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Search results for 'phantom pain' (2530)

…had to not prescribe it? If he/she feels it is safe, it is a real go to drug for post amp patients as it blocks nerve receptors and helps prevent phantom limb pain. It surely cannot hurt to ask, right? 

I hope you get a good report today, will check back periodically for updates. Hang in there!

9 October 2019 7:17 am
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…have mets. She has been going so well until today where she just seemed unsettled and sort of sad. I gave her Gabapentin today in case it was some phantom pain
that might be causing her sadness. I have a chiropractor who has told me that once her chemo is over he’d be happy to start working with me on

6 October 2019 5:34 am
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…your vet will be able to keep Chester overnight for a bit so that he can be monitored there. When he comes home, be sure to keep up on his pain meds. If he seems to be in more pain than he should be, insist that your vet does some adjusting with the meds. Don't be alarmed if he is…

…experiencing phantom pain
. There are very good treatments for that also. You just need to keep your vet totally in the loop.

As far as keeping Chester calm and the

2 October 2019 3:19 pm
Posts: 7
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You are doing all the right things... you really are   Huckleberry was not weaned off of his meds until 3 weeks post op. This is the time that phantom pain
can really kick in so don't be too quick to lower the dose. Nice and gradual .. watch how he does as the med levels drop in his system. 

29 September 2019 6:42 pm
Posts: 19
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You are doing all the right things... you really are   Huckleberry was not weaned off of his meds until 3 weeks post op. This is the time that phantom pain
can really kick in so don't be too quick to lower the dose. Nice and gradual .. watch how he does as the med levels drop in his system. 

29 September 2019 11:34 am
Posts: 19
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…muscles and joints adjusted to the new gate.

 By day three generally all the hospital meds are out of their system  and that's when managing  the pain takes some tweaking.   As far as the way the pain and yelps apparently  come on quickly,  it does seem like phantom pain
could be a cause.  Kinda'

…way he is progressing.

From Monday he has been yelping and crying at times when he gets up. These are sharp yelps. Last night he cried out with pain as he got up and we were totally lost as to what is causing this. No external signs of anything. After he gets up, he also goes about in a circle…

…as if trying to wake up his sleepy leg. The sharp yelping definitely felt like pain.

I spoke to the doc on Tuesday. She doesn’t think it is phantom pain
. She wants us to help him get up which we are doing now.

The other concern I am having is that I felt he was balancing himself well before

…. I am sorry you are going through this. The best of cats can easily turn a bit .. um.. wild and instinctive so to speak when faced with pain and fear. 

I am so glad you found us, welcome

Somewhere in your story I seem to have lost time frame of when the surgery actually started and…

…how long has he been on gabapentin? He definitely sounds like he is painful or experiencing phantom pain
. Some pets are on gabapentin for an extended period, some just for several weeks after surgery. 

That was a great call, Kerren! Olive's

…cat. When the words "bloody mess" popped up, I thought Simba was a tiger.

Ok, Simba is not a tiger but a feisty domestic cat who is obviously in pain

I like your tips, I'm sure they'll help others. Most cats are also on an opioid along with the gabapentin and anti-inflammatory right after…

…the amputation. Some cats seem to need the gabapentin for longer to help with the phantom pain

That vet needs to get serious about determining the pain. It may be worth getting a second opinion since the vet's comment that there "should…

…not be any pain at this point" isn't very helpful when there is pain. There is another cat here recently who has pain episodes so has been using gabapentin and is now going for acupuncture. 

I sure hope you find the answer soon. Simba and your family have been

…on all my family and yesterday we where close to giving up.

I do not want to give up on Simba but I have a 8 week old daughter at home and his pain episodes became violent yesterday and I can not afford for my daughter to get hurt if he has a episode. And this is why he has to go back the the…

…is to keep him on gabapentin for another 2 weeks and then taper it of slowly and see if he can live without it. My vet said there should not be any pain at this point. 

Does any body have experience of how long these phantom pains take to go away and do the fits get more mild? 

Does the

…. I'm so glad he is better!

Just curious but have you considered taking him to see a physio therapist? It does sound like Simba is experiencing phantom pain
episodes, which can be eased and eventually eliminated through therapy like dry needling acupuncture and massage. If you'd like help finding a

…going to your regular Bet, as well as getting a third opinion! Shhh....secret.....I'm  not very impressed with the Surge saying it could be phantom limb pain snd YOU had to suggest Gabapentin!

Now, back to that suture at the incision.  Like Jackie, I thought that had been addressed also.  To…

…me, that COULD explain a lot...especially if she shows pain anytime you touch the incision!!  That could absolutely be causing  hurt!!   And the Vet didn't  notice the stitch????   Said she showed pain

18 September 2019 7:58 pm
Posts: 47
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…. She had seen an orthopedic specialist before the amputation, and I took her back to see him last week and all he had to say was that it's probably phantom pain
, and that he had never seen this type of behavior before (he's the one I told about Gabapentin and he said, "oh, yeah, that would probably

18 September 2019 6:40 pm
Posts: 47
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…this make you about 3 days post op? They usually come home with an nsaid (like Rimadyl), gabapentin, and a pain killer. Somewhere around day 5 most of the beautiful hospital drugs will have totally worn off and without proper pain management
they can have…

…breakthrough pain and kinda crash. Even with good pain management
, many will need to tweak the meds to suit the furbaby, with their doctor's guidance of course. 

I am not trying to scare you. I would…

…rather see you well informed than to get a sucker punch that you didn't see coming. Gabapentin is a great drug for phantom limb pain, most are on it for 2-3 weeks, some longer. It blocks the signals from the nerve endings, but it is not a pain medication .. so to speak. Couple…

…that with a good pain medication and nsaid and you have a much smoother recovery most times. 

I am not a vet, but I would suggest that you contact your vet and talk…

…about more pain management
over the next couple of weeks. Please find out if they gave a long acting injection for pain... some do but the excitement and stress of the whole ordeal can make the details foggy. Your vet MAY have done that and if so I would find out…

…sounds like you have a great medical team so please don't panic, just ask questions and get some knowledge. 

If they have not given a long acting pain medication, I would strongly recommend discussing pain medications and have some on hand. This is MAJOR surgery. If you or I had a limb amputated

13 September 2019 4:19 pm
Topic: My Beast...
Posts: 25
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…in! I literally just got back from the orthopedic specialist with Olive, and he had never seen anything like this behavior! He attributed it to phantom pain
and recommended therapy and that's it. So then I said, "I don't believe everything I read on the internet, but..." and I told him about

10 September 2019 2:06 pm
Posts: 47
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…to not allow that to happen again.  We are putting Mupirocin on it twice a day to make sure there's no infection.

Bogart finished his original pain meds from the surgery on Friday the 7th.  Those meds were 300 mg Gabapentin (3 a day) and 50 mg Tramadol (6 a day).  We did lower the tramadol…

…down to 4 a day to see if that helped his appetite, which I believe it did.  Well, we went the weekend without any pain meds, but Sunday afternoon and night were really tough.  Bogart cried in pain randomly about 6 times during the night Sunday night.  He also doesn…

… because he can only lay on one side of his body.  I can't imagine how annoying that is for him.

We were worried about the random bouts of pain, and refilled his subscription for gabapentin and tramadol.  I'm wondering what yalls opinions are on tramadol since it's a controlled substance…

…opioid.  We have friends who have also recommended CBD oil for the pains.  I believe it's some sort of phantom pain
, as his stitches are out and the wound is healing nicely and scabbing back over where he nibbled at it.  

So yeh.. I'm just wondering how long…

…I should expect him to remain in pain like this and if going back to the drugs is a good idea / how people feel about CBD oils.

Thanks again!

Thomas and Bogart

9 September 2019 6:36 pm
Posts: 47
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…suggestions! I'll answer all questions here:

Jerry - Olive was on cephalexin post-op, and her oncologist had her on buprenorphine pre-op for pain management
. The concern about pain medication is that Olive is an "older" lady (though you'd never know it from interacting with her) and our vet…

…says her kidneys are starting to show signs of her age, so she is reluctant to tax her kidneys with pain meds. She recommended we try a mini-dose of the buprenorphine to try and determine if the behavior is pain or panic. We will put her back on it…

… and the proprioception
makes total sense. I will see if we have a chiropractor in our area.

Sally - Thank you so much, I will check out the phantom pain
info and ask about the Gabapentin.

Jackie - We were hopefully that the dissolvable suture was part of the problem, that maybe it was

7 September 2019 1:23 pm
Posts: 47
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…. There have been instances, again not often, that they go back in and take that suture material out. If you check it out and see that it appears painful, please let your vet know about it so that they can stay on top of things.

Another last thing, Huckleberry's little stump does almost vibrate…

…is also right rear amp) or wherever else he is trying to get to, and he almost melts when I hit that spot that he cannot get to. He is not in any pain, it is just his little stump trying to do what it would do if his leg was still there. Totally different from phantom pain
and totally normal. I

7 September 2019 4:57 am
Posts: 47
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… Olive's avatar picture.  Very pretty kitty.

Great input from Jerry and Kerren.  Can only say ditto.  Definitely  check out the link to phantom pain
.  The Gabapentim should help fairly quickly.

Update when you can.   Hopefully some  of the suggestions  above will help Olive over this hurdle

6 September 2019 10:57 pm
Posts: 47
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… There seemed to be no apparent reason and it only happened a few times that I saw. I assume it was still the healing of the nerves that were cut or phantom limb pain. Jerry gave some suggestions on how to manage it.

A month after Mona's amputation I took her in for chiropractic treatments and learned

6 September 2019 8:30 pm
Posts: 47
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…both. As you can see, you are not alone.

So we have had many members with cats deal with the backwards walk, and sudden, sharp post-amputation pain. Their experiences demonstrate that it usually will not resolve on its own without the help of good pain management
intervention. Yes, what you…

…are describing does sound like phantom pain
and it needs a multi-modal approach to resolve it. Dry needling acupuncture, massage, Gabapentin, are just three approaches that vets often take.

6 September 2019 6:27 pm
Posts: 47
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…someone can help me understand what's happening and how long this will last. The vet said it could just be her adjusting to the balance issues, or phantom limb pain, but I would love to hear from someone who has been through this. My heart is aching for her, and I'm so frustrated because we went…

…through with the amputation to make her more comfortable, and now she seems so upset and possibly in pain.

Thank you so much for any help and hope you can give us.

6 September 2019 5:25 pm
Posts: 47
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…now you re  probably  saying "What have I done TO my dog?"    

Yeah the hospital meds are out of her system now and this is when the tweaking of,pain meds can  get a little tricky.  Check out the link on phantom pain
(phantom limb pain).  The brain is still sending  signals to the nerves that…

…were attached to a leg that is no longer there.  Out of the blue a dog will basically jump up and help and try to get away from the pain.  Andnyes, this kind of "nerve shock" lasts around thirty or so seconds.  Although, it seems like an eternity  when you're watching it!

…is sooooo true! Your Ellie is eating, pooping, drinking  and is mobile.  Some dogs are not that "advanced" this early on.  And yes, some dogs have phantom  pain and some don't.

For whatever it's  worth, I joined this wonderfu6  community  on Day Six.  My title was something  like "Help! It's  Day

…medicated and killed one of our cats years ago. 

Thank you for sharing that interview.  I am excited over the possibility of breakthroughs in pain relievers for cats.  I really loved his passion for his work!  He did mention there was a 28 day study, (but he couldn’t remember the exact number…

…for those 21 days (3week) experiment.  Most of our cats are given more than one medication to take.  Onsior is a NSAID.   While I am all for pain relievers when needed.  (nobody should have to experience debilitating pain.)   I think the pharmaceutical companies should be more transparent…

…8/14. That’s one a week and she’s only 2 weeks post op!  Lol. Then she has me who’s always trying to get her to eat and drink...And then the phantom leg pain
.  Right there that’s a huge ball of complete stress.  Lol.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help her get through her

15 August 2019 2:25 am
Posts: 10
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… Sally explained phantom pain
pretty well. My guess is that's what it sounds like based on what you are describing. The pain is nerve-related, it doesn't have anything to do with the limb itself other than the fact that nerves were cut when it was removed. I would discuss…

…this with your vet.

You may want to check out our interview with feline pain management
expert Stephen Cital, it's super informative about NSAIDs and the newest thinking in feline pain management


14 August 2019 4:24 pm
Posts: 10
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I have different information and experience on NSAIDS for cats and have had a number of cats take Metacam for Cats as an anti-inflammatory and pain relief. For Mona's recovery she was on Metacam and Buprenorphine. I think she acted a little crazy from the Buprenorphine as she would suddenly…

…race around the house. I came to realize that the pain was better managed to give the meds 4 times a day rather than 3 times and to give the two meds at different times rather than at the same time.


…would think the surgery pain would be gone after two weeks so perhaps it is phantom limb pain. A number of cats here were prescribed Gabapentin (which Sally referred to). I also gave Mona hot and cost compresses on her surgical site and

14 August 2019 3:55 pm
Posts: 10
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…for kitty❤

WOW!!!  What a scary first couple of weeks!!!!!  Hopefully the bulk of hurdles arr vehind uoh now!!

It does sound like a "pain reaction",  as well as "anticipatory pain" reaction.    As far as "anticipating",  Bear is probably tired of all the initial prodding and poking…

… somehow, someway, you are going to give her an ouch!!!

It does sound like, to some degree anyway, some of  her out of rhe blue reaction mimics phantom pain
.  Of course, I'm  not a Vet.  Phantom pain is all about the brain  firing off messages ro nerves that are no longer there.  The nerve…

…endings fire off pain signals
until the brain figures out the nerves no longer go,to a limb (or shoulder,  etc)..

Just curious, did your Bear have kidney or liver…

…alarm bells go off when blood work was fone before surgery?  

Kitty members can chime in on pain meds, etc, but usually  Gabapentin stops that type of pain.  Lots  of knowledge  from our kitty members about bupa (never can remember  name…

…spelling), other meds, interactions, positives/negatives, etc.  I do know that some days and dogs stay on low dose of pain meds long term.

And thanks fot sharing all the good tips  for other kitty members  just starting  this journey😎


Sally and Alumni Happy

14 August 2019 2:50 pm
Posts: 10
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Yes adding her story to Tripawd Tuesday would be great!

Im not too sure if it would be phantom leg, because she doesnt have any part of that extremity, shoulder nor shoulder blade. (i can send you a pic of her incision if you like, it is not…

…noise freaks her out.  Or I will go to pick her up and she will start growling, but once shes in my arms she is calm and purring.

She was only on pain meds for 5 days.  2x daily (for 5 days) bupropion, and 1x daily (for 3 days) Onsior.  Liver toxicity is a huge concern for cats that a lot of

14 August 2019 12:05 pm
Posts: 10
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…If you'd like us to spotlight her, message me and I'll send you details.

Meanwhile about her behavior patterns. Do you think it could possibly be phantom pain
? Does it happen when she's just sitting still, then from out of nowhere she gets up, runs and hides? Two weeks out isn't that long of a time…

…and if she had a hard time with all that pain immediately out of surgery, it could be affecting her now. Is she on any meds now?

14 August 2019 10:20 am
Posts: 10
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…think figuring out what our dog's need to get into their new normal of a pain-free life is totally normal. We often see new Tripawds who are more painful at night, after going about their day and moving their bodies around all afternoon. Speaking of, what's his activity level like at this point?…

…track to feeling better. Just be sure to jot down all of the symptoms, when they happen, and what happens when he reacts (this doesn't sound like phantom pain
to me, by the way, but definitely ask your vet).

As Sally mentioned, mention the muscle pain. Our Wyatt Ray
had it, and we addressed that…

…sure what the dosage of Gabapentin or Amantadine is for him but he may need it boosted (as an example, Wyatt gets 400mg3x daily of Gaba, among other pain management
drugs). Let your vet know.

Try not to think the worst, you're doing everything right and it sounds like Grover is otherwise having a

5 August 2019 8:20 am
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