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Search results for 'Daisy recovery' (222)

…and her pack. I stopped counting when the amazing Calpurnia turned 14, she is an active three legged sled dog with plates in both rear legs. And Daisy is another older dog who just underwent amputation and recently joined the Tripawds community. Hopefully others will chime in here.

If you're…

…Amputation & Regrets about Chemotherapy

Finally, be sure to bookmark Jerry's recent Tripawds Required Reading List for lots of more advice and recovery care tips.

Hope this helps. Best wishes with whatever you decide.

11 June 2010 10:11 am
Posts: 62
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…for letting everyone here in the forums know about Daisy's updates! All you need to do now is provide a link to Daisy's blog. You can always just paste the URL in your post and will automatically convert to a link, like so...

10 June 2010 8:52 pm
Posts: 8
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… and I'm so glad you posted! Daisy turned 12 last month, and on Wednesday it will be 3 weeks since amputation of her front left leg up to the shoulder. (The average lifespan for labs…

…and she seemed to be so healthy (great appetite and lungs were clear) with such a strong will to live, I reconsidered and had a conversation with Daisy about the options and what to expect if we went ahead with surgery. I found I had to get past the fear and let the "knowing" come to me. I got a…

…confident that she was well enough to survive surgery (no guarantees, of course). Learning to walk/hop on three legs was easy for her, and her recovery has been quick. I do notice that she is more tired than before, but that is to be expected for awhile as she gets all the toxins out of her system.…

…are bright, she wags her tail a lot, and still eats very well. She seems to be happy, and no matter how much time I have with her, every day with Daisy by my side is a great day for both of us!

You'll make the decision that's best for you and your friend. Once you do, either way, have no regrets…


Best wishes with this difficult decision.

Lexi (Daisy's momma)

6 June 2010 5:53 pm
Posts: 34
Views: 15025

… Bam Bam went on vacation where his Mum tried to save some neglected pups, Scrappy made it through surgery, Niki continues to make slow steady recovery progress, and a celebration was held for Nova thge Queen's 18 month ampuversary!

Meanwhile, Golden Girl Ginger has figured out how to couch surf…

…returned in full summer glory and Gerry threw the hottest pawty in Madison. There's a new Dane-a-Houla, Beaner, who joined the Tripawds family, Daisy told us about how she met her Mom and Cemil pawtied with the NorCal Tripawds pack.

Lincoln gives his Mom hope and courage, and two months after

…Tripawds blogger lexi is off to a beautiful start with her introduction of Daisy ... especially now that she upgraded Daisy's new blog with our latest Tripawds Supprter Blog subscription!

For the Love of Daisy

From adoption to amputation – Daisy's story

1 June 2010 9:28 pm
Forum: Shout-Outs
Posts: 256
Views: 92785

…welcome new Tripawds member lexi and find out how beautiful Daisy came into her life ...

For the Love of Daisy

From adoption to amputation – Daisy's story

1 June 2010 9:22 pm
Forum: Shout-Outs
Posts: 794
Views: 136792

… wow, what a story. It takes a very special person to adopt a senior pup, what a sweet thing to do by bringing an older dog into your family.

Daisy was obviously put in your life for a reason, what an incredible, unbreakable spirit she has. With your heart and her spirit, the world is a much…

…more beautiful place. Congratulations on making it so far, we send our love for an easy recovery and lots of wonderful memories ahead.

Where is your vet? We'd love to hear more about the therapies and protocol Daisy is on. I didn't have IV

30 May 2010 9:38 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 2021

…Brandy and Daisy,

Welcome to our Tripawds family… I'm sorry to hear about your diagnoses… but you have come to the best place for information and awesome support!…

…better eventually, once the sutures/staples come out within 2 weeks.

If you haven't already, you should look into getting a sling for the initial recovery… then a Ruff Wear harness for afterwards. It really comes in handy!!

Good luck to both of you… Wishing your doggies a speedy recovery!!

26 May 2010 3:54 pm
Posts: 25
Views: 19618

…when a senior dog with osteosarcoma is otherwise in fair health, amputation can immediately alleviate the pain from bone cancer. And despite surgery recovery time and a bit of a learning curve, living out life on three legs can be a true gift for older dogs.

"Its all about growing old together," says my…

…. "A senior dog needs gentle exercise . . . and a pain free life in the 'golden years' is the greatest gift you can give to your senior dog."

Daisy is a great example.

Daisy is a senior dog born in 1995, who lives in southern Colorado. We met online because she went to the same oncology…

…clinic that I did. She is a white shepherd / greyhound / jackrabbit mix. Jackrabbit?!

Daisy's good humans rescued her from the pound in Fairbanks, Alaska when she was about four months old. Her human, LeeAnn, says Daisy's favorite things…

… ear rubs, and unmaking the bed when no one's looking. Her dislikes are: thunderstorms, aggressive cats, and osteosarcoma. In March of this year, Daisy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and that's when she became a tripawd.

LeeAnn says that "for over twelve years, Daisy ran with greyhound speed,…

… effortless grace, the very picture of joy. And now, in her dreams, she still does."

Living Day by Day and Treasuring Each Moment

For now, Daisy and her family are taking it day by day, and getting more of that gentle exercise and loving in each day. Sadly, the cancer is moving quickly, but…

…because she became a tripawd, Daisy and ...
Read original blog post

…Hi Baby Daisy,

Wow it really sounds like you've had it rough! I'm so sorry. But it does sound like you are on the road to recovery, thank you for the update.

Hang in there, it won't be long now. Keep on eating healthy and takin' it easy. You'll feel better soon, promise!

12 February 2008 4:41 pm
Posts: 49
Views: 14936

…Oh Baby Daisy, it really does sound like you are going through all of the usual things after surgery. I had a seroma
too, it was so gross! But it was nothing,…

… and after that I was on the road to recovery.

Please tell your Momma and family to keep being strong. Give it time and be patient, you'll see, it will be fine.Just look at all of the

7 February 2008 6:01 pm
Posts: 49
Views: 14936


Is it really going to get better? And how much longer?

Yes. It will get better. In fact it probably already is better than…

…But not painful. Hang in there.

All dogs have different post amputation stories. Perhaps I was just fortunate with my relatively trouble-free recovery. But we have also heard much worse horror stories. Take it one day a time and try to stay strong.

7 February 2008 6:00 pm
Posts: 49
Views: 14936
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