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Search results for 'incision infection' (453)

…that most of the cats are off pain meds around the time the stitches/staples are removed.

It sounds like Bruster either has some pain or has an infection. Last year Mona was lethargic, didn't eat and she peed outside the litter box. I took her to the vet and she had a bladder and kidney infection.…

… Has your vet checked Bruster for a urinary tract, bladder, and/or kidney infection? Any chance the surgical incision is infected?

By the way, your vet should get your surgical costs reimbursed by the vaccine company since their product caused the sarcoma.

…while we were away at work, but not at night.

She has done a LOT better but there was still that "need" for her to lick just a small area of the incision site (about 1" or so in length) since I made the post above. I took your advice (Jerry) and felt along the incision but everything felt really…

…and we visited with her vets today and she believes it's just a small area that is slightly more resistant to healing than the rest of the incision. (The rest of her incision looks great! It's very well sealed over, has hair, not angry looking at all). Her vet agreed that there's no signs of…

…the wound 2-3 times daily until healed. She will also continue to be in her cone during the day until we are confident she will not try licking her incision sight throughout the day. I did put her new topical on her earlier and she seemed fine with it although I do think perhaps the topical solution felt…

…one and I'm the super crazy, anxious, high-strung one lol ). Will update how the topical does on soothing/healing the last remaining part of her incision.

As for her fluid build up (seroma
) etc, that's all gone away by now. She just kind of has a little bit of extra floppy now and a cute stump

…her recovery. She loved it! The advantage to wet food is that the cat gets a lot of moisture from the food. 

You might find a cold pack on the incision is comforting. I used a cold, damp washcloth on Mona for about 5 minutes and she loved it. The coolness also helps with the inflammation.

I don…

…t know anything about antibiotics but I believe they are based on the type of infection. They can take a sample of the infection to determine the best antibiotic.

I hope things continue to improve.

Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

22 September 2020 2:05 pm
Posts: 38
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…you can see that Arlo really misses his wrestle buddy. Our 12 year old Aussie / Shepherd mix is just happy to have Lana healthy again. 

Lana's incision site seems to be healing over nicely. She's had a couple pinker skin areas that seemed to bother her more, but now they are turning her normal…

…licking, at least - and that brings me to my next part....

I am probably a bit paranoid - but is it normal they would still want to lick the incision site so much after stitches are out? We are 22 days post operation now and her vet said she no longer needed to be coned when she removed stitches…

…. Especially since at night she is still fussing over it but it is definitely better when she is on Gabapentin than when she is not. No signs of infection at all, she just has an obsession with it especially at night. 

During the day she is absolutely great! She is even becoming playful again.

…Ziggy, you are totally smoochable! Welcome home!

And Mona, I think you're onto something. Ziggy knew exactly what was happening when that incision was bothering him. YAY for no more infection!

17 September 2020 12:27 pm
Posts: 103
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…kitty Mona told me that Ziggy is extremely bright! He just does a lot of thinking before he takes action. Mona said that Ziggy knew he had an infection because it kept tickling him and that is why he went after his incision. She figures now that he feels good he'll heal quickly.

It'll be great to

17 September 2020 11:41 am
Posts: 103
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…will fix the issue.

No idea if they cultured it! I'm guessing no as she only had him for a couple of hours before she called us back? She called infection based on the muscle deteriorating and coming off the bone, and the fact that his body has been using that "belly button" to drain fluid. The only…

…source of that kind of drainage would be an infection, as we're well past the point where the rest of his incision has completely healed up.

I'm taking notes on things to ask her. Antibiotic type is one, and someone on reddit mentioned giving their kitty

11 September 2020 1:17 pm
Posts: 103
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…all. It was perfect at first, the muscle healed well, it was really well-padded. It probably would have been fine had he not gotten that initial infection, and even then she said it was really unusual for it to have moved into the bone like it did since he was on Veraflox the whole time.

Had I been…

…so, I'm not upset with the vet at all. I think Ziggy is just one of those cats that had really be run of weird and worst-possible results here. Infection, necrotic tissue, incision reopening, and now another infection. Or more of the same infection, whichever. Our vet was horrified when she felt

10 September 2020 7:05 pm
Posts: 103
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…Ziggy has decided he's just not quiiiiiite done with everything yet.

Since his suture removal, there's one spot at the "head" of his incision where the vet had to kind of tuck the skin in to close things off, and it made a little pocket, or bellybutton as the vet calls it. I kind of…

…to see him. My heart dropped when she called back this afternoon and asked if my wife and I could both hear her okay.

It turns out that the infection that we took him in for shortly after his surgery apparently never really went away, and moved to the bit of his femur they left in there.…

… Additionally, the infection must have weakened the muscle that they wrapped around the end of the bone because it's completely gone, and it's basically just the end of his bone…

…being touched and now it makes sense as to why. That pocket of skin didn't really heal up because his body is using it to drain fluid related to the infection, which is why it's still pink and not clear.

We had two options here, and all four of the vets consulted on this today. Either we could try…

…aggressively treating with antibiotics and hope we get the infection this time, or they could do a smaller surgery and just remove the piece of bone. While we don't want to put him through another surgery, with a bone…

…are going to consult on a firm treatment plan and will call us tomorrow.

Right now the plan is to take him back Monday and they'll do a smaller incision to remove the remainder of his femur, and they should also be able to eliminate that little pocket of skin too. She wants to keep him for a few days…

… hahaha. Definitely not ideal (and we're kinda bummed because his fur has really started to grow back, LOL) but hopefully this will get rid of the infection and spare him a lot of discomfort later on down the line.

This has been such a rough process for all of us, especially Ziggy. Please keep us in

10 September 2020 2:27 pm
Posts: 103
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…staples are (finally!) due to be removed this Wednesday, YAY!!!!!! We had to take him back to have one small spot closed up - he has that Y incision because of the necrotic tissue removal, and there was an open spot in the middle that was smallish and healthy but gross. It was leaking like crazy,…

…with his healing process - normally someone might see one or two of these, but we've had the full spectrum. To recap, we had an initial mild infection that ruptured in the car, then the necrotic tissue that had to be surgically removed, then a lot more leaking, then what we thought were some phantom…

…limb attacks, then the incision opening up slightly at the juncture, and the fibrin which necessitated more staples all while he was escaping every single thing he was put in to

22 August 2020 8:11 am
Posts: 103
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…so happy its gine that infection. Her eyes look brighter to me. 

I sent this to Jackie but maybe can ask you also

What would you say are the recovery milestones in terms of…

bowel movements ...she hasnt had one. 

They gave her to me with that t shirt on. I do plan to put a new shirt on her daily. Do you think the incision needs air and I shouldn't? 

Would you do the ice pack and heat treatments starting today? I feel I dont want to disturb her. When do you think

16 August 2020 5:50 pm
Posts: 296
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…leg amputated today. She had what was believed to be a low grade soft tissue satcoms removed last week. Wednesday’s bandage change showed that the incision was slightly infected. It’s horribly infected today and some of the tissue is necrotic. The post-removal biopsy also staged the tumor at a higher…


Her surgeon recommended we amputate immediately, saying she wouldn’t even wait until next week because of concern about the infection further spreading. We consented and are now just waiting for the phone call that says surgery  is over. 

I’m such a bag of mixed emotions right…

…about life on three legs. She’s been happily hopping on three since the first surgery and gets around just fine. 

But I’m terribly worried about infection and recovery and nursing and pain management
. She’s a remarkable, smart, sweet, bouncy dog who charms every person she meets. We knew amputation

7 August 2020 2:24 pm
Posts: 36
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…bed so he and our elderly dog will have better access.  But it's still too soon.  He slept wonderfully after he settled in and even slept on the incision side from time to time.  He's much more relaxed.  I think the gabapentin has a chance at slight sedation now that his pain is better managed and…

…the infection is clearing up.  

He tries to follow my husband, practically touching his leg at all times, and his separation anxiety is getting more serious,

4 August 2020 12:31 pm
Posts: 48
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…gosh I'm so glad that wasn't an infection. Gummy scabbing...yep, that pretty much describes incision ick.

Heh I think Ziggy's probably enjoying all the attention from his new corral of fans! Enjoy the R&R break from caregiving and hopefully

3 August 2020 3:42 pm
Posts: 103
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…I got a clear recording!

Cones are definitely staying on! We let him have supervised wash time before, but this time he goes straight for the incision and won't wash anything else if he gets blocked. Did I ever mention that he's an incredibly stubborn cat?

The vet did indeed want me to bring him…

…back, but once they got him down and got some cleaning solution and gauze to work, it turned out to be just gummy scabbing, no infection! It was just really hard for me to tell what was incision/stitches and what was just gunk that could be removed. Since he's so well-behaved there…

…and eats for them, she said they were going to keep him a couple of days just to be sure the incision stays clean and isn't about to start showing an infection. I think he's just enjoying stirring up a lot of trouble!

3 August 2020 12:40 pm
Posts: 103
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…a weekend, y'all!  Long story short- Barkley has an infection.  He's been to the ER and vet again since I last posted.  He's slightly anemic, though his white count is improving. Me

I was up through the…

…whole night on Saturday night because he wasn't handling his buprenex well at all.  In early morning, I checked his incision( it was covered) and he had developed a blister/pustule/edema?  I took him to ER to hopefully drain, assess and avoid rupture.  Unfortunately, it

3 August 2020 4:44 am
Posts: 48
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…all night long.  I finally peeked under his t-shirt (longer story) and found that he had developed what I hoped was a fluid edema near his incision.  I woke my husband immediately and I took Barkley to the emergency vet. 

I just spoke with the vet and she suspects it is a secondary infection,…

… despite the antibiotics he got on Friday.   Because it is about to burst, they are going to try and help it out so that it doesn't compromise the incision.  They are also likely going to run more labs. 

It's 7:11 am and I'm in my car in front of the ER (covid) and haven't slept a wink since…

…reran bloodwork and his white blood cell count was better than Friday but be is slightly anemic.  They did cold laser treatment on the new wound and incision.  They bandaged him up and sent us home with antibiotics and instructions to up his gabapentin to 3 pills and try 12 hours again.  We have a

2 August 2020 6:12 am
Posts: 48
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…about the pictures! Here's another to add - explanation below. Ziggy's super cool goggles

The vet never really said infection about the first time, but with pus involved it must have been a mild one e. The guess is that a lot of his issue was with the box - he's very fussy…

…before we caught him.

We've had another little speed-up. After he came home, I had noticed a slightly discolored spot on the belly side of his incision right about where the seroma
had been. I assumed it was just some staining from the flushing out and she had warned me that we might see some

29 July 2020 5:30 pm
Posts: 103
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…are great photos. I'm happy to hear that Ziggy is doing so much better. Great news!

Just so I understand - did Ziggy have an infection in the incision? And the vet said it was caused by the litter box?

I haven't seen too many infections here but when they are caught and resolved the cat sure

29 July 2020 12:04 pm
Posts: 103
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…way, he is on the path to healing and being able to enjoy more quality time with his favorite people. 

We finally have his appetite back and his incisional infection is headed in the right direction 

THIS is remarkable! Focus on these accomplishments. Rehab will happen. The NSAID should make a

26 July 2020 2:14 pm
Posts: 42
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…found a few foreign bodies in his stomach (naughty puppy) while they were in there.

Post operatively he had ileus, acute kidney injury and an incisional abscess. He spent about a week in the hospital (with an awesome team that I am so thankful for) but recovery is slow and I'm starting to fear…

…but he cannot get up on his own anymore and going outside to go to the bathroom takes a lot out of him. We finally have his appetite back and his incisional infection is headed in the right direction - but it prevents us from being able to do much rehab. I'm just really hoping that adding his NSAID

26 July 2020 10:28 am
Posts: 42
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…it's not an infection, there was a flap of skin sewn over the main incision to protect it from knocks and scrapes (because Adam is a buffoon and his greyhound skin is super thin) ... There was starting to be a buildup of

18 July 2020 2:23 pm
Posts: 18
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….  We can help, but as Jerry noted, there are lots of questions first, okay??

Some proper pain management
and some proper care of that infected  incision will make a big difference!!   So we'll look for your response and look forward to making things better for your pup!

Respond  as soon as you…

…attention  from another Vet.  Sorry that the stitches were botched and "seemingly" caused all these issues.  It could well be that an unaddressed infection  was raging  first and that's  why the stitches  burst.

You'll also want a culture of the infection done so the right antibiotic  is given.

16 July 2020 11:51 am
Posts: 3
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…. And we did actually talk to the oncologist last Thursday. She said that even if we decided for chemo, she wouldn't want to start until the incision infection is healed. But she said a few times that even with chemo, life expectancy may not change because of the type of cancer it is and where it…

…water bowl. I'll try the twitter route, but if it doesn't work I'll make a you tube account.

The vet also told us to nix the harness until the incision heals, so we have been using the regular lease and collar until we get the staples out, which stinks because the harness is so much easier. She

…. She said we could reassess once the staples come out... which, they did not come out today STILL! They want to wait another week because the infection is still bad on her incision. I talked about the mentioned probiotic above and they said it was a good idea. I also mentioned about diets and they…

…been keeping in mind when Lady is outside. It was reassuring to know that likely isn't causing Lady much discomfort. Hopefully by next week her incision will be all healed and we will finally get those staples out.

I hope everyone has a safe & fun holiday weekend! Give your dogs & cats an

…it. Just wrap the cold pack in a towel and apply for about 10 minutes. I usually just draped a cold damp facecloth over Mona's site.

How is the incision healing? It's important to monitor for infection.

I'm sure you'll hear from others soon. I hope the new meds help.


2 July 2020 12:16 pm
Posts: 16
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…is not a typical place for a pressure sore even in large dogs.  I wonder is there is a nidus of infection there such as an old suture. It looks like the three lesions run along the incision line. Many times there is a secondary infection to these…

…lesions; personally I would use a topical such as mupirocin and ideally culture the larger open wound prior to oral antibiotics since resistant Staph infections are becoming more common in dogs.  The tshirt is a good idea to keep the area clean but will not provide much padding.

How long ago was the

14 June 2020 8:50 am
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 14
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…as surgically possible without damaging the leg. The surgery lasted almost 5 hours long but went well overall with the exception of the resulting incision. Because of the loss of skin from the necrotic wound and the removal of a significant amount of lipoma, he was left with a T-shaped incision -…


The healing went well initially but about a month after surgery, we noticed discharge and an odor coming from the center of the T-shaped incision where it wasn't closed completely. The vet had us start with a different oral antibiotic but after a culture, it was realized that the infection was…

…resistant to anything we could give orally. So, for 6 weeks we had to flush this "hole" in his side where the incision didn't close with a topical antibiotic and stuff the wound with gauze soaked in it (imagine pulling out and stuffing gauze into a 2 cm hole on the…


Then last week they noticed the discharge increasing, which it hadn't done in quite some time. The vet ordered another culture of the infection and unfortunately deemed that it was also resistant to the topical antibiotic we were using the flush the wound. So, last Tuesday, 5/26 after 2 and…

…to do everything we could to save Frank and give him the best possibly quality of life. 

They removed his leg on Friday, 5/29 and as much of the infection as they could. As I mentioned, the surgeon said after opening him up that the limb was absolutely not savable given the depth and severity of his infection. So we did the right thing for him as he was definitely miserable with how far it went into his leg, muscles, and even his ribs. He is high risk…

…for another infection so I am giving him a shot of a pretty strong antibiotic twice a day and we have to keep an extra eye on his incision. He also came home with a drain to help alleviate the fluid build up which I have to clean our 3-4 times a day. Luckily they were able to keep…

…this one fairly straight with no T-shape so we are praying it heals quickly before another infection can develop.

WOW I haven't typed that entire thing up prior to this and it definitely has been a journey! I tried to attach a picture of our

… ditto Jerry. Hard to say from pocture, but incision  doesn't  look bad.  Looks pretty "normal", but, again, good for checking  with Vet.

No discharge, no gunky stuff, no foul smell.  And yes,…

… generally  antibiotics take care of pote tial for infections,  but they can still happen anyway.  So good for double checking  with Vet.

23 May 2020 3:38 pm
Posts: 43
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…for the positive words everyone! She is still doing great, but now I am worried her incision site is infected! The site swollen...I just sent a picture over to my vet. She is on antibiotics, so wouldn't that stop an infection? What

23 May 2020 11:07 am
Posts: 43
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