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Search results for 'phantom limb pain' (980)

…love your sense of humor. So sorry you had those phantom limb pains yesterday, but it sounds like your pawrents are all over it. Not only are we counting on one paw but we have toes left now!

And to make it

22 November 2019 4:03 am
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… some gate off an area. 

Discuss pain management
early if you can. They should get antibiotics, some kind of pain medication, and gabapentin for phantom limb pain. I say this now because too many people are sent home with nothing or next to nothing and most of these furbabies do best with a good pain regimen

20 November 2019 4:12 am
Posts: 27
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….  They can give you oral doses that you just drop on the gums every 8 hours or so for when the hospital drugs wear off. Gabapentin helps them with phantom limb pain and the combination works very well at keeping their pain managed. 

Most pets are on painkillers and gabapentin for 2-3 weeks,  some animals

12 November 2019 6:37 pm
Topic: Mrs. O'Brien
Posts: 121
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…usually have the antibiotics you spoke of,  pain meds like buprenorphine, and gabapentin for phantom limb pain

Where are you from? 

12 November 2019 5:57 pm
Topic: Mrs. O'Brien
Posts: 121
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…when you were out. It's obvious you are doing everything you can.

Here are a couple of possibilities (some repeats from Jerry and Sally):

phantom limb pain. Nerves were cut. I witnessed a couple of strange growls and hisses from Mona. My other cat Eli even thought it was weird because he ran to me

20 October 2019 7:59 pm
Posts: 6
Views: 261

…had to not prescribe it? If he/she feels it is safe, it is a real go to drug for post amp patients as it blocks nerve receptors and helps prevent phantom limb pain. It surely cannot hurt to ask, right? 

I hope you get a good report today, will check back periodically for updates. Hang in there!


9 October 2019 7:17 am
Posts: 35
Views: 809

…going to your regular Bet, as well as getting a third opinion! Shhh....secret.....I'm  not very impressed with the Surge saying it could be phantom limb pain snd YOU had to suggest Gabapentin!

Now, back to that suture at the incision.  Like Jackie, I thought that had been addressed also.  To me, that

18 September 2019 7:58 pm
Posts: 47
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…not trying to scare you. I would rather see you well informed than to get a sucker punch that you didn't see coming. Gabapentin is a great drug for phantom limb pain, most are on it for 2-3 weeks, some longer. It blocks the signals from the nerve endings, but it is not a pain medication .. so to speak. Couple

13 September 2019 4:19 pm
Topic: My Beast...
Posts: 25
Views: 1198

… There seemed to be no apparent reason and it only happened a few times that I saw. I assume it was still the healing of the nerves that were cut or phantom limb pain. Jerry gave some suggestions on how to manage it.

A month after Mona's amputation I took her in for chiropractic treatments and learned how to

6 September 2019 8:30 pm
Posts: 47
Views: 1333

…someone can help me understand what's happening and how long this will last. The vet said it could just be her adjusting to the balance issues, or phantom limb pain, but I would love to hear from someone who has been through this. My heart is aching for her, and I'm so frustrated because we went through with the

6 September 2019 5:25 pm
Posts: 47
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…hospital meds are out of her system now and this is when the tweaking of,pain meds can  get a little tricky.  Check out the link on phantom pain
(phantom limb pain).  The brain is still sending  signals to the nerves that were attached to a leg that is no longer there.  Out of the blue a dog will basically

…give the two meds at different times rather than at the same time.

I would think the surgery pain would be gone after two weeks so perhaps it is phantom limb pain. A number of cats here were prescribed Gabapentin (which Sally referred to). I also gave Mona hot and cost compresses on her surgical site and

14 August 2019 3:55 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 282

…studies that didn't involve your dog. Some dogs will follow those outcomes, some won't. Try not to focus on it, because Bundy is his own dog.

PHANTOM LIMB PAIN: how many of your dogs have had this? How long does it last? I would just HATE to trade one pain for another in his limited months left. 


…the ‘health of his other knee’ and I’m left thinking UMMM CAN YOU CLARIFY PLEASE?! If he only has 3-6 months left does that really matter? 

PHANTOM LIMB PAIN: how many of your dogs have had this? How long does it last? I would just HATE to trade one pain for another in his limited months left. 


…longer.  Huck was on pain meds for about 3 weeks,  many are on for 2. He took gabapentin and buprenorphine, they worked well together for pain and phantom limb pain.  You might consider talking to your vet and discussing her pain management
for the rest of her recovery.  

Im not a vet,  but if she stays

29 July 2019 7:47 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 472

…2015 and it was very informative. It does happen in cats that have had amputations and can be mixture of the incision gets itchy, frustration, and phantom limb pain. For my cat I believe it's frustration at not being able to scratch the itch which sends him into a panic attack sometimes. I try to catch it

…ask them about gabapentin.  I am not a vet, and I know she's older,  but most of us control phantom limb pain very well with gabapentin.  

Hard to say if the shivering is brought on by the medication in her system or phantom limb pain but it's truly worth

…make an appointment, but unfortunately since it's 9pm here I won't be able to schedule an appointment until tomorrow.

My question:  Could this be phantom limb pain?  What can I do to make her more comfortable?  How can I prevent her from making her raw spot worse?  And, unrelated to this but related to tripod

18 June 2019 7:25 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 261

…him over the last couple of days. He was very whingey (but he is always like this after any anaesthetic). I also think he was suffering from some phantom limb pain as he was very sensitive to anything - even me pulling a loose bit of fur out of him. This in turn is making him pretty anxious.

He had a better

…to use that leg will happen Purrkins still tries using his no leg. His left leg was his dominant leg we figure that is why he still tries using it. Phantom limb pain they are distressed and aggressively going after the leg, chewing, licking, crying out. It happens really fast. Thankfully it doesn't last long you

2 June 2019 5:33 am
Posts: 22
Views: 861

…to use the leg that was no longer there. It hasn't happened again thankfully, she seems to be adjusting well. Really hope she doesn't run into phantom limb pain down the road

1 June 2019 12:58 pm
Posts: 22
Views: 861

…her leg that is no longer there? IF so yes, that will happen for a while if that is what you are describing. I want to make sure she is not having phantom limb pain.

We got the pathology report back on the leg on the 6th day. I would also call tomorrow that will be 2 weeks it should be back by now, or they

12 May 2019 1:31 pm
Posts: 22
Views: 861

…does sound like phantom limb pain from what I've seen here.  And gaba is the 'go to' med for that.  Her stitches could also be pulling a bit. 

I did a blog search on Phantom and

15 April 2019 11:45 am
Posts: 4
Views: 331

…she was sitting or laying down in her bed.  None of these times did she appear to move or do anything that would naturally cause pain.  Could it be phantom limb pain?  What are other signs of phantom limb pain, and should we continue to manage that with Gabapentin?  Is there anything else these yelps could

15 April 2019 11:32 am
Posts: 4
Views: 331

…to lab work as prescribed, he should be fine if he has to take meds long term.

Did you mention these episodes to the acupuncturist? Oftentimes phantom limb pain can be resolved with dry needle acupuncture, along with regular pain management
medications.  I would definitely talk to them about his episodes so

24 February 2019 1:58 pm
Posts: 6
Views: 551

…it's likely not his normal seizure. Remember we cut bone, nerves, and muscles. If the nightmares/seizures continue and they are different it can be phantom limb pain and NOT uncommon in our amputees. If he is hissing and scratching that is a pain indicator.

Yep, poop will take time if by chance you have

…? Even though you are using the gabapentin, there is a range of dosage that your vet can "tweak" and what you are describing sounds like possible phantom limb pain. I am not a vet.. but it is something to consider. 

I would definitely ask if either the dosage OR the timing of the medicine might need

29 January 2019 6:12 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 278

…? Even though you are using the gabapentin, there is a range of dosage that your vet can "tweak" and what you are describing sounds like possible phantom limb pain. I am not a vet.. but it is something to consider. 

I would definitely ask if either the dosage OR the timing of the medicine might need

29 January 2019 4:44 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 278

…to the amputation site, usually followed or accompanied by jumping, excessive grooming, and possible yelping, then you should ask for gabapentin. Phantom limb pain is very common right after surgery. We had to extend his gabapentin for a couple of weeks and after that he was ok. Every animal is different, and

23 January 2019 4:38 pm
Posts: 54
Views: 1742

…sounds like the doxy is making a dent. Less straining = more comfort. That's wonderful!! 

Gabapentin does give relief. It's a great drug for phantom limb pain, and in humans (like my mom) it's a life saver. Some dogs stay on it intermittently for long term use, and for relief with aches and pains. My

20 January 2019 6:21 pm
Posts: 124
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