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Search results for 'TPLO' (514)

…of when to say when and stop the repairs is different for everyone, and you've clearly reached yours. 

Yes, from what we've read here is that TPLO is a way harder recovery than amputation! So after all that you've been through, amputation recovery should be relatively easy. And the fact that

…if he has phantom limb pain, or just tenderness in general.  I’ve seen a lot of people say that an amp surgery seems to be an easier recovery than a tplo, but I don’t know if they mean in recovery or overall. 

It sounds like you have been though quite a lot as well.  I’m glad to hear Elly is doing

…down quite a road!  I'm sorry so much of his young life has been surgeries and recoveries. 

I did a forum search and got these results for failed TPLO. There might be something useful for you there.

The only thing left to do in my mind is maybe get another opinion from a certified ortho vet.

…was a puppy his legs were perfect, but as time went on and he grew up, he developed a severe Tina plateau angle. We were successful in performing a TPLO & TTA closing wedge osteotomy a year and eight months ago on his left real limb. Everything went as planed and while nerveracking, went well.…

…best decision I can for him. I personally don’t think another surgery will work, and my local vet doesn’t believe so at this point either.  Three TPLO’s are enough. All kody seems to know these days are surgery(s) and crate rest. Its not fair to him. At least one of the surgeries worked. Even…

… I have no idea what I’m in for, or how well kody will adapt to three legs, since his other one isn’t technically tip top. I know even after the TPLO surgeries he has a difficult time using the bathroom (and even got an anal gland infection because lack of squatting at the time) 

Anyway, thanks

…there was a tear, though the extent was unclear. The injury happened on December 6, and we went to various vets and specialists and scheduled TPLO surgery for early January, since we were leaving town for the holidays. We ended up postponing it a few times and eventually canceling it. 


17 January 2018 8:20 am
Posts: 7
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…with a slight limp on her front leg.  


She was just recovering so nicely from a recent meniscus repair and having her plates removed from a TPLO 3 years ago.  I just thought she had a little sprain from being allowed to have more exercise, but because of her orthopedic issues
I took her in

1 January 2018 9:03 pm
Posts: 18
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…realize he didn't have a fentanyl patch.

In my humble, non vet, opinion tramadol is not enough after a knee surgery.  While not as invasive as a TPLO surgery they still have to drill holes in the bones- and as we know here bone pain can be really bad!

Obie's pain was well controlled for the

14 December 2017 7:38 pm
Posts: 355
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…this.  I know how scary it is.  Remember my 80 lb Daisy blew her knew and had to have it repaired.

Like you there was no way I could afford TPLO.  Here in my part of the world the procedure runs about $3,000 with no guarantees and can only be done by board certified surgeons.

My vet has

11 December 2017 10:32 am
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 141
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…post-op pain.  Today was her last day of Rimadyl. She is also on Dasuquin and now gets Adequan injections.

Before determining if a dog needs  a TPLO our surgeon checks the angle of the stifle joint.  If a dog is really huge or has a very straight leg then a TPLO is better.  However my first dog…

…Tazzie was 190 pounds pre-amp and had both her knees repaired by ECR and she did fine even as a tripawd.

If a TPLO goes wrong there can be serious side effects to the dog including broken metal implants, infection in the bone or at the screw site or even OSA at…

…implant.  If an ECR goes wrong you may just have a loose knee.

Some surgeons have very strong opinions on this matter and many would say that a TPLO is always best.  I do not agree with this for all dogs and money is certainly a concern because a TPLO is twice the cost of a lateral suture (ECR)…


If your regular vet who knows your dog feels that a TPLO is better for Frankie then I would take that into account.


6 December 2017 7:43 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 141
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…you said, she knows TRIPAWDS!!  I'm gonna call first thing tomorrow!!  

Everything I've read, and even from the links you gave me from her, TPLO is pretty much a necessity for a dog like Frankie.  She really explained things so well in the link and why the likelihood of the ERC or lateral

6 December 2017 5:22 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 141
Views: 9655

…both of his cruciates and it took my brother a while to figure out what was going on, so the wounds were old. He had both repaired 6 months ago via TPLO and he's doing great. For what that's worth, there's that. 

And don't forget about Helping Hands - Lori Pasternak does treat torn cruciates and

6 December 2017 12:08 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 141
Views: 9655


He's approximately 4 - 5 yrs idea of why amputation.

My Vet says because of "who he is", TPLO is best way.  

She, herself, does ECR (not sure of right name) but she has concerns that as a very actice tripawd it won't hold.

BOTH options…

…are out of my fiancial ability, but she would "work with me".  She doesnw do TPLO.   So far I haven't found an Ortho Surgeon for the TPLO who woukd "work with me"

IF TPLO is out of the question.....

Would it be almost "useless" to try the ECR knowr that according to her, it

6 December 2017 10:56 am
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 141
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…would you not fix the ACL?  The price for a lateral suture repair is probably not much more than for an amputation.  A TPLO repair costs more but will fix the problem.  Even if you did nothing but rehab the knee would eventually scar up and the dog could walk but with a

…where her oncology team and listed the expertise of their surgeon who confirmed that it was, in fact, a CCL rupture.

Initially, she recommended a tplo as that really is the gold standard surgery for that type of injury. It makes the knee much more stable and, from what I understand, is an easier…

…recovery than just a regular old repair. That said, Izzy was already an old dog and wasn't super active. The tplo surgery was also far more expensive then doing the "low rent" repair. After talking it over multiple times with the surgeon, she agreed to do the…

…basic repair surgery which, in a younger or more active dog, would have higher risk of failure than the tplo. She did warn me that the recovery would be more difficult, which seems completely counter-intuitive, but proved true. Izzy had an easier time…

…with her amputation then with the knee repair and supposedly, the TPLO would have been a smoother recovery.

Cissy can still enjoy life on three legs, even with a knee repair, but she will need help with walking and…

…further if you wish or answer any questions you have. I don't know how old Cissy is but that might impact which repair you should choose. The tplo is supposed to be a fairly straightforward recovery but Cissy will definitely need some help for a little while.

We are here to help! Wishing you

11 September 2017 11:46 pm
Posts: 5
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…in the knees and that she had a partial or complete tear of the ccl. He said we could try anti-inflammatories and if it helped, then consider a tplo procedure. If not, we might have to discuss euthanasia. Cissy weighs 62 lbs and my parents have various health problems and cant possibly help her

11 September 2017 6:21 pm
Posts: 5
Views: 935

…house yesterday wore her out a bit. She's just as chipper today, but no where near as hyper (thank goodness). I learned my lesson with her first TPLO that she is not to be trusted as far as what she is and isn't ready to do. She's not my first cane corso, but she definitely takes the whole

…was pretty blunt that the tumor was going to break though the skin sooner or later. The largest part was growing right under scar tissue from the TPLO and subsequent removal surgery, so weak skin which already was being stretched very, very thin. Once that happened, she would not only be in a lot

…was likewise puzzled. We continued with the meds and threw in some antibiotics (the same ones she was sensitive to when she had the infection post TPLO in that left a few years prior). 

We took her back to the surgeon who did her first successful TPLO (and the successful TPLO of our last mastiff…

…dismissed the osteomyelitis. A chronic infection couldn't get that severe that fast - and the lesion wasn't anywhere near where her original TPLO had been removed. He agreed to admit her, open up the area and take cytology sample to get to the on-site path for a quick check for blastocytes to

…you'll have the least regret with in the long run.  Your girl has already shown she's a fighter with all she's been through.  Many have said here TPLO recovery is worse than amputation recovery.  Your girl may well surprise you!  Keep us posted, we're here to support you in whatever decision you

…s been useful. I'll look into some other harnesses and see if there's something more effective than the belly slings we still have around from her TPLO recoveries.  

I'm leaning heavily towards full treatment now. When I came home from work last night she was alert and lively and wanted to play

…female Cane Corso mastiff we affectionately call Clouders.  Clouders has had a rough few years. In 2014, she tore her right ACL/CCL and underwent TPLO shortly thereafter. About a year later, her left knee went, and we had to do it all over again. No regrets. Our bionic doggy was almost as active…

…as before. A bit arthritic, but that's to be expected for a giant breed of her age post-op. 

About 6 months after TPLO #2, her left knee started looking bad. Swelling, hot, drainage tract, the whole 9 yards. We determined she had an infection and x-rays showed that…

…one of her TPLO screws was trying to escape. We had it removed and she was good as new. 

Well, with 3 knee surgeries, lots and lots of downtime, and arthritic…

…3x its regular size over the course of 3-4 days. It was incredible how fast it grew. I suspected the worst, but hoped it was just the remaining TPLO plate rejecting, or maybe a meniscus injury. Nope. Osteosarcoma. Aggressive. Her radiology shows a massive peristeal reaction - in an unsual…

…3 hours away that's doing trials. I'm waiting for a call back from them. But here's the rub. She's fat. Her healthy hind leg is the one with the TPLO post-removal. She has fairly advanced arthritic changes in that knee and minor in her forelegs. Her spine is showing moderate degenerative changes…

…Did I mention she's still hungry? Her thyroid is fine, she just wants food. 

I'm also terrified she won't get up after surgery. After her second TPLO, she was only about 10-15 lbs overweight and we had a very difficult time getting her to stand. Her ortho was mystified. She wouldn't get up…

…whatsoever for the first 3 days (she was up and running within 10 hours of her first TPLO). It was about 2 weeks before she could squat to defecate at all. Now she's even heavier (I know, I know, my fault.. ) - will she be able to

…and her leg needed removed 🙁  I felt awful.  And the first week of figuring out pain meds was a nightmare.  That being said, the pain level of the TPLO (5th surgery and god willing the FINAL surgery) is no where near the level of the amputation.  For that I am grateful.  I feel bad that she is…

…cries.  I took the lid off her airline crate and laid in the crate with her.  

The moment I felt good about this amputation, then she has this TPLO and I am like oh no.  Going to be a super long 6 weeks.  

I was reading about the rehab after your post and feel so much better!  I was thinking

27 July 2017 7:16 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 679

…above to refine your forum search results with specific phrases, and you're sure to find lots of helpful feedback.

Forum Search results for 'TPLO' (245)

You can also search all blogs here
. Or, consider downloading the Tripawds e-books
for fast answers to common concerns and feel free to

27 July 2017 3:40 pm
Posts: 3
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… She has done very well!  The first week she had loads of pain, but the vet helped figure out meds and she did wonderful.

6 weeks later she had a tplo on her leg that is left.  I asked the vet a ton of questions, but got home amd have more questions for people who have gone through this.


…had her TPLO yesterday and was released today.  We have a help me up harness.  However she is refusing to bear weight.  I am assuming she will feel better in

27 July 2017 3:19 pm
Posts: 3
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…I like to check in on on my pup throughout the day-- she is usually just sleeping though. 

I totally wish I had this camera when she had her TPLO surgery because on her last day of confinement in the dog pen downstairs she went all tasmanian devil with her dog bed into a trillion tiny pieces…

…and somehow jumped the 4 foot tall pen (on 3 good legs) and was found standing on the top stairs (HUGE no no Post-TPLO for awhile) when I got home .  I still wonder over a year later how she did this hahah.  It would have been great to see!

My friend has a

8 July 2017 12:36 pm
Posts: 6
Views: 727

…dislocated, knee blown out on the other side, and he was really lucky to have made it out alive. He had the hip restored and sutured in place and a TPLO on the knee. Unfortunately, it turned out that his femoral nerve on the knee side was too damaged to recover, and after he had spent three weeks in

… as well as starting a new topic in "Hopping Around" so that we can better follow along with Ty's story OK?

Hang in there. If you can go through TPLO recovery you can do this!

…5/6 months old, he's now 5 & a half.  He is a lab mix. He was missing his back right leg when I got him as he was abused. Last year he had a TPLO knee surgery. So that was tough as he obtained an infection (not sure what) but he was off of it for an entire 8 weeks & then he started only

12 June 2017 11:42 am
Posts: 14
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…has a very serious infection as a result of his second luxating patella surgery...long story (three surgeries on the same leg in 6 months - TPLO, 2 lux pats in 5 weeks).  Yesterday he developed a severe infection and while we wait for the fluid culture to come back, our orthopedic surgeon

9 May 2017 12:24 pm
Posts: 9
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…s been a rough ride for Miss Rosie. After the Dastinab she had a lot of trouble walking.  It got better.  But again it's bad! Of course it's the TPLO leg!  

We were doing rehab and lots of core strengthening.  She had 12 water treadmill sessions with lots of good exercises. Then I stopped…

…issues with neutropenia and then the 20+ mets.   

We have a dog door.  I think she pulled a muscle probably her hip flexor.  The problem is the TPLO leg muscle has wasted away.  Anyway I have to help her up, feed her by hand.  She's still happy, still wags and if it wasn't for the bum rear leg

25 February 2017 12:24 am
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