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Comments By Jerry
Sameer, we've seen many members go through similar tough "not this, maybe that" situations so please do post in our Discussion Forums OK? Meanwhile, my recommendation is to get another opinion if you haven't already. You can also check with a service like Colorado State' (More)
Ooooh that sounds like fun! I'll bet the people there were so impressed by you, Duker. As for Bubba, well we hope he doesn't have nightmares about those pesky rodents! (More)
Awww we love you guys back! We are sooo glad to hear he's home and on the mend. Yes, you are right, he had a LOT done to his body, more than the usual amputation, which is why he's more wobbly and out of it. But think about it: imagine how a human would be if they had those same parts removed, then went home the next day. They wouldn't! Diggs is (More)
Nick, it's hard to believe that things can change so quickly. Just had a chance to catch up and I'm so sorry about the bad news, that bites in a big way. But you did what the best oncologists would recommend doing. The most important thing is to get rid of that awful pain, and any time after that is icing on the cake. We have seen MANY dogs out (More)
WHEW! That is great news Michelle, thank you for the update. Hopefully the ortho doc will have some non-surgical ideas to help with your shoulder. Keep us posted. (More)
Oh I wanted to let you know that when you share videos, it helps if you put them on YouTube first, then paste the video URL into your blog post. That's because free Tripawds blogs don't have a whole lot of storage space for more than a few movies, even short ones. If you'd like to post movies directly to your blog, you can skip the YouTube step (More)
I'd have to agree with you Tina, the Mannimobile HAD to play a major role in his incredible longevity. To continue being included in the world, exploring all the scents and things that made his brain tick, it was powerful medicine. I wish every dog could have their own stroller! (More)
Karen we'd love to know your favorites. Can you rotate them or does Elly get bored with the old ones? (More)
Sounds like a pretty normal recovery. Perhaps even an excellent one if he's showing interest in going out in the snow and doing things. WOW! That tiredness will subside in time. Just go slow and you'll see that sparkle return. (More)
Ohhhhh Cadpig just knew that you needed extra love. As non-touchy feely as she is, she had that much room in her heart to share tenderness with you, if only for a little bit. What a wonderful gift from Zato, no doubt he influenced that. It takes time to heal. Be good to yourself and know that eventually the good days are more powerful than the b (More)
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