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Search results for 'bisphosphonates' (232)

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…information.  I had tried to get PEZ on bisphosphonates
for some time when she was first diagnosed with OSA, but vets, oncologists and surgeons in my area were not open to this treatment, which is why we

29 June 2010 9:15 pm
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*** Sorry, all the search terms matched were in html attributes (such as image source) and are not displayed in the results excerpt

…. Unfortunately, this is only available in a few select clinics.

More recently, there is a promising new option for non-amputation candidates: bisphosphonates. You've probably heard of them: Fosamax and Boniva are two. This class of drugs is used in human patients with osteoperosis, or those with…

…prostate or breast cancer that has metastasized to bone.

Now, many veterinary oncologists are using bisphosphonates
for canine patients, to build and stabilize bone, and effectively manage pain. In some cases, bisphosphonates
can also be used for dogs with…

…kill cancer cells locally and possibly prevent metastasis to other areas.

At over $1,000 per dose, Zoledronate is also one of the most expensive bisphosphonates
. Which is why Dr. Kelly is so excited that her clinic is able to provide this drug at no charge to qualified canine candidates. After a year of

… Buddy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma shortly after is pack mate Nikki had an amputation for the same. He's undergoing a treatment of radiation and bisphosphonates
at Colorado State University, and is now having kidney issues.

We met up with Buddy and Niki at the Tripawds party in Colorado Springs a while

23 June 2010 6:13 pm
Posts: 8
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As for radiation therapy, keep in mind that it is only palliative and will not cure it. However, you may want to look into intralesional chemo and bisphosphonates
, something that our friends at the Santa Fe Veterinary Cancer Care clinic are conducting clinical trials with:

intralesional chemotherapy

…for Osteosarcoma Clinical Trial

Osteosarcomas (OSA) of the appendicular skeleton in canines are the most common form of bone tumors. Bisphosphonates inhibit bone resorption, without inhibiting the process of bone mineralization, and may prevent or delay metastatic disease. Zoledronate is a

17 June 2010 10:14 am
Posts: 64
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…other VCC / VESC interviews:

VCC / VESC Interview #2: Tripawd Max Does Swimmingly Well, Even After Hip Replacements
VCC / VESC Interview #3: Bisphosphonates: When Amputation isn’t an Option
VCC / VESC Interview #4: How to Pick a Veterinarian for Amputation Surgery

“Veterinary Cancer Care P.C. is

9 June 2010 10:48 am
Posts: 3
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…in her lungs.  We are still doing the K9 Immunity
, Essiac, Flax oil, filsh oil, sardines, joint suppliments, etc... We are also looking into bisphosphonates
oral alendronate (Fosamax), oral risedronate (Actonel) and intravenous

pamidronate (Aredia) with the Vets to see if we can strengthen the

22 April 2010 8:22 pm
Posts: 107
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…. Plus they get showered with attention so it probably turns into the best times of their lives

There are other pathways. Palliative radiation and bisphosphonates
can help to alleviate the pain and slow the tumor growth. Some dogs (not many but a few) start with that, thinking they only have a few months.

9 March 2010 2:34 pm
Posts: 12
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…we all know that is not an option, at least not once a fracture has happened. You have already had a few months since the first diagnosis. Maybe bisphosphonates
would have delayed a fracture but they wouldn't work forever and you might not have gotten any more time from them.

Anyway, on to the present.

22 January 2010 8:47 am
Posts: 107
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…never come up in our conversations with any vet/oncologist. In reference to our vet and oncologist suggesting alternatives of palliative radiation, bisphosphonates
to strengthen the bone, none of that has ever been brought to our attention. It was either amputate, radiate and chemo or "here are some pain meds

17 January 2010 3:26 pm
Posts: 107
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I am curious: when Pez was first dx and advised against amputation, did the vet and onco suggest the alternatives of palliative radiation, bisphosphonates
to strengthen the bone? Those treatments, and the combo of those two, are typical alternatives where amputation is not advised. Did they advise

17 January 2010 11:16 am
Posts: 107
Views: 30010


DustyDog - this is my short list of suggestions to ask your vet/oncologist about to help make sense of my enormous emails:


1. Bisphosphonates (such as pamidronate) to help the bone, even if you don't use radiation. I have read about dogs who used this even if they did not do radiation.

16 January 2010 1:47 pm
Posts: 7
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…named Timber who showed up recently) who had OSA in two front legs, but lower down. Because it was in both legs, he used palliative radiation plus bisphosphonates
(specifically pamidronate). Bisphosphonates help strengthen and rebuild the bone that has deteriorated due to the cancer. Apparently they help…

…effective in relieving pain. Compared with amputation, there is always the worry that the leg will fracture. The pamidronate (or another type of bisphosphonates
) helps give more strength.

can be considered a form of treatment. But there really is no great data to support the claim at this

16 January 2010 10:48 am
Posts: 7
Views: 2464

…once a spine tumor has taken over... there really isn't a whole lot left to do... only if it's in the beginning stages, would radiation and/or bisphosphonates
help with the pain, but not ever cure it. I know that with my Jake, once the cancer spread to his spine... he was in extreme pain, and not even

12 December 2009 6:57 pm
Posts: 27
Views: 11526

…... If the tumor is invading the bone, they would do radiation... to at least to control the pain and/or shrink the tumor... and maybe give bisphosphonates
which would help strengthen any bone that is affected by the cancer. A big problem with spine tumors is pathological fractures which would cause

11 December 2009 9:16 pm
Posts: 27
Views: 11526

…place on the web where she might find someone with a similar experience?

3) Other advice about treatment, e.g., whether radiation will help, bisphosphonates
or other pain drugs?

4) Is there anything she can do to help Jake make it until Thursday?

Sarah and Jake (via messenger Tazzie)

11 December 2009 7:06 pm
Posts: 27
Views: 11526

…the hip lump and planning new drugs to control bone pain.

So she took him back in for more x-rays (as I sat in the lobby scribbling my options, bisphosphonates
, etc). This time he was twisted slightly in the other direction. AND, the ribs on the right side looked just fine! This time the left ribs

17 September 2009 5:40 pm
Posts: 88
Views: 13121

…week, because his cell counts will be at their lowest post-chemo.)
2. Stop chemo and start metronomics

3. Is it appropriate to consider bisphosphonates
, or are those specifically for boney tumours and mets?

4. Any other ideas????

Tazzie still seems to be feeling good. Well, he is kind

12 September 2009 1:05 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 18
Views: 4858

…: zoledronic acid:

A vet tech friend sent me a short article today on "Bisphosphonates" (and specifically "zoledronic acid). These seem to be used for local tumor control. On the tripawds website, I see one mention of the bisphosphonates
used by a dog Timber that had tumors in two legs, about 1 yr ago. He used them in addition to metronomics

Anyone familiar with these? Are

28 August 2009 11:06 am
Posts: 15
Views: 15665

… bone scintigraphy and lymph node aspirates. Surgical options to treat the primary tumor will be discussed. Adjuvant therapy including the use of bisphosphonates
as well as chemotherapy options and outcomes will also be reviewed. As pain control is an important aspect of managing this cancer, especially for

2 February 2009 10:01 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 2111

…to start him on that so I can monitor how he responds.  Does anyone have any other suggestions? 

Finn starts chemo and radiation with bisphosphonates
, carboplatin as far as I know this next week.  I just want to share my story and ask for any feedback on what else I could be doing. 

23 October 2008 8:59 pm
Posts: 9
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