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Search results for 'Extravasation' (26)

…aren't set up with the most modern measures (i.e., ventilation hood to keep fumes from floating around the clinic).

There is also a risk of "Extravasation" happening when an inexperienced practitioner misses the vein while injecting the drug, and it spills out into the surrounding tissue, burning it and…

…causing severe damage, even death. Sadly we've seen extravasation happen here in our community.

If a GP vet looks like the only or best choice for chemo, I would do an extensive interview to ensure they do

4 October 2018 9:14 am
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*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

…news is he had his 7 month ampuversary on 11/2/12. And the even better news - his chest x-rays revealed no lung mets. YAY!


The horrible extravasation wound is down to the size of a dime. FOUR MONTHS LATER! No residual anger about that... (See prior posts for more info about that.)

Duke is


Carboplatin round 1 - 4/16/12; 2 - 5/7/12; and 3 - 6/4/12. 

Leg exceedingly swollen so ER visit 6/10/12.

Skin slough due to extravasation began 6/16/12.

Here is what it looked like last Wednesday 7/18/12 - one month later and it still looks like this!!…

…time he has left. And wrap and rewrap his leg while he stands there without making a fuss. And cry because he got so screwed. Osteo, then an extravasation, and then denied treatment which shouldn't have been denied. (And so I play the "if only" game and drive myself nuts.) 

Duke is feeling OK

…t even home from the hospital for 4 or so days after his amp! Grrr.. at the rescue but so glad he found you.) But in the beginning stages of his extravasation problems I touched Duke's incredibly sore leg and he got a tooth on me, but he was in agony and I can't blame him. How else was he supposed to tell

9 July 2012 10:22 pm
Topic: Meet Buster
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…administration - the tech doing it has done it for 20 years and knows her stuff. Thus, my onco wonders about a blood vessel leak having caused the extravasation. Given she believes that may be the case, she is not willing to attempt further IV chemo. I agree, we can't afford to have another problem like…

…total, and have had 2 and the oops, so he says 4 more. I like that as far as increasing Duke's odds. It scares me in case we were to have a further extravasation problem. That would be the end.

The other bad news is they have now wrapped his leg from the shoulder to the toes, because he was showing some

…the chemo outside the vein. My onco was standing there with me - hope she appreciated my tact. 🙂


I believe Monday will be 4 weeks since the extravasation, and we still have a long road ahead. Much of the necrotic skin is still attached, so until it all comes off and things heal up, we are on hold for

30 June 2012 8:50 pm
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…you for sharing all of this with us...Lily just had her first round of Carbo last week.  Good to know what Carbo extravasation looks like for future purposes.  I think I need to do a little more questioning regarding the chemo procedure where we are getting our treatments.

…it with good results on my old lab chow who has pretty bad arthritis, and she leaves with a swagger. And they are using it on Duke for his current extravasation issue. I don't have a clue whether it would help, but you might want to check out the website.


Sorry you

20 June 2012 10:53 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
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…is Duke today?  I did not mean to imply that they gave the wrong drug; I only wanted to let you know that it does look like extravasation.  I also need to let you know that I am not an oncologist.  I am just a general practitioner but our clinic does do a lot of chemo.  When I took

…Pam. I just realized you said it looked like extravasation of Adriamycin. That's a secret fear of mine... that it wasn't carbo but adriamycin. If so, we are done and I know the answer is to put him out

…She doesn't actually administer it, a tech who has apparently being doing this for 20 years does. Will you be one of my experts who agree this is an extravasation? I'm looking for another onco here that I can see to give an opinion. I really think I'm going to have to sue the hospital because they don't…

…in her eyes yesterday. She's very kind and has a good heart, and feels terrible about it. She can't, however, bring herself to admit this is an extravasation. I am, however, livid with the a** of a hospital administrator/part owner. You can bite him in the a** for me... multiple times! 🙂 He

…sure looks like photos I have seen of extravasation of Adriamycin.  I wonder if he is more sensitive than other dogs, or maybe he got the entire dose out of the vein.  Most of the time if a small

…. Geez, I don't have any idea what extravasation would look like, but from what I can tell that looks terribly painful. Poor kid! Thanks for sharing the pics though, it's good for everyone to know

…have thin skin and that is no doubt complicating things. The questions are when will it stop? How much skin will fall off? If this isn't extravasation what on earth is it? It is confined (so far!) to the leg he got the chemo in. And, can he survive it?

For my poor boy who was just on one

…aware of everything - we saw her last Monday after spending Sunday and Sunday night in the ER. She remains firm in her belief that this is not an extravasation. I remain firm in my belief it has to be. If it is systemic why is the damage contained to the leg that received the chemo? It just doesn't make

…post. In this older forum post, Dr. Pam says:

It is true that Adriamycin (doxorubricin) is the worst offender if it gets out of the vein (extravasation).  If even a little gets out of the vein and gets into the subcutaneous tissues the leg will swell, tissue will slough (fall off) and in extreme

…question of in "Ask a Vet," says:

tazziedog said

It is true that Adriamycin (doxorubricin) is the worst offender if it gets out of the vein (extravasation).  If even a little gets out of the vein and gets into the subcutaneous tissues the leg will swell, tissue will slough (fall off) and in extreme

…probably know this already, but when I looked up carbo extravasation it says this about carbo:

"Drugs which are capable of causing inflammation, irritation or pain at site of extravasation, but rarely cause tissue

…for the complications--I have a greyhound also with a front leg amp. I also worried about this once with her fourth chemo (carbo). It wasn't extravasation, but her leg was very irritated. Greyhounds are so sensitive and thin skinned, so I know that with my Lily it sometimes looks awful but clears up. 

…the time has come to make a difficult decision, but would like all the information I can get before that.

Has anyone experienced a carboplatin extravasation (I hope not for you and your pet's sake) and if so what were the symptoms and what was the outcome?

Thanks in advance. (See longer post for

17 June 2012 12:21 am
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 5
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…anyone experienced carboplatin extravasation with their tripawd? I think the last chemo treatment they overshot the vein and shot the chemo into the surrounding tissue. The skin on his foreleg…


I emailed Dr. Couto (OSU greyhound program, the guru for greyhounds with osteo) and he felt sure early last week that it was extravasation and said with carboplatin it wouldn't be as bad as if it were doxorubicin, and that the treatments were different. Unfortunately he was out of the…

…. I'm not sure we willl make it that long. Dr. Couto wasn't able to tell me what the treatment differences were. I know if it were a Doxorubicin extravasation it would be the end of the road. I'm not positive about that given it is carboplatin.

My oncologist has just not believed it could be an extravasation because the chemo was given a little bit further down the leg than where the damage was first seen and it took 6 days to see any problems. It

…is true that Adriamycin (doxorubricin) is the worst offender if it gets out of the vein (extravasation).  If even a little gets out of the vein and gets into the subcutaneous tissues the leg will swell, tissue will slough (fall off) and in

8 January 2009 12:57 am
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…a book I picked up - Help your dog fight cancer- It says

"chemotherapy has the potential to cause a very serious complication called extravasation, also called a chemo leak or chemo spill.... Extravasation ( outside the vain) occurs when a drop of chemo agent escapes the vein or tubing and…

…be visable right away, or for as long as 10 days. Teh leaked agent proceeds on a path of destruction that is not easily stopped. The worst cases of extravasation result from a doxorubicin ( Adriamycin) leak. For weeks, months, this agent continues to destroy skin, tendon and ligament. Eventually the bone

7 January 2009 8:29 pm
Posts: 5
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…oncologist is recommending two drugs for her treatment Carboplatin and Doxorubicin. In one of my recent readings it states that the worst cases of extravasation result form  a  doxorubicin leak.

Seanne, what does "extravasation" mean? I didn't do this type of chemo, so I don't know this term.

7 January 2009 8:00 pm
Posts: 5
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…oncologist is recommending two drugs for her treatment Carboplatin and Doxorubicin. In one of my recent readings it states that the worst cases of extravasation result form  a  doxorubicin leak.

This is listed as one of the worst side effects of that particular drug.

Has anyone who has used

7 January 2009 7:53 pm
Posts: 5
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