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Search results for 'TPLO' (514)

…out her zest came back full force.  She was swimming and chasing balls.   

My story is different.  She tore her CCL on her right rear and had TPLO surgery in August.  During rehab she began limping on her right front leg.  

The x-rays taken in May showed a beautiful leg.  Six months later…

…slowed down.  Then every once in awhile she would have a slight limp for a few hours.  Over time it got worse.  But-the reason she had to have TPLO on her rear leg was because she was protecting her Cancer leg and over-compensating so she could continue running like a bat out of hell.  


19 February 2017 10:06 am
Posts: 68
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…tumour in his right back leg. he is currently being amputated as I write this. So nervous for him and scared of this journey ahead of us. He had a TPLO as a young pup due to hip dysplasia and now that same leg is being amputated. The past couple weeks we've seen a rapid decline in his activity and

16 February 2017 8:13 am
Posts: 5
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…up by the handle on his harness, but I am worried that he is going to hurt himself.

Part of my concern is that his remaining rear leg has had the TPLO surgery (the same as the one that was amputated). I am worried he is going to blow out that knee.  I have a million questions, but I will start

9 February 2017 8:12 pm
Posts: 6
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…I'm so sorry that you're going through Mets after amp.  Then 2 reports that are wrong.  This is so hard!!!!

My sweet dog Rosie had right rear TPLO surgery last August. During PT she got worse instead of  better and was diagnosed with OSA in October.   She had her right front leg amputated on…

…helps in some cases, especially with Lung mets.   There are a lot of side effects as with any drug, but after two doses the right rear leg, the TPLO leg, went lame. I stopped the drug immediately, took her into the vet,  The vet said that she had days to live, because of that she said we have

8 February 2017 11:42 pm
Posts: 11
Views: 2172

…been ordered through a specialty compounding pharmacy.  

Shes on rimadyl already.  

I must say she's been more tired. Kept thinking it was her TPLO leg because I didn't want to see it was cancer.  She breathes hard and wide awake sounds like she's snoring.  

I will continue to fight, fight

…in the Adirondacks. She does not realize she is a bigger dog and is as active as they come. She tore her ACL two years ago and ended up having a TPLO which she did great with. We were back skiing and hiking and things had been absolutely great up until two months ago when she started limping in…

…working. My local vet wasn't sure what it was however I had concerns about cancer given my girls breed. I took her back to the surgeon who did the TPLO. He found a mass near her TPLO which he biopsied and then sent that for further testing. It was confirmed to be histiocytic sarcoma. Chest X-rays

23 January 2017 3:38 pm
Posts: 13
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…in the Adirondacks.  She does not realize she is a bigger dog and is as active as they come.  She tore her ACL two years ago and ended up having a TPLO which she did great with.  We were back skiing and hiking and things had been absolutely great up until two months ago when she started limping in…

….  My local vet wasn't sure what it was however I had concerns about cancer given my girls breed.  I took her back to the surgeon who did the TPLO. He found a mass near her TPLO which he biopsied and then sent that for further testing.  It was confirmed to be histiocytic sarcoma.  Chest X

16 January 2017 11:12 am
Posts: 12
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…each with different pros and cons. I don''t like the fact that you have been told that Cherie will have no quality of life if you don't go for the TPLO. You may ultimately decide that this surgery is her best option. But its important that you have a chance to ask questions and explore the full

… She slipped and tore her ACL and meniscus in her left back knee, she also has a partial tear of her ACL in her right knee. We have been advised TPLO and told she had no quality of life if we didnt do it. We were also told she wont regain all of her previous usage of the leg back. Of course we…

…so hard to get it together and a friend of ours just found out their dog may have cancer due to hardware in her leg and its making us rethink the TPLO, because of the side effects, and Lady doesnt react typically to most things and she doesnt have a great immune system. So we thought we would jsut

…cone and it's making her like the plastic and she is all damp with all her long fur on her face/neck)

my old Australian Shepherd went through 2 tplo, so I have quite a lot of exp with ace.. 

I'm starting her on a very low dose to keep the edge off (nothing worse then having a dog buddy jump

2 January 2017 11:26 pm
Posts: 55
Views: 2595

… and came home Wednesday evening.  The surgeon generally wants to make sure they pee and eat/drink something.  

I saw Jerry's comment about TPLO.  My Tess had cruciate repair the summer before Otis' amputation.  The amp is a way easiler, and faster, recovery.  If you have handled cruciate

29 December 2016 2:29 am
Posts: 55
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…you'll feel about the whole situation. That will give you the confidence she needs to have a good recovery. And remember, if you've been through TPLO surgery recovery, this will be much easier, really! Use tomorrow to read up and if you need anything don't forget we have the Tripawds Helpline

28 December 2016 11:17 pm
Posts: 55
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…s office? 

Another thought: how much room does she have to move around? Have you confined her area at all? I'm thinking this is a lot like a TPLO surgery recovery, where the dog's movements need to be really limited in order for the healing to happen. Also, having a harness like the Custom Pet

26 December 2016 8:16 pm
Posts: 14
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…area.  Even though it was her right front that the limping was most pronounced, she fully ruptured and tore her right rear CCL in August and had TPLO surgery.  Recovery was rough-but she did ok.  

During rehab the right front leg got worse and worse. Vet suspected Osteosarcoma.  New ex-rays…

…were told 6-12 months with amp and chemo.  We went ahead with the amp on 10/26/16.  The first 2 weeks post-amp were hard, but not as hard as the TPLO.   

She is now 7 weeks post amp, has 2 chemo treatments behind her and is loving life to the fullest-pain free!!!

i didn't realize how much

17 December 2016 12:51 pm
Topic: Need Advice!
Posts: 8
Views: 787

…use it if showing pain signs.  

But she is still taking Rymadyl and Gabapentin.  Rymadyl for inflammation.  Gabapentin for nerve pain.  She had TPLO in August and arthritis so am wanting to keep her comfortable even though I am not sure she needs it.  

Nit telling you what to do, only sharing

17 December 2016 12:13 pm
Posts: 26
Views: 2182

…: on leash only, 10 mins max, slow speed, 3x day for 2 weeks, no ball playing or tug even in the house. Very similar instructions as the post TPLO surgery protocol. This helped enormously and we are now doing 20 minute walks on leash 3 x a day; no ball play; no playing with other dogs. We also

14 December 2016 3:49 pm
Posts: 20
Views: 1714

…she had her second dose. According to the vet and the report all went well. Unfortunately, they changed the legs and happen to do the IV in the TPLO leg. Last night she  seemed just fine, but this morning woke up to limping and unable to put weight on the chemo leg.  Unfortunately I had to go to

7 December 2016 7:59 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 659

….m. and p.m. We give her tramadol  if she has overdone it and seems to be a pain.

Rosie story is a little bit different because she also had a TPLO surgery on August 31 and then the amputation on October 26. Because she couldn't rehab the way she should have, her TPLO leg is still bothering her

30 November 2016 9:05 am
Posts: 23
Views: 32024

…sorry that you are going through this, and Zuki too. I would like to say that my dog started out with limping and pain, and then ended up having a TPLO surgery in August. She was doing really well And then started backsliding. That's when we did some more x-rays and found OSA.  She had her right…

…Adequan and did two 1-2 injections a week I think for two months. It made a huge difference. She has arthritis in her neck or spine and also the TPLO leg.

About three days after her amputation She overdid it and couldn't walk either. With some rest she got better.

 It sounds like Zuki is a

13 November 2016 4:55 pm
Posts: 21
Views: 1841

…. Welcome Bella and family❤️❤️

We are 2 weeks out.  My golden, Rosie had right rear leg TPLO surgery 8/31 and her front leg amputated on 10/26 due to cancer.  

I know that this first bit of home recovery can be stressful and scary.  I

…s whay we created the Maggie Moo Fund
for Tripawd Rehab!  

Thanks!   She has some extra challenges as she recovers, due to the recent TPLO. As a consequence, her backend is pretty weak. Thank goodness we have a great CCRT  and are scheduled tomorrow to take a look at her condition, and

10 November 2016 3:32 pm
Posts: 13
Views: 768

…Eurydice and Mom!  Last night when I went to take her out for the last daily potty excursion she was holding her TPLO leg up and trying to hop on 2 Legs.  I think it's most likely pain.  I tried again to feed her last night and she ate enough to take the Rymadyl

3 November 2016 8:41 am
Posts: 17
Views: 1985

…Joel louder than I've ever heard.  

So I slept spooned against her all night.  

Shes still hopping gingerly today so I think she's hurting (TPLO) and muscles never used   before.  

The upside is that she is much less active and will heal.  A good thing for her because she is so feisty and

30 October 2016 10:51 am
Posts: 17
Views: 1512

Or is this a seroma

Going to send photo to hospital as they are a 24 hour clinic and will also call them. 

Rosie is only 8 weeks out from TPLO which may be complicating things. 

The first night and yesterday until about noon today she was a super fast hopper.  Now she's going much more…

…I turned around for 2 minutes to do dishes and off they went.  

Shes still smiling and wagging.  Pooping and peeing normally.  

Back to ROM on TPLO leg and some massage.  

So even though she started off swift, she overdid it yesterday and is much more sedate tonight. 

Trying not to worry.

29 October 2016 8:37 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 1512

…so far.  So far it's not as hard as I imagined.  I think since we've been pretty much home bound and connected at the hip for 2 months from TPLO surgery that we're both used to the routine.  

Only problem is that the meds seem to wear off about an hour before it's time to do again. 


28 October 2016 2:00 pm
Posts: 24
Views: 1876


I read all your blog posts!  I am so grateful and thankful that you took the time to do it.  Rosie made it through surgery and her TPLO X-rays showed that 'took'. I just called the hospital.  She's been out of surgery about 7!hours.  Hasn't gotten up yet and hasn't eaten.  They

26 October 2016 11:22 pm
Posts: 24
Views: 1876


You have great input from others already.  And I agree with Christine- since you have been through TPLO recovery you have some idea on what to expect.  My quad pug Obie has had two knee surgeries (tightrope and patella correction) and his recoveries

25 October 2016 10:33 pm
Posts: 24
Views: 1876

…I'll have my act together by the time I pick her up on Thursday or Friday.

 Tonight I took Rosie to the park, which was her first time since her TPLO surgery and she overdid it. She's in pain tonight, and I had to hand feed her. I know I'm doing the right thing, and will feel so much better when

25 October 2016 10:22 pm
Posts: 24
Views: 1876

…fur baby should have to go through so much but I'm sure his Dobie zest for life still shines through.

My Leland was a hind leg amp from a failed TPLO procedure and infection.  Sadly, he could only remain with my husband and I 4 weeks after his amputation.  His health started failing with an

25 October 2016 1:35 pm
Posts: 13
Views: 1246

… relax.  If you have already been through TPLO, many of the essentials are the same.. 

Traction is key - yoga mats work great, or you can by industrial floor mats at Home Depot or a similar…

…definitely wanted lights on when we went outside after dark.

Yes, you can go back to work in two weeks. Recovery is intense, but much faster than TPLO.  Once the staples come out, about day 10, most dogs perk up considerably.  Probably no dog door until then, and I would let her set the pace.

23 October 2016 11:29 am
Posts: 24
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