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Comments By Jerry
I'm also glad you returned to let us know how you are doing. Writing is therapeutic isn't it? And thank you from the bottom of our hearts for setting up a fundraiser, that is incredibly thoughtful and we are honored. Ampuversaries, angelversaries...these milestones are not easy. They remind us of what we feel we could have done differently, they (More)
Welcome and thank you for staring a blog. I love your photos so far, we can't wait to see more! Here is a good post about recognizing pain signals in pets: And another about managing post-op amputation pain (More)
Oh what a gorgeous boy! We are SO hoppy you decided to blog because we need all the Tripawd hero stories about Saints that we can get. They are one of the first breeds that many vets will say are not eligible for amputation, however here at Tripawds we've seen plenty do well on three. So THANK YOU for chiming in and spreading the word. If you need (More)
That is SO true! Our once in a lifetime heart dogs do that to us. (More)
Wow I am having a hard time believing five whole years have passed too. I remember that day so clearly Michelle, my heart ached sooo much for you and Karma. I cannot recall such a dark day in our community's history, it was unreal. All I can say is that over the last five years you have grown so much thanks to Sassy's love and now Snickers, Jaz (More)
Helen that is a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing and we hope you feel good for a long, long time! (More)
Tiffany, thanks for all you do for the Tripawd kitties! I think that because this litter is specifically made for situations where cats need extra TLC against infections, I would go with this one. I liked what we learned about it at the conference. I'm sure the kitties will have the last say but it can't hurt to give it a try. (More)
Elisabet, I'm not a vet but it would make sense to me that she is feeling phantom pain. Even something like declawing is akin to cutting off thumbs, so my guess is that the tail holds similar sensations. I'm so sorry about her situation. Have you considered talking to a behaviorist about prescribing a SSRI or other calming medication? Oftentimes me (More)
Hey guys thank you for sharing your story here! It's good to hear from you. We can't wait to see some photos of handsome Othello! (More)
Hay congrats Rusty! You make the three legged life look easy, that dot chasing took some doing. We send lots of pawsitivity that the vet says you're all good for a long, long time. Keep us posted OK? (More)
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