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Name: lucy moen

How to Sew Bibs for Babies

Custom-sewed or embroidered baby bibs are functional items that can keep the baby clean. You can use a sewing machine or hand-sewn bibs, depending on the style you want. Don’t worry that it will be dull if you have some sewing skills. You may find Amazon product reviews on CraftsSelection website valuable for learning different styles and shapes of baby bibs. Now let us guide you on how to sew baby bibs in 6 steps.

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Step 1: Prepare tools and supplies for sewing

You will need a sewing machine, metal strap closure or any alternative, preferred patterns, pins, and an ironing board. First, you have to print the patterns from the internet or you can read through Top Craft and Sewing Products to Buy and learn more about bib patterns.

Then, place your pattern on the fabric and cut along its shape. Make sure you fold the fabric and pin it with the paper so that the pattern fits perfectly. Please note that you have to cut all fabrics with patterned paper at once.

Step 2: Pin Your Bib Pieces Together

Pin the bib pieces together with the right sides facing each other, leaving a 3-inch opening on the right side. Make sure the pins are stable enough to hold your bib fabric together, otherwise the fabric will pull as you sew.

Step 3: Sew Your Bibs

For this purpose, you will be using a ¼” seam allowance, and you must start sewing from the bottom of the turning opening and sew round to the opening at the top. Make sure you backstitch after the initial sewing. Please pay attention to sewing the bib’s neck area because you need to slow down the sewing and adjust it several times. Press your bibs after sewing to make it flat.

Step 4: Clip and Notch the Bib

Clipping and notching your bib will ensure it stays flat on the baby and the seams don’t bunch when turned inside out. To achieve this, you must trim any excess seam allowance to ¼” in all places except the opening. Take some little notches out of the top of the bib before clipping the large curves between these notches.

Step 5: Turn the Bib Right Side Out and Iron

Now turn on the iron and let it be heated up before turning the bib inside out. You may have to use a crochet hook to push out those hard-to-reach places in the bib. Press the bib, especially at the edges, to flatten everything.

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Step 6: Topstitch and Attach Fasteners

Top-stitching will help close up the opening to create a nicer bib, and you can use colored threads for this to make it more fascinating. Once the topstitching is completed, you need to sew metal snaps to the top as fasteners manually. With continuous practice and the help of top sewing products, you can enhance your sewing skills and master making bibs for your babies. provides comprehensive sewing guides and sewing ideas for your reference.

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