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Search results for 'anemia' (170)

…I was out of town for a few days; did they actually test his iron because that is not typical. More likely your dog either had minor anemia (look at the PCV or hematocrit number) or a small red cell size which MAY indicate iron deficiency anemia but is actually pretty rare in dogs. 

19 July 2022 4:23 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
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… Pam thinks. In the meantime I'm curious, what did your vet recommend after the lab results were discussed?

I can't recall anyone here discussing anemia and metastatic cancer. A Google search comes up with oldish info on human cancer patients. (pre 2015). But even when searching the Dog Cancer

17 July 2022 2:02 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 15
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…sujiwolff said

I just took him to the vet, and learned he has severe post-surgical anemia, bordering on needing a blood transfusion, but his vitals are strong.  So, I have my answer:  his behavior hasnt been normal!   They don’t think…


So, so glad that there's a treatment plan. How is he doing today? Did he need the transfusion? 

I'm so sorry we didn't even think of anemia! I searched the forums for anemia and see some folks have dealt with this at one time or another, either before or after surgery. Thank Dog your

26 May 2022 12:42 pm
Posts: 11
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…. In case it doesn't, my dog was physically mobile/trying but overall "off" and it was the tramadol. So just a heads up once you've fixed the anemia, if you think he's still acting odd. 

…is good to know, Karen, thank you.  

I just took him to the vet, and learned he has severe post-surgical anemia, bordering on needing a blood transfusion, but his vitals are strong.  So, I have my answer:  his behavior hasnt been normal!   They don’t think

…16 year old beagle mix (with elevated liver enzymes and anemia from his fracture) just went through an amputation and he handled it well. 

Unless the surgeon sees any specific reason for concern, I wouldn't

14 May 2022 8:28 pm
Posts: 5
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…9 this year. She has porphyria, which the vet said is rare but is not concerning as she has likely had it her whole life, but she does has a slight anemia

We called the vet a few more times, we picked up an appetite stimulant and she is doing much better, now we are just fighting to keep her from

10 April 2022 11:28 am
Posts: 7
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…recovery. Huskies are really, really strong dogs (just check out Calpurnia's story!). Most do really great on three, even senior dogs. The anemia issue is concerning though, and as these Forums search results show, it's not uncommon but it's not always great either unfortunately. 

Is she on…

…any pain control? I hope she is! But if so, could that be causing the anemia? Just throwing that out there. 

Even if amputation is off the table, a procedure called electrochemotherapy can be really helpful to reduce and

24 March 2022 9:00 pm
Posts: 3
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…because of those reasons is highly advising us against amputating and just keep her comfortable and gave her 3-8 mths, she had said that with the anemia, it could speed up the process.of loosing her and she might not recover well. Before the cancer, she was a very energetic, happy go lucky dog, she

24 March 2022 7:51 pm
Posts: 3
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…the area around the incision  swollen or lots of bruising??

Her blood count was okay prior to surgery??   Ask the Vet for a plan to address the anemia.  Not sure if "slightly  anemic " requires more medical intervention tion or may supplements  and nutrition  loaded with iron.  Just seems like it

…(Monday, May 17th) to amputate her front left limb due to osteosarcoma of the distal radius. She had a few complications in the post op period (anemia & arrhythmia) that required treatment with a blood transfusion & some heart medications. Everyone was quite worried about her for a couple

…that Puzzle had been scheduled for chemo (before we cancelled), I took her to the U for a short visit.  Her bloodwork showed low red blood cells (anemia) and slightly elevated liver numbers.  She was there for an hour and a half and was stressed out when i picked her up.  She hardly had the energy

…any accidental puppy accidents.  He said it was ok to so the spay first.  She was spayed and we did find out from her pre op bloodwork she had mild anemia.  So we did wait 4 weeks in between the spay and the leg surgery hoping the anemia was better.

She had surgery on her rear right leg on January

20 March 2021 8:57 pm
Posts: 24
Views: 416

…further away from shore,  but we've got a lifeline tethered to you to pull you back in.

So glad he ate and bloodwork okay, other than a .little anemia.  Good sign overall!!


 PS....did anyone note the gait of his leg that Jackie and I

9 February 2021 4:49 pm
Posts: 603
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…this afternoon for bloodwork, which came back normal for kidneys and slightly more anemic than he was last week.  The ER vet said the increased anemia could be due to bleeding stomach ulcers from the Piroxicam, so she prescribed 7 days of Sucralfate.  I asked about his hind end paralysis and she

9 February 2021 3:52 pm
Posts: 603
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…ve been adding some beef liver to their (both Chance and Kenya) morning meal but need to look at other foods or supplements to try to help with the anemia.  I read b12 is a good supplement, also lots of other meats/veggies that I can use to make a home-made meal.  I'll work on that this weekend and

7 August 2020 9:27 am
Posts: 55
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….  Certainly  keep Vet in loop if  he throws up again.  I know the Vet kind of dismissed it.  Also, did the Vet suggest anything to improve the anemia?

You've  done a good job of assessing everything  and now you have a plan forwatd. 

Cheering for you Chance!!!  You are a resilient  fella's

5 August 2020 7:33 pm
Posts: 55
Views: 1736

…came home from bloodwork!  White blood cell count is still improving!  His anemia is very slightly improved but the number of baby red cells his body is making jumped a lot since yesterday so that's wonderful!  

We are going to

3 August 2020 9:53 am
Posts: 48
Views: 1229

… but I'm tuckered. He's still whining off some.bulrenex.  Gonna discuss starting nsaid today to help.  Also need to do labs again to recheck anemia

The effects that this weekend has had on mental health in our household are unfortunate and overwhelming.  I'm thankful God gave me a

3 August 2020 4:44 am
Posts: 48
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…a couple of different  levels and that is spectacular  news!

I know you mentioned the Bet checked out the breathing and thought it was related to anemia.  If he gets short of breath  as a result, he could get a little panicky  when that happens, thus making this worse.  I know your reassurance 

…we have had 6 more months of love that is invaluable to us.

We had to stop chemo early due to life-threatening thrombocytopenia, GI bleed, and anemia requiring transfusions, 2 ICU hospitalizations, and immune suppressive therapy. We still don’t know exactly what has been causing the persistent and

27 July 2020 9:40 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 249

…and it IS important that he is offering an alternative to Palladia.   He really is on top of things.

And yes, it certainly  makes sense that the anemia  has interfered with his eating, etc.

You know we are all pulling for Czar to continue  to be Czar and to continue  to show those pups to respect

8 July 2020 7:45 pm
Topic: Czar updates
Posts: 308
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…was actually her last day on Gaba and Rimydal anyway so I continued the Rimydal and stopped the Gaba.

Thanks for the info about anemia, she still has very pale gums so I think she is still anemic because she lost so much blood during surgery but I am feeding her a diet that has a…

She's been doing well since, except for chewing her stitches over night, it must be getting itchy. Full time tshirt here we come. I'll mention the anemia to the vet when I talk to her today. Thanks, and be well.

27 May 2020 7:01 am
Posts: 23
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…hope this is a one off occurrence.  Is it possible she ate anything weird?  I also wonder if the blood loss in surgery could have caused it, I know anemia can cause seizures.  It's been a few days since surgery though...

Keep us posted on how she is doing.

Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

26 May 2020 7:29 pm
Posts: 23
Views: 731

…, and she's walking around like she's never had a problem! We're giving her Sub-Q fluids every morning and a weekly hormone shot for kidney-caused anemia for now. We're going back for a recheck of everything this Friday. She's been having some more litter issues the last few days, but we're doing all

…whole life up to that point. 

Oh maybe not long story short!

She just recently became lethargic, off food and blood work showed regenerative anemia due to possible blood loss due to gastric ulcer. AGAIN??  Her hemoglobin levels are half of what they were when admitted in the summer. 


14 November 2019 8:25 am
Posts: 7
Views: 360

…now because of procedures and healing) so she’s pretty used to taking meds poor thing! She’s an FIV kitty on top of all else and has issues with anemia. This is why I’m so shocked she healed so quickly the 1st time- I’m really glad it didn’t interfere too much with body’s ability to heal. 

12 November 2019 6:44 pm
Topic: Mrs. O'Brien
Posts: 121
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…matter how off the wall it may be,  also ask about mushroom therapy and ask if there is anything  supplemental  you can do to counter any potential  anemia.

I know this is such a hard place to be in.  I also know that your love is soooo strong for Bailey that you will continue  to stay in the moment,

23 August 2019 9:48 am
Posts: 11
Views: 558

…months ago and he insisted on retesting because 4 months was along time.  Turns out that was a good thing as she was not immobile from pain but from anemia.  After several months of ruling out other causes she was finally diagnosed with IMHA.  A horrible disease that kills about 50% of the dogs that

5 August 2019 10:14 pm
Posts: 12
Views: 1219

…It helped stabilize him and he recovered well from the surgery. He was hospitalized for about 48 hours after surgery as they wanted to make sure his anemia improved prior to discharge. Bear’s mass was not benign (stromal sarcoma) BUT he lived 13 months after diagnosis with a good quality of life. 

17 January 2019 6:27 pm
Posts: 10
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