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Search results for 'older' (258)

…75 pound Jerry. And he was!

There have been many Danes who joined us through the years. Some were your age, some were younger, some were even older than you. And like your vets, their vets also had concerns. Atlas' story is probably one of the most interesting situations you might want to read…

…should exclude a dog from being an amputation candidate. However, there are some things to consider, based on what we've seen here.

- Bigger and older dogs can take longer to recover. Generally speaking they need a couple more weeks to get their mojo back than an average size/younger pup.


…evaluated by a therapist. The Tripawds Foundation
can pay for your first rehab visit
, that is how much of a difference it can make, especially for older and larger dogs. A therapist can also evaluate you for a prosthesis, which may or may not even be a possibility based on the location of your tumor

24 May 2022 12:16 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 166

….  I'm not sure of her mix but she looks like beagle, cattle dog or aussie maybe.  She has never been a super high energy dog.  She love walks and colder weather, not a big fan of Charleston summers!  She is a good weight and because of the long walks in pretty good shape.  

We have met with an

23 April 2022 4:59 am
Posts: 20
Views: 256

…what all the treatment options are.

Sorry- more questions than answers!  It is a more complicated decision for sure when you are dealing with an older pup and some pre-existing conditions. 

You know your girl the best and will figure out what is the best path for her.  We are here to help

22 April 2022 10:11 am
Posts: 20
Views: 256

I think you will find a much more clearer  path forward once you jave that consult and, hopefully,  the reassurance  you need.

We have had dogs older and larger handle life on three just fine. Recovery  is no picnic at first, but we'll help you navigate  through it. Once they adjust to their new

22 April 2022 10:10 am
Posts: 20
Views: 256

…opinion by an oncologist too if your vet is not one. And in the meantime check out our Tripawds Senior Dog profiles for some examples of happy older dogs on three legs.

Keep us posted!

3 April 2022 3:42 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 119

…leg where the tumours are. My vet told me that they are willing to allow her have 3 if her bloods and xrays are all good. She did say she is an older dog so it's a big consideration. I do think she has life left in her. Even through all this she keeps trying to keep up with my other dogs and

3 April 2022 3:08 pm
Posts: 10
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…just fine with amputation.  Look though the stories here in this forum, Size and Age Matters,  for inspiration.  What we often see here is that the older dogs take a little longer to get their sea legs, not always though. On average dogs are healed up and back to themselves in 2 or 3 weeks.

When my

3 April 2022 1:59 pm
Posts: 10
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…. I am struggling to decide whether I should go ahead with amputation if she gets all clear on those tests. I'm really more concerned as she is an older dog but she is in good health and form, quite active overall. I am not sure about how hard of a recovery she will have and whether it's the right…

…her at her age. I'm also scared that it will not workout and she will not thrive after having her leg removed. If anyone has insight into having an older dogs leg removed and your thoughts or things you experienced could you let me know?

3 April 2022 1:37 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 119

…to you for  doing your research and finding  the best option for your Brando.

Jist popping g in quickly  with a link o. Zoledronate.  It's an older one, but a starting point.  Jerry will come along with updates on CBD as well as specific cases of dogs who have done  Zoledronate


…in the same way he was. 

It would help if anyone who has a similar kind of dog/experience can chime in on how their decision went with a similar older but high-energy type of dog, specifically on these topics....

- anyone who decided not to amputate/chemo etc and just let them live it out

…was a chunky Bull Mastiff who was 8 1/2 when she had the amputation.   That was considered `mature` for a large dog. We've  had dogs fifteen and older, 170 lbs and larger...

15 February 2022 8:04 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 112

is also full of helpful tips.

Rudy sounds like a great, strong cat. And he's still a kid! We've had many members here with kitties much older.

Osteosarcoma in cats is rare but we've seen plenty of cases here so you're also in good company there. And luckily it doesn't act as mean in

…regularly since about 5 days in, and it gets easier all the time. She started drinking from her own water dish on Sunday (day 11). Since she's an older pup at 14 1/2 we're taking things slow, but she's building her walking strength and learning her new formation. It's amazing how intelligent their

…I'm adjusting and figuring things out, and I'm very glad to be connected to this group. I was surprised and grateful to find a thread specific to an older dog with a similar cancer.

She hasn't wanted to move much since we got home, and I'm worrying about it. She's also yelped out a few times in a

…sarcoma on her right elbow.

Hi Sarah, we are glad you found us too. I wanted to make sure you saw my response so I left it here as part of the older topic. But would you mind starting a new topic so we can help you and Angel better? Just go back to the root of this Size and Age Matters forum and…

…choose "Add Topic" on the right of your Forum box.

All of your feelings are totally normal. Five days is not a long time, especially for an older dog. They do tend to take a little longer than younger ones to recover, so don't compare her recovery with others, and keep your patience and

21 November 2021 8:41 pm
Posts: 5
Views: 457

…I'm adjusting and figuring things out, and I'm very glad to be connected to this group. I was surprised and grateful to find a thread specific to an older dog with a similar cancer.

She hasn't wanted to move much since we got home, and I'm worrying about it. She's also yelped out a few times in a

21 November 2021 1:53 pm
Posts: 5
Views: 457

…are very lucky to have you looking after them.

I'm so glad you posted because there is a lot you can do to help your Tripawd feel better. Getting older as a Tripawd doesn't have to mean feeling terrible and always being in pain. The two greatest things you can do for her is to

1) keep her slim,

…! She made it through surgery! That's wonderful! WHEW!!!!

Most dogs are up and walking by the next day. Sometimes bigger and older dogs need extra time. I think that's why your vet has decided to keep her a couple of days, which is totally fine. It will make it much easier for


Brownie wasn't as large as Bella. He was 90 lbs an time of surgery. However, he was three weeks from turning 12. You were asking how older dogs did. As you already know older dogs take a little longer to get their personality back, but they do. 

Sounds like Bella is going to be just

21 October 2021 8:44 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 243

…lots of post I realized size and age doesn't matter. Brownie surprised me everyday!

The best advise I got from the Tripawd family is be patient. Older dogs take a little more time to get their personality back. But I tell you it came back bigger then ever 

Just wanted to say hi and send positive

…to the vet after. We hope physical therapy will help but want to consider a wheel chair
later on if we need to.

Can anyone with a large breed older dog give some advice? I know this will be a good thing in the long run but struggling to find the strength to do it.

14 September 2021 11:02 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 243

…s not to say there won't be challenges. Sometimes recovery can be ruff. But overall the majority of dogs do great on three legs, even bigger and older ones. In fact, the world's best surgeons have told us that neither size nor age should exclude a dog as an amputation candidate if the dog is

…due to his age and size amputation would be a cruel and selfish option, he loves ball with his siblings (another giant hound, Zephyr, and annoying older sister Staffy, Gypsy) and is very active and a big woofer!!  But vet called tonight to confirm pathology and has convinced us that it is us humans

…understanding.   No, it's not easy hearing the news, but good for you andnyour wife doing your research. 

And yes, we've had many seniors (many older than your pup) do very well with amputation.  As we often say arpund here  "age is just a number" and it's so true.  The fitness and attitude  of…

… him as a candidate. 

Check out our thread Size and Age Matter.      https://tripawd.....e-matters/    for some more stories  about "older" pups. One fella comes to mind named Sam.  I believe at the time of amp he was fifteen  and had pretty bad arthritis.   His spunky attitude  and…

…Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie!

PS. Just want to add that my "fluffy" 125 lb Bull Mastiff was 8 1/2..  Kind of considered  "older" for a large dog.  I truly agonized  over the decision  to amputate .  Even cance the first scheduled  sur because I was soooo scared (this was

26 August 2021 12:02 pm
Posts: 9
Views: 225

…just been licensed, and in fact she was the first dog to receive it at the hospital where she goes, but now I am finding more and more people with older dogs stop me on walks to tell me about it and ask if I've heard and tell me about the amazing impact on their dogs. They all have a similar tale to…

…effects. Also, the nurse I saw the other day to give Meg her injection said she was hearing such amazing things that she almost wished she had an older dog herself so she could give them Librela!

Obviously a vet would be the person to advise on medication for pain management
in Pebbles specific

23 August 2021 1:24 am
Posts: 6
Views: 195

…to be approved so post away. Who is your oncologist that recommended you? We are so honored!

There are so many dogs who have lost a leg at an older age, lots of examples in our community! Brownie is a great example, a true inspawration. Billy is another one. Loki and Lady are two more pawesome…

…time but it's very temporary and odds are that Riley will bounce back to his old self in a matter of a couple weeks. Sometimes it takes longer for older dogs, but they get there!

2 February 2021 10:26 pm
Posts: 3
Views: 358

…term plans.  

My vet said she may be using her head to sort of balance out the missing weight on that side of her body.  Now that she is getting older its a little tough for her to keep that up.  

Does this seem like a Tripawd issue or an aging dog issue?  

You can check out my blog at https:

4 January 2021 3:01 pm
Posts: 15
Views: 358

…and welcome.

16 Pugs? That is quite the grumble!  You are doing wonderful work- taking in special needs and older Pugs.  When I adopted my current Pug boy 10 years ago I remember the rescue lady telling me they sometimes get Pugs turned into them becasue they…

…get older and aren't fun anymore... I don't know what is wrong with people.

17.5 years old and in good health? WOW! I've only made it to almost 15…

…bum leg.  Even if she only has a few months left in her those months could be pain free after an amp.  I totally get your concern about putting an older Pug through a surgery.  We often see here that older dogs take a bit longer to recover- but Zoey has the advantage of being a virtual Tripawd.  I…

…and they didn't do many posts, it was 10 years ago.  He did well as I recall.  There are lots of stories in this forum, size and age matters, about older dogs so you might find some inspiration.

Let us know what the neurosurgeon has to offer and how you decide to go forward.

Karen and the Spirit

24 December 2020 3:44 pm
Posts: 10
Views: 333

…safety Stella looks beautiful in that photo!! Please do ask me any questions that you need. And everyone else on this amazing forum!

Sage is older and a rescue. In her previous life, she was likely kept in a small cage her entire life. So when she came to us about a year ago, she was not

27 November 2020 4:03 pm
Posts: 54
Views: 1487

…gotten her wheels now, that is fantastic. Have you spoken to your vet about pain management
? This is so very important, especially when they are older and special needs. 

Another thing I would like to suggest would be the possibilities of adding a good quality CBD oil to her regimen. I

21 November 2020 8:58 am
Posts: 11
Views: 506
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