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Search results for 'dog food recommendations' (31)

…the Lovely, which suits her.. most of the time!

She's had a clean bill of health from the vet, and quite bizarrely she will eat a bit of her dry food as a treat!! She's not showing any signs of nausea, and for the wet food she is favouring, and any human food, she is eating as much as she needs…

…s never been a guzzler, so I'm not worried about her over-eating, if I give her too much.

I'm in Scotland, so I'm not sure if I can source those recommendations here, but it's definitely worth a look. I'm also restricted by dietary requirements - she can only eat beef, or fish, as chicken flavoured foods…

…into portions for her!!

I'm happy to do what it takes to keep her healthy and happy, so if it's not a huge issue, health wise, to keep her on wet food - dog or human - then that's what she can have.

30 April 2021 2:13 pm
Posts: 6
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…(he's 10 now).  I originally purchased them because at his size, the maintaining dosage is 2 per day (many other supplements required 5 or 6 for a dog that is 70 lbs) and at $25 for 120, that is a great deal.  Also, they are made in the USA and include tumeric.  

I asked our surgeon if he had…

…any recommendations for supplements for after Griffin's amputation surgery and he said that since Griffin is in such fantastic shape, he doesn't recommend changing what…

…we have been doing.  I also squirt some salmon oil on Griffin's dry food each morning.  Note - Griffin doesn't believe these are actually "treats" but eats them when I put them in his wet food (he gets 1/3 can each…

…morning with dry food).

Active Chews Premium Hip and Joint Dog Treats

3 April 2020 7:10 pm
Posts: 6
Views: 762

…I was cooking the Cancer Diet for Manni (and yes, that included brown rice and oatmeal but I also used quinoa and amaranth) I now feed Thilo canned food that is "human-grade". I have been researching this topic far and wide and I still have yet to find absolute guidelines on: if your dog weighs x…

…pounds it need x percentage of protein, x percentage of carbs, these x vitamins in x mgs plus definitely this, this and that. 

There are recommendations out there for raw feeding but those don't really do that either. and then the breeds differ so extremely, too. If you start looking into that stuff…

…end up finding that you really need to be a certified bio-chemist because of where you eventually end up. -Thyroid issues that can be caused by food, that can cause (among 1000other things) bone issues (yeah, osteo, where did that word come from again??)

My vet told me a long time ago that…

…back when they still did horrible tests on animals they wanted to see how long a dog would live if he was starved and how long if he was without vitamins and so on. -They apparently found that dogs can go without pretty much…

…carrots and so on because Dr. Dressler was pretty convincing on that and, like The Honest Kitchen for example uses, too, I prefer the "human-grade" food for probably obvious reasons. Dr. Pam raises a valid point w the taurine and we should probably look out for that. 

I would just like to add

4 July 2019 2:29 am
Posts: 31
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…she is at a pretty big risk for joint problems as she ages.  I read the nutrition and supplement blog and have heard input from vets, owners of big dogs and different local sources, in addition to google which now has me a bit confused and conflicted because on all the following stances I can find a…

…other areas at risk.  

Glucosamine/Chondroitin - research voices a lot of good but also raises comments about risk to their blood sugar, any seafood allergies, etc...especially if you pick substandard brands

Flaxseed oil - a friend swears by this that she has given to her two extra large…

…breed dogs - newfoundlands or something like that and says because of this at the age of 12 the vet still brags on the health of their joints and how they are…

…not suffering with the many joint issues that tend to plague dogs at their age.  downside is a lot of what I read online says this is not likely to be converted well by dogs so therefore they may not get the best…

…results.  I like this option the best but am hesitant to go this route based solely on the sales pitch of one friend.

Any ideas or personal recommendations of what's worked for you?


...would it be better to incorporate more raw foods or some kind of natural supplements? Any advice is totally welcomed...

Please see the Tripawds Nutrition Blog
for many helpful diet and…

…supplement recommendations. Merrick Classic is great because they even use quinoa instead of potatoes. (FYI: Quinoa is a seed, not a grain, the plant is a relative of…

…A grain-free
diet is indeed best for tripawds living with cancer since cancer feeds on carbs. Wysong Epigen goes as far as removing all starch!

Dog Food Advisor is an excellent resources for researching any diet changes.

Check out Jerry's Diet and Supplements.

Here's just a few more links…

…from a quick search of the Nutrition Blog

Grain Free Kibble Options for Fighting Dog Cancer

Wysong Epigen, a High Protein Kibble Alternative

Grain Free Kibble Options for Fighting Dog Cancer

3 February 2017 3:00 pm
Posts: 7
Views: 1058

…try to correct their typos?????? >

Clare! That's a great cartoon!!!!

Here's a link that may help you get started as far as food and supplements, etc. It can be a bit overwhelming with all the recommendations! Sometimes it's best to just pick three or four supplements and…

…one or two really good dog foods.

The Dog Advisor and The Whole Dog Journal offer rankings that are pretty helpful.

The Honest Kitchen brands offer good selections too.


19 December 2016 2:09 pm
Posts: 14
Views: 1838

…! I'm right there with you in changing diets. We just got Chance's osteosarcoma diagnosis last Monday. I was going to transtion to raw food as that's what my other dog eats, but upon a ton of reading I decided to start first with the cooked diet available in The Dog Cancer Survival Guide…

…oatmeal. He sat in the kitchen with me the WHOLE TIME I cooked - he definitely knew it was for him and loves it. I am still mixing it with his old food because he has a sensitive tummy. Oh and I also give him about 1/4 cup of my morning smoothie which is kale, apple, blueberries, spirulina, psyllium…

Please keep me posted with what you try and what works best for you! We are seeing a holistic vet in a couple weeks so if he has any different diet recommendations I will let you know. 

Hugs to you and your pup!!


Patricia and Chance

…the opposite, he's always self regulated and stayed very slim. At Finn's most recent trip to the vet she recommended that I switch him to a senior food (yikes he's 7!). My trouble is, the senior version of the food he's on goes up about $10 a bag, which I know, doesn't sound like much, but I'm…

…incredibly tight for money right now and he goes through a bag about every 4 weeks or so. Both dogs are currently eating Purina Pro Plan, Domino on weight management and Finn on Large Breed Adult. I'm considering switching both dogs to Fromm's…

…Family Classics Mature Adult food. Does anyone have experience with it? Do you and your dogs like it? The place I currently work at sells Fromm, but other than that my experience with it is very limited. By switching to it, I would…

…actually save $10 a bag, and for the first time ever my boys would be eating the same food lol. My concern with Domino is I always try to keep him on a food that is lower than about 320kcal/cup, and this new food is about 360kcal/cup. It…

…s marketed as a Mature Adult food, but says it can also be used for weight management. I'm just a nervous nelly when it comes to switching food, since both boys have a touchy stomach. I want to make sure they're getting the best that I can afford. Finn I'm not as concerned with the calories…

…(the vet's concern with switching to senior was a decrease in calories since he stays so thin). Any opinions are welcome! I'm even open to other food idea's, I don't mind ordering online if I have to, I found the Fromm's on I just really have to be careful with cost. If it was up to…

…me they'd be eating the best food on the market no questions asked lol. 

Another random question, does anyone have any recommendations of a joint supplement for large breed dogs that are super picky?! The vet also recommended Finn get started on one, but hates the beefy chewable

20 July 2016 1:55 pm
Posts: 5
Views: 1020

…potatoes.  Supplement-wise she's on Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Pet,  Herbsmith's Microflora Plus, Kelp Products of Florida Granular Kelp, and Sound Dog Viscosity Powder.

I recently switched to the Sound Dog Viscosity Powder from the Synovi-G4 "highly palatable" soft chew which:

she hated so…

…much that I had to disguise it in peanut butter, because trying to mix it into her food, only got me gooey soft chew bits hidden around my house, and even then she'd sometimes work the soft chew bits OUT of the peanut butter
listed …

…to cut all her other supplements out because the Nupro appears to be all inclusive?  Can anyone tell me if that's true?  

I'd also appreciate any recommendations on other possible grain-free
joint supps.

Thanks in advance, 

Roxy & The Slightly Itchy Miss Trinity

1 March 2016 10:51 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 1472

…don't feel badly about what you fed her, we all do our best. Sometimes it just takes finding the right combo of foods that they like, her behavior isn't unusual at all, especially for a dog who's been fed the same food for most of her life. Have you looked at our…

…Nutrition blog? We have tons of great food recommendations there, all of them are high quality ones that we feel good about. We also have appetite stimulant suggestions, as well as a few holistic remedies

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of calcium carbonate powder (you can use oyster shell calcium or purchase a pure calcium carbonate from NOW foods or similar brand)

1/2 teaspoon of iodized salt

1/2 tablet of Source Naturals Mega-One vitamin (available at and other retailers)…

You can make multiple days worth of food and freeze as necessary.


Medication Recommendations:

Please continue to give carprofen (Rimadyl) as needed.

Please continue to give all other medications as directed by the oncology group.

Supplement Recommendations

Natural Factors Curcumin: 600 mg capsule

Give 1 capsule by mouth twice daily with food. This supplement is a natural anti-inflammatory without any known contraindications for concurrent use with carprofen (Rimadyl) and chemotherapy…

… and generally limited to vomiting or diarrhea. Call us if these occur.

Artemisinin: 100 mg capsule

Give 1 capsule by mouth twice daily with food. This is an extract from a plant which has been shown to have activity against canine osteosarcoma cell lines. The clinical trials are still…

…sugar-like compounds which stimulate various parts of the immune system. We recommend that you give 1 teaspoon of powder twice daily mixed with food. Side effects have not been noted in our experience, but if they were to occur they would likely be diarrhea or vomiting.

Boswellia Extract: 500…

…and 30 min before dinner. 



Zeus is a 55lb pit bull. He was 61 lbs prior to amputation. I am giving both Zeus and my other dog, Pennie, this meal plan everyday. I've been giving it since Friday. I have it split into two meals, use a food scale and quart sized ziploc bags…

…for everything. I add the butter (I'm using organic ghee), coconut oil, salt and supplements all at meal time. Just the food is pre mixed.

When buying the supplements, look at whether they are tablets, liquid, or capsules and the strength so that you can give one tablet…

…versus two. I bought a pill cutter/crusher and that is helping a lot. The curcumin I open up and  sprinkle on his food. The artmeisinin and mushroom blend (by host defense, called Stamets 7) are both liquid. The boswelia, multi-vitamin, and rimadyl (Rx) I crush…

…and sprinkle on his food as well. The calcium carbonate is also called Bone Meal Powder and that's a powder form. 

Also, this past weekend Whole Foods was having 25% off of their supplements and I purchased a discount card for $40 that got me an additional 20% off supplements, so I got 45% off! I


I'm trying to figure out what supplements I should be giving our furbaby...

Be sure to check the Tripawds Nutrition Blog
for lots of recommendations. Don't miss Jerry's Diet & Supplements regimen, and the list of grain free
dog food recommendations too.

Farmina gets a 5 star rating on Dog Food Advisor, so that sounds pretty good! With any canine cancer diet, you need to be concerned about carbs and starch though, and potato is the…

…second listed ingredient.

You might also consider Apocaps
or K9 Immunity
. Both provide excellent immunity support. Dr Dressler's Dog Cancer Survival Kit
offers a wealth of information and Apocaps
coupon too. I might be donating the rest of her food and…

…switching to something different. I might go the all natural human food route! I definitely don't want to feed the cancer. And it's so unnerving because I tried, her whole life, to give her the best of everything to

14 March 2015 6:08 pm
Posts: 7
Views: 1478


I'm trying to figure out what supplements I should be giving our furbaby...

Be sure to check the Tripawds Nutrition Blog
for lots of recommendations. Don't miss Jerry's Diet & Supplements regimen, and the list of grain free
dog food recommendations too.

Farmina gets a 5 star rating on Dog

…is the second listed ingredient.

You might also consider Apocaps
or K9 Immunity
. Both provide excellent immunity support. Dr Dressler's Dog Cancer Survival Kit
offers a wealth of information and Apocaps
coupon too.

13 March 2015 12:49 pm
Posts: 7
Views: 1478

…m trying to figure out what supplements I should be giving our furbaby to help her live the longest, healthiest life possibly. Any and all recommendations would be amazing! I'm pretty sure that we will be starting her on Palladia next week. Still debating that one. Right now her diet consists of…

…Farmina Natural and Delicious Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food Chicken. Should I continue her on that or try something different?

13 March 2015 10:39 am
Posts: 7
Views: 1478

…s very overwhelming to choose which food is best, even when you're not dealing with cancer. When you are, it becomes almost terrifying. Since most vets don't have formal nutrition training…

… they tend to fall back on things like Hill's and other conventional foods so when you're looking for something more, you can feel like you're out on your own. The good news is that many members here have wrestled with…

…this question and here are some Eating Healthy forum posts about which dog foods members have found that work well for their dogs. Our Nutrition Blog also has lots of posts about diet and food.

Try not to get too overwhelmed or make too many changes all at once. Take…

…things slowly and know that whatever small changes you make can be very helpful. The book, Dog Cancer Survival Guide, has excellent nutrition insight for pets fighting cancer, I highly recommend it.

Oh wanted to ask, how is her appetite…

…otherwise? Is she eating everything but the dog food? If so that's definitely a sign there is something in it that she finds distasteful. I always feel like if I don't like a food then nobody should…

…so many out there to choose from, why not find out what she does like?

Oh here is one other resource you might find helpful:

Tripawd Talk Radio Dog Food Advisor Interview

5 January 2015 8:03 pm
Posts: 25
Views: 2991

…you for the recommendations. If anyone else uses a food they and their dog love, I'd love to hear about it. I"ve checked Dog Food Advisor, but I'm hoping for some more personal recommendations. I'm looking for (I think) a grain free
and potato free, which is hard to find. I…

…free is better. But, their advice may be wrong...I'd love to hear any other opinions on that.

Sally, the guy who owns the store where I buy dog food told me the same thing, that EVO was singled out unfairly. I'd appreciate any other information you can gather.

I can't be 100% sure the food caused Seven's illness, but since I opened a brand new bag that morning and hours later he was so sick, it seems the most likely source of the…

…t want to be accused of making false accusations, but Seven was eating Orijen. I'm really sad about all of this because he was doing so well on the food.


20 September 2013 11:41 pm
Posts: 18
Views: 39986

…you checked out the Tripawds Nutrition Blog

Best Grain Free Dog Food Recommendations

Grain Free Kibble Options for Fighting Dog Cancer

Wysong Epigen Totally Starch Free High Protein Kibble

Save on Wysong Premium Raw Dog Foods

All Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food


Evo Sold to Proctor and Gamble, Now What?

All Grain Free Dog Food Blog Posts

19 July 2012 7:30 am
Posts: 21
Views: 22967

…meds he may be picky about anything he eats. We recommend you wait until he is off all medication before judging whether or not he'll eat certain foods. Then consider checking out Jerry's list of recommended grain free dog foods.

18 July 2012 8:58 pm
Posts: 10
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My mum  wants me on a diet with no carbs … Any ideas on this?

Consider Wysong Epigen, it's the first totally starch free dog kibble and is high in protein. Check out the grain free dog food list for other low carb recommendations.

maggie said:

I see you probabably

11 July 2011 3:44 pm
Posts: 6
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i was wanting some advice on food ...

FYI: We've moved your post here to the Eating Healthy forum.

You'll find lots of canine cancer diet recommendations in the Tripawds…

…Nutrition blog. There are also various homemade dog food cookbooks in the Downloads blog
. You might consider starting by reviewing Dr. Dressler's free canine cancer diet ebook.

For supplements,

10 July 2011 11:09 am
Posts: 3
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…sure to check out Trouble's Canine Reducing Diet, it sure worked for her. You'll find more diet recommendations in the Tripawds Nutrition blog. Above all, immediately stop giving any commercial treats – try feeding green beans or fresh fruit to reward your pup…


FYI: DogFoodAdvisor gave Hill’s Prescription Diet R/D Canine (Dry) 2 out of 5 stars.

16 May 2011 2:01 pm
Posts: 7
Views: 2062

…remember that those feeding recommendations on the back of packages do not take into account your specific dog's activity level and needs. Keeping a Tripawd leaner than usual is always a good idea to take extra weight off their bones.

I don't know how big…

…twice a day sounds like a lot on top of the other treats (which sound heavy on the calorie count). Remember, they count as part of her overall food allotment for the day, not in addition to it. If she's gaining weight you may want to cut those treats out to help her slim down a little.


1 May 2011 8:30 pm
Posts: 6
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…you checked out the Tripawds Nutrition blog? Lots of great diet recommendations there. The next best thing to a home cooked stew is Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food mixes. You can even get free Honest Kitchen samples during…

…their current promotion for Tripawds readers.

Some of the best commercial dog food available for dogs with cancer is Wysong's new starch free Epigen. We have also posted a Wysong coupon code if you care to try that. And don't miss our list of…

…recommended grain free kibble. Cancer feeds on carbs, grains and starch, so high protein foods are best!

Hope this helps. If you haven't read Jerry's canine cancer diet and supplements overview, it describes in detail what we fed and gave

7 April 2011 1:59 pm
Posts: 7
Views: 10489

…are limited. I'll be giving that a try. I've looked at trying a raw diet but was scared because of how much time would needed. I want to feed my dogs the best but with 2 kids & 2 dogs, going to school & work, time is a bit limited for me (as I'm sure it is for everyone else) So if…

…possible, I'd like to buy it from a very reputable company which I saw Stella & Chewy's got 5 stars from!

Thank you for all of your recommendations 🙂

*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

23 November 2010 6:26 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 2087

…you checked out the Tripawds Nutrition blog yet?

Be sure to review the diet page for lots of links to healthy dog diet posts and forum topics, and see the tagged posts (lower right sidebar) for more relative Nutrition Blof posts.

You will also find a number…

…of helpful homemade dog food cookbooks in the Tripawds Downloads blog
. But Dr. Dressler's comprehensive Canine Cancer Survival Guide is the closest thing you're going to…

…find to a cancer care for dummies".

Finally, don't miss Jerry's cancer diet and supplements. Wyatt has also shared his homemade dog stew recipe.

Have you called CSU? They have one of the best cancer care centers in the U.S (along with Davis) with a major focus on holistic

15 October 2010 10:15 am
Posts: 2
Views: 1649

…store Bad Dog Frida in Madison ( also sent out a warning and I've been told the owner is very very good at recommending foods.  She was recommended to me recently since it looks like Gerry has developed a sensitive stomach.  This news is also really bad since I got a lot…

…of recommendations that California Natural might work for his new stomach issues.

But anyway, I feel I should also mention that both Bad Dog Frida and Tabby & Jack's agreed to display posters for the last Madison Tripawd Pawty - so another yay for them!  I'll be dropping by both

14 June 2010 7:28 pm
Posts: 20
Views: 15533

…Mom said:

...any recommendations for a good grain-free

Check out our write-up of Dr. Sagman’s Healthy Foods for Cancer Dogs in the Tripawds Nutrtion blog. Specifically, Wysong has some great stuff!



The original Wysong raw diet for dogs and cats.…

… Wysong Archetype™ (meaning the original model, the way things are meant to be) is designed to emulate the raw foods carnivores eat in the wild – the natural diet canines and felines are genetically programmed to eat. This original formula is cold processed with…

…our proprietary TNT™ (True Non-Thermal™) manufacturing technology, which uniquely keeps vital food components fully intact and uncompromised. It is a dried diet (99+% meat) formulated to closely mimic the natural raw diet of carnivore companion…

…with phyto-nutrient, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. When mixed with water, dry Archetype Buffet™ becomes a highly palatable stew-like food. Each 19.5 oz. bag rehydrates to the equivalent of eleven 5.5 oz. cans of food.

Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance™ is an…

…unparalleled and truly unique natural dog food. Optimal Performance™ is the fusion of our TNT™ technology with an enhanced dried kibble. This is one of the first natural pet diets to offer the…

… 18% fat, and contains fresh, free-range, organic, dried, and raw meats. And, as is the case with all Wysong base diets and TNT™ processed raw dog foods, Optimal Performance™ is complete with vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, and nutraceuticals.

14 June 2010 6:14 pm
Posts: 20
Views: 15533

…both my Nova and Emmy on EVO, but I do not have a lot of confidence in P&G products.  So I am going to look into switching.  Anyone have any recommendations for a good grain-free
kibble?  I was feeding Canidae for awhile, I'm going to check out Dogfoodadvisor, but I'm looking for ideas.

Sue and Nova

14 June 2010 5:30 pm
Posts: 20
Views: 15533

…is a quick summary of Dr Sing's recommendations for artemisinin
therapy.  He prefers to use multiple forms of the herb (artemisinin
, artesunate, and artemether).  A company called…

…4 hours after eating for best absorption.  Tazzie did not like that so I use cubes of Velveeta cheese.  Remember you can not give it with foods containing iron such as meat products and dairy seems to work best.

He also suggested Vitamin C (500 mg) and Vitamin E (400 IU) in the…

…has really helped cut costs.  Tazzie is not getting any artenusate since that was the weakest and least effective form of the herb.

Any dog that weighs 100# or less can probably take half of Tazzie's dose and be okay. Dogs over 100# may need to take just 40 mg of artemether but

20 September 2009 6:31 pm
Topic: Artemisinin
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