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Search results for 'clinical trial' (412)

…of amputation. In the end we proceeded with an amputation, which happened 12 days ago. He stayed in the hospital a few nights, as he was part of a clinical trial. I initially felt bad about the time away, but having small kids and work, it was easier in the immediate post-op setting. He came home post-op

20 January 2020 9:20 pm
Posts: 70
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…let this news change how he lives and you can do your best not to either. It's soooooo hard but you've got this my friend.

Now, tell us about the clinical trial! There are a ton of new advances when it comes to treating mets, and by participating you and Riot are helping science and future osteo dogs in a

5 December 2019 11:00 am
Posts: 48
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…has spread to his lungs. We're starting a clinical trial. I'm so devastated. 

5 December 2019 9:22 am
Posts: 48
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…to ask about the Apoquel, thanks for clarifying.

Yes, the Losartan is also another promising treatment. We talked to CSU's Dr. Seguin about his clinical trial.

Try to stay pawsitive. You just never know what cancer will do and we have our paws crossed that it behaves itself for you and Andre.

17 October 2019 11:02 am
Posts: 8
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…Grover had a met (his is a rib met) I realized that there wasn't much established as far as what to do next and outcomes. So, I started looking at clinical trials at other universities - even if we couldn't officially be part of the clinical trial, maybe there was a drug or protocol that we could do at our

16 October 2019 8:25 pm
Posts: 8
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…of who right now. I hope it will come to me in the morning when I'm fresh. I will try to remember.

Meanwhile I also just learned about a new clinical trial happening at UC Davis, specifically for dogs with lung mets. We interviewed the trial leader, Dr. Rebhun a couple of weeks ago, this is exciting

15 October 2019 9:32 pm
Posts: 8
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…for the kind words, Jerry.  The t-cell immunotherapy info can be found at  I had heard about another immunotherapy clinical trial out of Pitt as well as one out of Cornell, both using Listeria vaccines, but they both appear to be closed.  The Pitt trial had used 20 clinics

4 October 2019 10:11 am
Posts: 7
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…decision for me, but at this time we have decided against using the Aratana Her2/Neu vaccine. We were not eligible for the Univ. of PA vaccine clinical trial but could have had off-trial access to the Aratana version of the vaccine. All along this had been my plan, but I have become increasingly…

…uncomfortable with the lack of safety data the company is willing to share and recently heard that one of the clinical trial sites pulled out for the same reason as well. Psychologically, this has been an incredibly hard decision for me - I wanted to do EVERYTHING for him

17 September 2019 8:22 pm
Posts: 14
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…weeks and initially I found myself “wishing it would hurry up and get here” so that I would know. So that I would know if we will qualify for the clinical trial we are hoping to get in. So that I would know if chemo was working. So that I would “know” if I could predict more time. And then, Grover reminded

5 September 2019 11:42 am
Posts: 18
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I'm sorry you are dealing with recurring cancer!

Are you talking about a soft tissue sarcoma?

Here is a blog post on How to Find Clinical Trials for Pets with Cancer and Other Health Conditions.

And some less know treatment options, although limited in availability:

Here is a blog post

23 August 2019 7:33 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 111

…the veterinary community, such as CBD studies at Colorado State University and Cornell.

New research about CBD is underway in several academic clinical trials, but the American Veterinary Medical Association is still reluctant to include it as part of their pain management
recommendations. Still, many

1 August 2019 10:46 am
Topic: CBD oil
Posts: 9
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…medications just in case he does experience any. We'll keep our paws crossed that he doesn't.

Do you know if you'll try to get Knoxx into any clinical trials? CSU has so many good ones! 

30 July 2019 12:21 pm
Posts: 9
Views: 225

…to say. 

On Friday I recieved a voicemail from an oncologist at CSU. They have an amazing cancer center from what I have been told. There is a clinical trial for a Listeria vaccination that Knoxx seems to fit the criteria for, but they would like to evaluate him as well as do the amputation. (The study

15 July 2019 11:53 am
Posts: 39
Views: 833

…afterwards being follow up visits to assess the progress.

Below is a link to a pet owner's experience with the new approach.  They were part of a clinical trial to evaluate its performance.  Its tumor was located in a spot they couldn't surgical remove it leaving them few options.  It tracks the progress…


Pictures of the first cat treated at the veterinary practice this week (others were treated in a clinical trial, but you have to be picked to be part of that) are at the companies twitter site.  https://twitter...../radiogel/  The cats cancer was on its

12 July 2019 3:43 pm
Posts: 2
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…sound like they’ve found the vaccine to be effective once that has happened.  She would have been ineligible to receive the vaccine as part of the clinical trial at CSU (because her tumor was in the scapula and we elected to do stereotactic radiation versus amputation) so we were very happy to learn we could

10 July 2019 6:16 pm
Posts: 39
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…from a trusted friend of mine. Thank you for the direct number. Were you able to try the vaccine? My vet sent me home with a packet explaining the clinical trial at csu. I live about an hour west of Pueblo, but I will drive just about anywhere for my boy. Thank you.

Lisa- I totally agree. I hope we can

10 July 2019 8:59 am
Posts: 39
Views: 833

…(is this correct?)

Yes I believe so.

What we are learning is that the new vaccines all have different criteria. The EGFR/HER2 Tumor Vaccine clinical trial is being conducted by the Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT. Information can be found here:



…counts and by looking at cells on a slide. They also said that his organ function was excellent ... and his lymph nodes seem to be stable (the clinical trial coordinator makes the final determination. But, he may not be removed from the clinical trial). 

They gave him Sub-Q fluids, different

9 May 2019 12:27 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 2663

…the cuddles).

Then, first thing Thursday morning, I called our local oncologist who was hesitant about seeing us because he was unaware of the clinical trial rules. I also called the clinical trial coordinator who told me that I probably should head back to CT, but I *could* see my regular vet if I was

5 May 2019 5:53 pm
Posts: 124
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*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

5 April 2019 7:05 am
Posts: 124
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…$800/treatment .. for a total of 5-6 treatments.

However, after hearing that we were out of options last Monday, I actually found a clinical trial, using Tanovea that is actively accepting patients. The big caveat is ... well, I'd have to wean Emerson off of steroids for him to be eligible…

…for the clinical trial. And, the steroids that he's currently taking plays a role in suppressing his immune system and controlling the lymphoma. To add additional risk,…

… the clinical trial is a double-blind placebo-controlled study... where 75% of dogs receive Tanovea and the remaining 25% of dogs receive placebo (ie. saline

3 April 2019 10:29 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 2663

…heading to the back for treatment today. Their antics made the ENTIRE oncology waiting room chuckle. #brothers

2. I talked to the vet about the clinical trial that I found. He told me that it was legit.... run by the BEST doctors and that I would be in excellent hands. We reviewed the clinical trial

…criteria and Emerson would qualify.... so, i was advised to call the office to talk about eligibility and enrollment.

3. The oncologist (clinical trial) confirmed that Emerson would be eligible. We also discussed the fact that it's a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial where 75%!!!!!! of

27 March 2019 4:25 pm
Posts: 124
Views: 2663

… Would you do it?

Many pet parents said "You bet!" when the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center Oncology Service announced a new clinical trial for the ELIAS Cancer Immunotherapy (ECI) treatment. When the study ended, most of those lucky dogs enjoyed over 400 days of remission, and most…

…Animal Health. Doctor Gary Wood, one of the chief scientists at ELIAS brought this technology to us and they were interested in us helping them do a clinical trial to understand whether their immunotherapy approach would work. And it's called the vaccine, but vaccine is really only part of it. So these dogs…

…to thank ELIAS Animal Health because this really is their invention and we are very excited to have been able to help them design and execute the clinical trial that tested it and they are offering this on a commercial basis now for families that wanted to get this kind of therapy for their dogs.


…: I was surprised how easily the trial enrolled actually. It was slow starting, but then it enrolled pretty continuously. We had another pair of clinical trials happening simultaneously that were sponsored by Morris Animal Foundation and the National Cancer Institute with amputation and chemotherapy

…you live in Northern California and your dog has lung metastasis, you may be interested in this new 1-year clinical trial at UC Davis:

Evaluating a new contrast delivery service in dogs with lung tumors.

What happens in this study

As part of this study, your dog

…!  Every dog IS different  and what works for one, may not work for the other.  And applause  to you for doing your own "clinical trial" on how, and if, the CBD oil affects uour sweet  Bailey.  It seems as though you've  possible solved one piece of the puzzle,  so that's  good.

…again, but I am still pretty worried. 

I'll call the vet in the morning to see what he recommends if she has not improved. I mean, we don't have clinical trials on CBD oil. We don't know exactly how it works or how it affects certain types of dogs- (elderly, large, small, etc.). What works for one dog

…osteosarcoma — a common type of bone cancer in dogs — which allows oncologists to avoid chemotherapy. It also shows promise for being used in human clinical trials.

By creating a vaccine from a dog’s own tumor, scientists at the University of Missouri have helped develop a patient-specific, “precision…


The University of Missouri researchers hope to continue immunotherapy discovery with dogs in order to optimize the new therapy for future human clinical trials with the hopes of treating osteosarcoma and other cancers, especially metastatic osteosarcoma in children. They are currently continuing this work

11 February 2019 6:40 pm
Posts: 4
Views: 222

…big breakthrough.

Breakthrough bone cancer vaccine for dogs could help humans, too

The dogs in the study received only immunotherapy during the clinical trials—no chemotherapy. Overall, the dogs receiving the vaccine had more than 400 days of remission, an unprecedented result. This study marks the first

…been to this facility. they are doing the clinical trial egfr/her2 tumor vaccine.., with dr post,  if you go to their site... you will see the trial...  

…is a valuable source about all the clinical trials for the vaccines.  From my understanding is that one (AT-014) is a live vaccine that has conditional limited approval for use in a few clinics…

…in the US as a clinical trial or for purchase and the other is a frozen form of the Listeria vaccine that is only available for clinical trial only.  You can find the clinics that are part of either of the trials in the AVMA database that I have linked below.  Some additional articles

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