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Search results for 'fibrosarcoma' (425)

…to his incision site we weren’t able to start the chemo until 4 months after the surgery, but because his first biopsy result defined the tumour as fibrosarcoma, we felt that there’s no hurry. Our oncologist was not satisfied with the first biopsy result, though, so another one was made, and this time the

20 June 2020 7:25 am
Posts: 16
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…and Jackie provided you with some great information. My tripawd Mona also had a fibrosarcoma due to a vaccine and is doing well 6 years later. 

My vet sent my Mona home with canned kitten food (which she loved) and said she'd get a lot

28 May 2020 6:40 pm
Posts: 14
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…  After 2 weeks of dealing with a misdiagnosis of Toxoplasmosis, we did a biopsy of the now-massive mass on her thigh, and received the diagnosis of Fibrosarcoma.  Her left hind leg was amputated on May 11.  I decided to start this thread because I have some questions on her recovery and am hoping for some

28 May 2020 10:33 am
Posts: 14
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…s clear that you and Pittens have a special relationship. Only you will know what is best for her.

My kitty Mona had a fibrosarcoma 6 years ago. It grew very quickly and I agreed to the amputation because I wanted the cancer gone. I wasn't concerned about how Mona would adjust

15 May 2020 11:45 pm
Topic: need help
Posts: 6
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…understand your concern and frustration. My cat Mona did not have a biopsy but had an immediate amputation because the vet assumed the lump was a fibrosarcoma as it was growing before our eyes. She had a more thorough health check and xray on the day before the surgery. The pathology report came back…

…confirming a vaccine-associated fibrosarcoma and recommendations that no further action was needed. Since the pathologist had the leg and lymph nodes he was able to do more analysis than they

15 February 2020 1:08 pm
Posts: 16
Views: 465

…. The proximal humerus is a common location for osteosarcomas, but I did not find any features specific for osteosarcomas.

Differentials include fibrosarcomas, myxosarcomas intramedullary orsynovial) and osteosarcomas. There is only mild inflammation, and given the widespread infiltrative nature of these

14 February 2020 5:51 pm
Posts: 16
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*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

…. Even some little reads in the forums are quite reassuring.

Very unluckily this is the second time cancer knocked on our door. 2 years ago a fibrosarcoma was diagnosed but we were extremely lucky it was positioned on the flank with no amputation necessary only major soft tissue removal. 


5 February 2020 5:24 am
Posts: 12
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…know first how she is managing a new homeopathic remedy for her kidneys.

My cat Mona did not require chemotherapy after her leg amputation for a fibrosarcoma. I saw an integrative vet a month after her amputation for a chiropractic treatment and the vet put Mona on power mushrooms to support her immune

2 February 2020 12:53 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 272

…cat Mona got a fibrosarcoma on her leg. The vet considered it aggressive (it was growing before our eyes) and since it was on her leg it was amputated immediately before the

2 February 2020 11:55 am
Posts: 8
Views: 174

…links in the post with more information on VAS. And a complete post about how to get your vet to submit reports, "Vaccine Associated Sarcoma - Fibrosarcoma, Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma"

3 January 2020 11:02 am
Posts: 12
Views: 214

…he went from a process of elimination and wanted the tumour removed immediately. The results of the pathology of the leg indicated a high-grade fibrosarcoma virtually certain to be a post-vaccinal sarcoma. The tumour already showed areas of necrosis progressing to liquefaction. Because the cancer was

…you for the compliments.

She had her amputation 5 years ago in June 2014 and was about 8 years old at the time. She got cancer in her leg (fibrosarcoma) from a vaccine injection. She's doing really well although she had a bladder and kidney infection this year.

Since the amputation, Mona has

1 November 2019 11:33 pm
Posts: 5
Views: 199

…we were going to be gone for nearly 3 weeks.  As soon as I took her in our vet expressed concern about the location--she thought it could be a Fibrosarcoma, triggered by the rabies vaccine (VAS).  We did a biopsy and she sent it to the lab--it was inconclusive, but she pressed for us to remove it so

7 October 2019 1:24 pm
Posts: 20
Views: 401

…for Ginger, 11 years old.  Fibrosarcoma in rear leg on a Labrador mix.

Suburbs of Los Angeles in 2019.

Private practice.

Discovered when it was already very large so urgency was…

…in that regard even though she effectively had to adapt from 4 legs to 3 literally in one day. 

Rough Costs for diagnosis and treatment of fibrosarcoma. ($5800)


$500 fine needle aspiration and initial x-rays

$700 biopsy

$800 surgical consultation and additional x-rays



We are in the suburbs of Los Angeles in 2019 with access to several options for specialists.

Rough Costs for diagnosis and treatment of fibrosarcoma


$500 fine needle aspiration and initial x-rays

$700 biopsy

$800 surgical consultation and additional x-rays

3 October 2019 8:18 pm
Posts: 39
Views: 799

…Jerry, that list of cats with osteosarcoma is huge! This is a great resource. 

All of those cancers can be postvaccinal tumors including fibrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma (https://www.ncb.....MC3299519/)  I read that osteosarcoma is second to fibrosarcomas associated to vaccine

26 September 2019 8:23 am
Posts: 8
Views: 175

…cancer in cats is rarely metastatic

I reread Mona's lab report for comparison but it is very different in that they concluded Mona had a high grade fibrosarcoma, virtually certain to be a post-vaccinal sarcoma which was also located further down her leg so the margins were larger than those they were able to

26 September 2019 7:58 am
Posts: 8
Views: 175

…doctor called with the pathology report for Ginger's leg (they sent the entire amputated leg to the lab for analysis).

High grade soft tissue fibrosarcoma.  (The biopsy had indicated medium grade, so it's more aggressive than we thought.)
Good margins:  5 cm gross margins; smallest margin 2.7 cm

23 September 2019 10:06 am
Posts: 39
Views: 799

…cat Mona had a fibrosarcoma that grew from a slightly bald spot on a Saturday to a marble-size on Monday to a golfball on Wednesday and she had the amputation on Friday. The…

…vet assumed it was a fibrosarcoma caused by a vaccine injection and wanted to remove the leg immediately because the tumour was so aggressive. So, you can forgive yourself! You're

17 September 2019 2:40 pm
Posts: 20
Views: 1343

…- everything looked healthy except there is a 2x2 cm mass in the center of her spleen.  The doctor said it is unlikely that this is a spreading of fibrosarcoma - they don't tend to spread to the spleen.  So, it's probably unrelated.  It's one indication that she may have other health issues that could

17 September 2019 11:52 am
Posts: 20
Views: 1343

…got the pathology report this morning myself.  We must have misheard the doctor because it says it is fibrosarcoma grade 2 (soft tissue sarcoma) - nothing about the bone in the report.  Metasis is uncommon.  But it is a very large mass (8 cm).  So, maybe

7 September 2019 10:35 am
Posts: 20
Views: 1343

…m sorry to hear about Code's diagnosis. My cat Mona had a fibrosarcoma from a vaccine injection. Her leg was amputated 5 years ago.

For comparison purposes here are some key points from Mona's pathology report: It…

…confirmed "the diagnosis of a high-grade fibrosarcoma" and that a "postvaccinal sarcoma is the overwhelming probability." The report indicated the margins were "huge". The lymph node report indicated

1 September 2019 9:48 am
Posts: 8
Views: 161

…changes are noted incidentally. CONCLUSIONS: Aggressive bone lesion of the right scapula, consistent with neoplasia such as chondrosarcoma, fibrosarcoma or other mesenchymal tumor. Mild cardiomegaly, most consistent with compensated hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. No signs of metastatic disease are

…recurrence of the cancer can be kept to a minimum, and chemotherapy may or may not be effective, depending upon the type of sarcoma – chondrosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, etc. Also check out the recent intralesional chemo and electrochemotherapy
videos for other treatment options:

Local Intralesional Chemotherapy

24 August 2019 3:22 pm
Posts: 2
Views: 221

…m sorry to hear that your dog's cancer recurred. My cat Mona had a fibrosarcoma and the best option was amputation with hopes the cancer hadn't yet spread. It's 5 years later and the vet and I believe she is cancer-free. 

23 August 2019 9:18 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 153

…will help someone in turn.

As a reminder, last time I wrote it was two months from Razbeg’s amputation and according to pathology report he had fibrosarcoma, but we were waiting another pathology report. We had just done x-rays of lungs and ultrasound for abdominal area and there were no traces of…

…to do so.

Well, after that we got results of another pathology report and unfortunately they thought it was fibroblastic osteosarcoma rather than fibrosarcoma. That was exactly what I had feared, since I had read that sometimes fibroblastic osteosarcoma is mistaken for fibrosarcoma. Our oncologist

16 June 2019 8:46 am
Posts: 21
Views: 616

…by saying that I live in Europe and I am not a native English speaker so I hope my message will be clear.

My cat (14 yo) has been diagnosed with fibrosarcoma a month ago. 10 days ago we made the decision to move on and amputate the front left leg. The doctor used gas anesthesia.


- my

1 June 2019 11:41 am
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 3
Views: 155

…post on here. I am deeply saddened to say that Scheherazade (Raz) crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge
on Friday morning. She was diagnosed with a fibrosarcoma on April 15, had her rear leg amputated on April 17, and had the most wonderful 3 weeks post-recovery. Her last couple weeks we started to see a

26 May 2019 8:27 am
Topic: Goodbye, Raz
Posts: 3
Views: 505

…so yes, go ahead and vent and write more when you are able. Also see these articles I found about ISS / VAS in cats:

Vaccine Associated Sarcoma – Fibrosarcoma, Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma


21 May 2019 3:43 pm
Posts: 34
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