yelp
Posts: 7
Views: 2910

I would try gentle massage if he's willing, see if that helps. Here are some articles that can give you tips and ideas. Let us know if it works

Phantom Limb Pain in Tripawd Dogs

Relax, and Learn How to Massage Your Tripawd, Part 1

Relax, and Learn How to Massage Your Tripawd, Part 2

Massage Techniques

25 August 2012 9:07 am
Topic: Yelp
Posts: 7
Views: 2910

…whining last night, so we called the vet this morning. He's sort of at a loss, too, but suggests phantom limb pain as a cause of the whining. So Loa will be on Gabapentin again for the next two weeks--hope it helps! Thanks again for all the input.

20 August 2012 9:07 pm
Posts: 14
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21 July 2012 7:56 pm
Posts: 6
Views: 850

…depression.... Any advice?


PS He HAS been having random incidents where he wakes up whining in the middle of the night - I'm thinking phantom limb pain?

21 July 2012 5:54 pm
Posts: 6
Views: 850

…glad to hear she is doing well!! My dog was put on Gabapentin after his amp which helps with nerve pain and phantom limb pain, and as a nice side effect it sedates him some. That worked well for us as it took care of two problems at once - keeping an active dog calm and

21 July 2012 2:00 pm
Posts: 28
Views: 5896

…leg is gone. Ask any human amputees, they will tell you the same thing, it's the "ghost limb" sensation. It'll stop eventually. You can try these Phantom Limb Pain tips to help her feel better.

19 July 2012 7:21 am
Posts: 6
Views: 5310

…. If they are, you can rub some aloe vera gel in the general area (not directly on the incision cut) to help alleviate irritation. Also, these Phantom limb Pain Tips might help too.  

Let us know what the vet says.

15 July 2012 1:13 pm
Posts: 11
Views: 3474

…trying to lick the site. I had two Tramadol left over, so I gave her one. She seems a little calmer. 


Any idea what might be going on? Phantom limb pain? Or perhaps her site is starting to itch? (She's due to have the sutures out Wednesday.) I have a call in to the vet but I won't hear back until

15 July 2012 11:28 am
Posts: 11
Views: 3474

…thanks for all the replies everyone! Yes I did think it may not be phantom limb pain because it has been about 4 weeks after surgery. The only other thing I can think of is that I was taking him on longer walks and perhaps he pulled

18 June 2012 10:17 pm
Posts: 23
Views: 13987

…with him. Last night he was howling so loud I tried to calm him down and he bit me, he is obviously in so much pain.

I have no idea if he has phantom limb pain or not... I finally got a video of him today but not sure how to upload it on here. Perhaps if anyone thinks they could identify phantom limb

18 June 2012 5:52 pm
Posts: 23
Views: 13987
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