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Search results for 'Daisy recovery' (222)

…with your young age.  Mommy is going to be surprised at how well you are going to get around straight out the vet door!  I couldn't even get Daisy to use a sling when she came home post amp.  Nope.  She was gonna do things HER way.  The hard part of your recovery is going to be keeping you…

…quiet for 2 weeks.

I bought a webmaster for my Daisy (she's 80 lbs.) but we have never used it. LOL.  I put it on her and she would not move.  She doesn't particularly care for new things.  But…

…now that she is in recovery from knee surgery we're going to try again.

Good luck with the sugery and recovery!

Marla and Daisy

…is that a recent pic? You look mahvelous as always. I hope you're feeling good and having an excellent recovery!

25 August 2013 9:12 pm
Posts: 70
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…Jennifer and Paisley!  It takes quite a while for tripawds to rebuild their strength post amp.  Daisy was about 6 months before we were able to walk without tiring out but we have never been able to walk the 4-5 miles like before but she is a large…

…dog that has other orthopedic problems.  She is an 80 lb. front left amp lab mix.  Once she was thru her two week initial recovery we started taking very short walks.  So short that it would be from our driveway to the next door neighbor's and back.  Every few days we would go…

…and back.

It also takes them much more energy to hop on three legs than to walk on four and they are using their muscles in different ways.  Daisy will start to stumble when she is tired.  That's my cue that we have done too much.

It's not been quite 2 months for Paisley so I bet she is…

….  She has her young age and small size on her side.  I'm sure since she is still a puppy it's hard to keep her from overdoing it!

Marla and Daisy

25 August 2013 5:50 pm
Posts: 7
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…Jeff and Mala!  Jerry's right--the bruising is totally normal even though it looks awful.  Daisy's amp site was purple and dark red, too.

As far as the panting it is usually from all those heavy duty meds that she received in the vet hospital…

…that are working their way out.  Daisy panted so bad 3 days after surgery that I was beside myself and thought she was dying of lung mets already (which in hindsight was totally stupid of…

…me since the pathology report came back as not cancer after all).

It is really scary since they can't tell us what is wrong.  Since Daisy's amp I am a total worry wart about everything with her and it's been over 1-1/2 years now.

Mala sounds like she is doing great.  This is a…

…next couple weeks so hang on.  It can be a rollercoaster.

We are all here if you have questions or just need to vent.  Good luck with Mala's recovery!

Marla and Daisy

…wouldn't let the age be your deciding factor if he is otherwise in good health.  Daisy is 8 years old too.  Not only is she missing her front leg (to arthritis) but she also has some dysplasia in her hips along with arthritis in both…

…surgeries.  If the issue is degenerative then it will only get worse until it does completely blow out.

As I said in my post above surgery recovery is rough and it seems like it will never end.  But it does.  It took Daisy 9 weeks to start moving around unassisted.  Keep in mind that they are…

…but being three legged they need the extra support and it is 8 weeks minimum of absolutely no activity except going out to do their business.  Poor Daisy's muscles are so weak right now it will take a little bit to build her strength back up.

Again, good luck with whatever you decide.

Marla and Daisy

…Jeanette and Rusty!  Sorry Rusty is having a rough time with his ccl.  My Daisy tore the ccl in her back right leg (she is a left front amp) last October.  I was doing conservative management (my vet's recommendation) on it…

…surgery.  It is a less invasive surgery than a TPLO or TTA repair (those two surgeries scared the heck out of me).  I have to say the recovery has been rough and I think it would be even harder when it's the only rear leg but not un-doable.  Murphy is a tripawd member here who had a total…

…hip replacement on his only rear leg and he came thru it like a champ and was such an inspiration to Daisy and I.  You might read up on his story.

I hope the conservative management works.  One of the vet techs at the vet office where Daisy goes has a…

…a couple years with success.  They do laser treatments on him regularly along with anti-inflammatories.  He is about half the size of my 80 lb. Daisy which I think makes a difference too, but conservative management can work.

Good luck!

Marla and Daisy



…m sorry that Sassy isn't feeling well.  Daisy recently had a UTI during her knee surgery recovery and it really set her recovery back.  Before the UTI got diagnosed I could not get her to move.  It was a chore getting her out to potty.  I had to use slings on both the front…

…a new dog.

I hope Sassy feels better soon!  Give the antibiotics some time to work and she'll be back to her old self in no time.

Marla and Daisy


18 August 2013 5:01 pm
Posts: 28
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…to beat this poor thread to death but...I decided yesterday that Daisy just doesn't feel good and it is more than just her knee.  Talked to the vet last night about my fears (I'm such an obsessive worry wart when it…

…comes to Daisy anymore since the whole amputation thing) and told her I was now obsessing that she has a bone infection.  She had me run a urine sample to her…

…today and Daisy does have an infection (UTI).   On my way over there after work to pick up antibiotics.  Hopefully in a few days Daisy will perk up again and we can continue on the road to recovery.

Marla and Daisy

…Rascal!  So glad to hear you are coming along with your recovery.  And double YAY for the POOP.

Daisy was the same way with a sling.  I tried to use it but she would have none of it.  Would.not.budge.  Although she is fine with a sling now since…

…knee surgery. Go figure.

It'll take a while for him to rebuild his strength but before you know it he'll be back to his old self.

Marla and Daisy

5 August 2013 4:49 pm
Posts: 34
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…Beckie and Maje!  Something happening to one of the remaining legs is everyone's worst fear.  Believe me I know since that happened to my Daisy.  Right now she is in week 7 of recovery for a ruptured cruciate ligament in her back right knee (she's a front amp).

What activities were you…

…all the way up his leg for any swelling or areas that seem sensitive  when you apply pressure?  I'm not a vet but those are the things I did when Daisy quit weight bearing on her rear leg.  Like Jerry and Sally said check the paw.  Maybe something is stuck up in there or maybe there is a cracked or…

…dogs breaking a toe.

I wish I could be more help and I'm hoping it is something really simple and that Maje is back to his old self.

Marla and Daisy

3 August 2013 1:26 pm
Topic: So Worried!
Posts: 11
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…Jennifer.  My Daisy came home from surgery with instructions to limit all activity except going out for potty breaks for the first two weeks of recovery.  Really they just need lots of rest so their bodies can heal.  They are learning to carry themselves in a new way so try not to let Lady do too…

…sites while they are healing.  That is easier said than done with a young active pup!

As far as the steps--I was determined to use a sling on Daisy for the two steps in/out the backdoor but she would not move an inch with that thing under her.  She hopped right in the door when we got home from…

…her surgery.

Some dogs also go thru what seems like depression.  That's pretty normal so don't worry too much.  Daisy had her crash during week 3 of recovery.

Good luck with Lady's recovery!

Marla and Daisy

31 July 2013 6:30 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 1644

….  Don't worry if the vet keeps him longer.  They can keep him on the good pain meds while he is there and he will already be a couple days ahead in recovery when he gets home.  Once he gets home he will do great but be prepared for some ups and downs.  Most dogs will crash sometime during the recovery

…period so try not to get discouraged (sometimes easier said than done LOL).  They can be restless and whiny which is usually just the meds.  Daisy panted alot and was restless the first few days.

If you have a lot of hard surface floors you might think about getting some carpet runners or…

…and after she was out and everything was ok, and then bawled some more!  Once Rascal gets home he will need you to be strong.

Good luck with the recovery and keep us posted on how it is going.

Marla and Daisy


30 July 2013 6:39 pm
Posts: 34
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…you my Daisy had her amputation on Thursday and came home Saturday.  I didn't take any time off work for her recovery.  I had her gated off in the living room (only carpeted room in my house) with her bed and food/water.  I came home for lunch everyday to check…

… She did just fine.  All she really did for those first few weeks was sleep and go out to do her business a few times a day anyway.  I'm lucky that Daisy is kind of a slug so keeping her down is not much of an issue for us.

Good luck with the recovery!

Marla and Daisy

30 July 2013 1:16 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 7988

….  We've all been there with the fear, anxiety, sadness over our pets losing a leg.  Karen gave you some good tips on how to prepare for Angel's recovery at home.

Those first few weeks will be rough but before you know it Angel will be back to her old self.  Those meds can really do a number on…

…them.  Lots of panting and restlessness.  You'll be surprised at how well she will most likely be able to get around.  Daisy hopped out to greet me when I picked her up the day after surgery like nothing had ever happened!  It was funny because the waiting room was crowded…

…stubborn and likes to do things her own way.

Sending good thoughts to you and Angel.  Let us know when you can how it went.


Marla and Daisy

25 July 2013 6:51 pm
Posts: 17
Views: 6354

…than actually unhappy.  They give them the good stuff after surgery but it can make them act strange.  I'm glad he ate some food for you.  When Daisy came home post amp I couldn't get her to eat her regular kibble & canned food.  I had to boil her chicken and that's pretty much what she ate…

…of rest and very limited activity.  They start using muscles they probably never knew they had so he might be kind of sore from using them.  My Daisy is pretty much a slug so I didn't have a hard time keeping her from overdoing it too soon.

Best of luck with the recovery and keep us posted!

Marla and Daisy


24 July 2013 7:57 pm
Posts: 9
Views: 2232

… you make.

There are no wrong decisions here. Any decision made out of love is the right one!

You've gotten good feedback from Sam and Daisy.

It is major surgery! Recovery is no "walk in the park" I agree with Daisy, see what the orthopedic says He'll be able to determine if he's

22 July 2013 8:16 pm
Posts: 34
Views: 10519

…!  Daisy is feeling much better this morning.  She has actually been up and moving around on her own already 3 times in the last hour.  Seems to be turning…

…does (my stoic girl prefers to suffer in silence).  I guess the whining could have been caused by the meds though.

We are now 5-1/2 weeks into recovery so I am hoping for NO MORE SETBACKS!

Marla and Daisy


…drink lying down) and walking out to potty a little further than she had.  I'm still using a sling to assist her and we have continued to take the recovery very slowly.  I've not been trying to get her to do more than she is willing.

This morning she is not wanting to walk at all.  I got her up to…

…so hopefully that might help if she is having pain.

I'm just beside myself this morning and it's too early to call the vet...

Marla and Daisy


…of the dogs on here have gone thru a depression sometime during their recoveryDaisy's depression occurred during her third week.  I could not get her interested in getting up and doing any more than going out to do her business.  I…

…itself.  If he just started panting today when you reduced his tramadol my non-expert opinion would be that he still needs some pain management
Daisy panted and drooled really bad while on the tramadol.  She was on 2 (50mg) tramadol 2-3 times a day and 75 mg Deramaxx once a day.  I too started…

…weaning her off the tramadol after about 1 week.

Hang in there.  It WILL get better!

Marla and Daisy

5 July 2013 5:48 pm
Posts: 13
Views: 12102

…Frenchbd13.  Since you have already gone thru a ccl repair for Area's left knee then you kinda know what to expect from the recovery.  I've read that a lot of dogs will end up rupturing the ccl in the other knee after repair on one.  It is more challenging with a tripawd though.…

…  I am still having to walk Daisy with a sling to support her hind end and we are 3 weeks post surgery.  I think "quad-paws" are usually walking on their own by the 3rd week.


…had TTA surgery on her knees.  I think her name was Ellie.  You might do a search to read their experience.  I think it turned out well.

This recovery hasn't been easy but I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It would not have been long before the arthritis would have set into that joint and that…

…leg would have become close to unusable.

Good luck!

Marla and Daisy

…to hear Daisy is making progress.  As I told you Obie had knee surgery in February and his recovery/rehab was way harder than after Maggie's amp.  And Obie only weighs 16 pounds so if he overdid on one day I could carry him out to potty.

You are

1 July 2013 5:56 pm
Posts: 67
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…paws crossed that Daisy continues to do well in her recovery.  It's bummer having restricted activity but there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Amy & Libby

30 June 2013 1:25 pm
Posts: 67
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…-You and your pawrents are pawsome.  I know this has been a long hard road but you made it!

You were/are an inspiration to me while Daisy is going thru her knee surgery/recovery.  If Murphy could make it thru a hip replacement it makes Daisy's knee surgery look like a walk in the park…


Marla and Daisy

…go, Daisy!

Sorry I didn't get back here to tell you sooner. We have been on vacation (with a swimming pool!)' and then couldn't get on here. So glad…

…we are back online. It sounds like you and your Mom are getting things worked out. Take your time with recovery, and then go slow on the rehab. You will be back before you know it.

21 June 2013 12:05 pm
Posts: 67
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…have made it to Day 6 post-op!  I gotta say the last few days have been rough-rough-rough.  This recovery has been more challenging than her amputation.  I am physically and emotionally drained.  It's difficult to maneuver a virtually 2-legged dog…

…t quit flinging herself around with it on so vet told me to take it off as she is likely to injure herself.

Well that's it for now.

Marla and Daisy

Daisy hit her post op funk around week 3 of recovery.  It was sorta like a depression.  Most pups do this after surgery.  Don't really know why.  Could be a number of things.  Daisy was eating and…

…her a visit and that cheered her up.

If Maisie doesn't seem like she is running a fever or in pain I would say this is just part of the normal recovery process but then I am no vet so that's my very unqualified opinion. LOL

Hope Maisie perks up soon.

Marla and Daisy

…- you are an amazing pawrent! We are sending sweet Daisy lots of love for a speedy recovery! Hang in there - she is a fighter and i'm positive that she will continue to amaze us all.

Alicia, Angel Daisy, and Quad-pawd Dakota

15 June 2013 10:41 pm
Posts: 67
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… you CAN do this. Lisa is right; once you've been through amputation recovery, you can do anything. Daisy is such a sweetie, I know she will sense that you need her to cooperate and she'll be a great patient for you. Stay strong and breathe, you are

15 June 2013 8:33 am
Posts: 67
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…!  I am having a meltdown this morning and Daisy isn't even home yet.  She is possibly coming home today and now I'm freaking out that I will not be able to handle her.  I've been up since 4:30…

…this morning.  It's just me and and 80 lb. dog that is only able to walk on two legs!  Trying to occupy myself with preparing her recovery area but it isn't helping.

Okay breathe.....


…Ms Daisy,

Sounds like you are doing great post amp. As everyone has said, the recovery process takes awhile and each dog or cat, is different. Tahoe is almost 12 weeks post amp but has little interest in going for walks anymore..…

…were/are all wonky with chemo.  Even when you think you have a 100% definitive diagnosis, we are guessing ...


I wish you all a speedy recovery and yes, things will get much better and you will have your girl back real soon.


Stirling and Tahoe

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