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Search results for 'prednisone' (1237)

…meds?  He is still coughing a bit and I think that’s probably painful so should I continue or stop?  Vet leaves it up to me. He’s also on low dose Prednisone
.  Thanks for your help! 

17 June 2019 7:28 pm
Topic: Pain meds
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…the Prednisone
did help: she got back 1.5 times her appetite, her mobility, herself. -no more coughing!!

But nights are very tough; we do give her

16 June 2019 8:44 am
Posts: 229
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…is very difficult for your family and I am sorry you have to go through that at this time. Would you consider surgery? "

We've also asked about "prednisone
" after your suggestion and she recommended daily administration to decrease peri-tumoral inflammation. So we are going to Belle's vet today to

8 June 2019 12:48 pm
Posts: 229
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…Vet visits after a couple of weeks of pills for blood work, and I didn't  need to put her through  any more of those. 

I do want to go back to the Prednisone
  though.  As my Vet explained  it, the main  purpose at this point was that it could reduce  the inflammation  around the met itself,  the

7 June 2019 11:21 am
Posts: 229
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…blowing in the breeze.  Of course, having her sit next to her giving  her tumny rubs enhanced  our experience 😊

And be sure and ask your Vet about Prednisone
and a cough medicine.  Jackie gave you some good food suggestions, and the Pred helps increase the appetite  too.  Don't  know how much you want

7 June 2019 11:01 am
Posts: 229
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…yeah, I understand, that makes sense. Did they mention prednisone
at all?

The remedies mentioned in the blog post are pretty benign and are just there to help keep a patient comfortable. They may be a good

7 June 2019 10:01 am
Posts: 229
Views: 9553

…rubs and ear scratches.  And pictures, take lots of pictures!  Make sure uou get selfies too!

You probably  already are doing this, but adding  prednisone
andn cough medicine  can help greatly.  It sounds like sweet Belle is comfortable  and still enjoying her life just fine.  Being tired is not

6 June 2019 9:00 pm
Posts: 229
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…loss of muscle mass is very common with prednisone
.  That is why dogs with autoimmune disease are often started on other drugs such as cyclosporine or mycophenolate and then weaned off of the pred.

5 June 2019 9:07 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 9
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…on the recommendation of her vet, we tried several different medications based on the tests that were done. Nothing seemed to work until we got to prednisone
, which she started in early March. She has been diagnosed by an internal medicine specialist as having an immune-mediated disease. Her WBC is…

…high (L 40s) and she's mildly anemic (HCT high 20s). 

The prednisone
had seemingly been effective in controlling the disease for awhile. Her fever was gone and she was eating and had some mobility. Her mood has been…

…increasingly weaker. Mycophenolate was added to her drug therapy last week. 

Two questions:

1) Has anyone else experienced this issue with prednisone
and/or mycophenolate?

2) What are some ways to increase muscle in her back leg? We swam today some but it just absolutely wipes her out. 

5 June 2019 2:30 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 9
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…is doing well! Every day is a gift 💜.  He started coughing again so my vet is going to keep him on low dose prednisone
. He’s still happy & ready for the day including treats from his favorite neighbor and love from his human brothers (home from college).

…!  Thunder has inflammation in his lungs but no fluid. Prednisone
& cough suppressant.  Thanking the heavens above. 



I'll add that, eventually  I did do xrays simply because there were "palliative" care things that I did when mets became  obvious.  For example, Prednisone
, Metronomics, Piroxicam, etc.  Palladia is something   we see used here too.

Happy Hannah dis become EXTREMELY  tired, had a noticeable  change

8 May 2019 10:05 am
Posts: 3
Views: 482

…catching up on things, I didn't realize that Digit was on pred, and thus the reason for the limited medication. Not sure how prednisone
plays with other pain management
drugs, that's a good question for us to ask when we interview future pain experts. Meanwhile, whatever you do,

…water now as well.  As for the pain meds, I remember the vet saying that he was limited on what he could give Digit while he was still on the prednisone
but since we are weeing him of of that maybe we can switch to something better.  I will give them a call and see what he says.  I need to call to

…little guy before the surgery.  The meds he is on are Biomox (Amoxicillin) for antibiotic and Torbugesic for pain. I am also weening him off of prednisone
and benedryl so he still gets a little bit of those every other day and then next week it will be every 3 days until I ween him off.   I just got

…upper respiratory infection and vet wants to keep her on antibiotics.  In January all her ankles swelled and she was in pain that’s when I first got prednisone
and gabapentin   meds.  Over time I had weened her off the prednisone
almost completely and we Stopped the gabapentin meds because she wasn’t in…

…pain.   When I saw a foot looking swollen I would give her a small dose of prednisone
.  So when she got the upper-respiratory infection I had to stop the prednisone
because you can’t take them and the high doses of antibiotics and…

…bladder infections more.  So we finally finished the anti-inflammatory meds a few days ago and the vet said it’s now safe to put her back on the prednisone

… leg equates to a "side effect".   What does the Bet suggest to "treat" that condition?

Is the antibiotic  for the respiratory, as well as the Prednisone
?   What was the cause of blood in the urine? 

So0 the Bet rules out any cruciate knee injuries?

It sounds like rhe leg is the biggest cause

…30 mins and I told her how nervous I was and she told me to stop being ridiculous. LOL!!!  Her first 2 nights with him were tough because of the prednisone
step down, he was panting and restless ... and on one of the nights, Mom called me and said that Emerson was really restless, panting, shaking,

12 April 2019 9:19 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 3560

…remaining 25% of dogs receive placebo (ie. saline solution). So, I found myself losing sleep over the prospect of prematurely weaning him off of prednisone
and enrolling him ... and in the worst case scenario ... having him receive placebo. As a worst nightmare, I would be cutting his remaining…

…that if Emerson ends up with placebo, that his disease is likely to progress within a week or 2 at which point we can exit the study re-initiate prednisone
or do another rescue dose of something else. He says that this is the ideal time to try if I'm going to try. 

I took a deep breath and we will…

…start our accelerated prednisone
wean tomorrow and he should be able to qualify for the study by april 17th.

I talked to my mom about this. She is the type of person to always

3 April 2019 10:29 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 3560

…of tests. The results: Everything looks perfect.

The doctor agreed that he is relapsing and then talked about the next steps:

1. Elspar + Prednisone
- These chemo drugs have effectively pushed him back into remission on their own ... twice. The doctor says that I can bring him in for

26 March 2019 5:32 pm
Posts: 124
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…. diapers are easy enough.

After emptying his belly on my couch last night (don't worry it's covered! LOL!!), things settled out. I gave him prednisone
and we went to bed. I've been feeding him heaping spoons of pumpkin puree or wet food throughout the day... and he seems way less hungry.…

… Thankfully, we began the prednisone
taper on Friday and he has 3 weeks left. I have *NOT* checked his lymph nodes in the past few days ... because  I can't deal. We go to the

9 February 2019 7:10 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 3560

…in a toy stash and ate the entire thing ... I don't usually allow this to happen...Completely my fault! Ugh!!!). I've held off on the prednisone
, because I'm pretty sure that it's just going to come back up. But I'm going to need to go to bed soon. I will wait another hour for his tummy to

8 February 2019 9:45 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 3560

…we love having you here and watching your sweet furkids, so it's a win win.

90% normal is sooo much better than a week ago! YAY!

As for the prednisone
side effects....ugh, that's a tough one. I remember it did that to Jerry too. Definitely mention it to your vet as the dosage can probably be

4 February 2019 10:05 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 3560

…dogs*. But, my dogs mean more to me than most people.. #truth).

Emerson continues to do well, all lymph nodes are back to normal size and the prednisone
is making him absolutely nuts. I've resigned to giving him prednisone
at night because cuddling supersedes everything for him and he will fall…

…of not over spoiling him.... (I think i'll invest in some canned pumpkin. Fiber-rich, dense and filling). I know that both Doxycycline and I prednisone
aren't kind on the belly, I want to make sure that he's eating with his 3 rounds of daily medication... but not gaining weight (he's already

4 February 2019 9:08 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 3560

…a link for now: https://www.ins.....bepB7DbOp/)

The rescue protocol started with a dose of Elspar (L- Asparaginase) and a high dose of Prednisone
(Plus dox for his cystitis). By the same evening, the largest node had reduced in size by 50% and all of the others were virtually undetectable

3 February 2019 11:34 am
Posts: 124
Views: 3560

…feel it will make him more ill and right now we are just trying to make things comfy for him with home cooked organic chicken and medicating him with prednisone
to at least keep some inflammation in check.  His name is Blickers and he was named after a bakery, long story but a cute one:) As a pup he

25 January 2019 10:42 am
Posts: 8
Views: 542

…it this morning on a hunch and she hasn't had an accident since 6 am. He wants to wash her out for three or four days and then start her on prednisone
which will help with pain and prevent chemo side effects as well. In the interim we can use tramadol if she's painful. He said he would call

…stay on top of his pain meds.

He's on alternating doses of Gabapentin (2x a day) and Tramadol (up to 1 every 4 hrs). We're also tapering off prednisone
and doing a round of antibiotics.

Not sure if this image link will work but if it does, does the bruising/blood pooling on the inside of his

5 January 2019 11:51 am
Posts: 17
Views: 617

…[Image Can Not Be Found]

He seemed comfortable today but has trouble walking further than 10 ft and has to sit down. No prednisone
just rymadil and gabapentin. Thanks for the well wishes. It's going to be hard letting him go as he's been my best friend for 10 yrs

12 December 2018 5:47 pm
Posts: 11
Views: 390

…T.   suggested prednisone
but Bosch can't take that it speeds up his heart and makes him a psycho.  I did call our holistic vet who does his chiropractic adjustments and

12 December 2018 12:50 pm
Topic: Bosch
Posts: 23
Views: 746
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