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Posts By Killbarney
KillBarney Tour Taking A Break
After much deliberation at Tripawds HQ, the KillBarney Tour has been suspended until further notice. [captio (More)
The Devil Went Down to Georgia
What a tough little dino that Barney is, nothing will stop him! After surviving the most insane adventures EVER with Happy Hann (More)
Barney Parties with Happy Hannah!
Happy Hannah had a pre-party for her one year More)
Word From Barney At Last!
If you're as anxious to hear about Barney's latest adventures as we have been, check this out from More)
Barney Helps Wyatt Heal
While we wait for news about the next adventures of the KillBarney Tour, Spirit Jerry's More)
Julia Is Not Impressed With Barney
This just in from Tripawds member lovejake: Well... the box has arrived! (More)
First KillBarney Tour Guidebook Now Available
More than three years in the making, The KillBarney Tour, Vol. I is now available in the More)
Sassy Is Paid a Visit by Barney
After having a fun time with Jill in the Big Apple, the next stop on the More)
A Big Day in Barney History
Not only has the KillBarney Tour just made its first stop in the Big Apple, More)
Barney Down Under Caught On Film
While Barney was visiting Spirit Magnum's pack down under, Tripawds member More)
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3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. My dog Maggie had her rear leg amputated 2 yrs ago. There is still an open wound. My vet said it will never heal because the bone keeps popping out of the skin. She also just told me a week ago that she had MRSA probably from the surgery. Is irt common yo have a none healing wound? Are we in danger of getting MRSA?

  2. I have a 3 legged dog, german Shepard akbash mix and hes struggling to use his back 1 leg at all. Any idea or tips to help me get him up on it to even start using it?

    • Yes. Please consult with a certified rehab therapist for a professional evaluation, treatment recommendations and exercises you can do at home to keep your pup fit and strong. Visit a CCRP or CCRT and the Tripawds Foundation will even pay for your first visit from the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab! For help finding the mant Tripawds resources and assistance programs, start here.

  3. Have you found a candidate yet? I am very interested! I see this was back in May.

  4. Hoppy LateThanksgiving we are thankful for and the community for all you do for every one of us!

    • And same to you Holly, Purrkins, Saxton & Mark! The word “thankful” barely scratches the surface of the gratitude we have for all you do here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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