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Name: charon coonfield
Bio: gayle developed a small lump in her right front wrist. biopsy determined it was a soft tissue sarcoma, with amputation feb 17, 2010. she's recovering nicely, taking naps when needed, and enjoying every moment of every wonderful day. in december 2010 we discovered oral melanoma cancer. gayle had two surgeries to remove tumors, but the ugly disease took her from us december 12, 2011. love never ends.

Recent Posts (All Posts)

love never ends
it is with a heavy heart, that i post that we lost gayle today.  she was about 22 months post amputation for soft tissue sarcoma, and was nearing the one year date of identifying the existence of oral melanoma.  she had two surgeries to remove the (More)
what a great day for a walk!
sunday was our first every morris animal foundation k9 cancer walk here in knoxville.  the weather was great, and the turnout was unbelievable!!  gayle got a little tired, but was a trooper thru the whole afternoon of visiting and excitement.  sam (More)
she may have a finance degree, but she can't add....
charon is a goober when it comes to counting...even with only three legs, i knew her numbers were off.....geesh, today is my 19 month ampuversary for pete's sake!!! geesh, she's so hard to train, but i guess i'll keep her. gayle (More)
2nd UPDATE!!! counting our blessings...
yesterday was charon’s birthday – she dare not even think about september when the news of gayle’s melanoma diagnosis came last december.  but gayle is a warrior, and again, she sat by her charon’s feet, napping and having puppy dreams, as t (More)
come walk with us in september - i'll be the one doing the 'tripawd hop'
charon & i are registed for the first annual Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer Walk in knoxville.  we'll be 'hopping' on sunday september 18th, so everybody should try to plan on being in knoxville that weekend to walk with us.  there's plenty (More)

Recent Comments (All Comments)

hope you can snag some sleep while your two 'babies' sleep!!! it will get better, we promise. charon & spirit gayle (More)
welcome!! poor oscar, having to go through all of that pain and such, when that leg was obviously wanting to be gone. he will do fine on three legs - although we'd recommend you keep him a little confined/controlled for the next two weeks until the incision is healed and sutures are out. the pain meds can make our pups loopy, and it takes a (More)
we remember the shock of learning of gayle's cancer, and then the second diagnosis of melanoma. writing about your experience is very important for you, and for us. we don't need to dwell on the heartbreaks, but we need to acknowledge them and give ourselves permission to feel the pain. charon & spirit gayle (More)
bailey, we are declaring it 'bailey day' here in ET!!! the monkeydogs are getting extra treats and we are celebrating your wonderful 18th birthday!! be careful, now you're legal to be drafted into the army!! charon & spirit gayle (More)
sounds like you guys are on an excellent adventure. geesh, mulligan on a golf course - that's funny!! charon & spirit gayle (More)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this inspirational journey with so many victories on so many levels! ‘Daphney is truly a ROCK STAR…And an ADORABLE one at that!!! You can’t help but smile as you look at that happy Lab smile!

    You have a good Guardian Angel Cyrus watching over you and all yiur humans!



    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. My baby girl had a front leg amp and has a huge seroma. We are one week out. Hate seeing her like this 🙁

    • The seroma can be easily drained by your vet. Take things one day at a time and check the forums and blogs for lots of helpful recovery and care tips or consider downloading the Tripawds e-books for fast answers and feel free to call to toll-free Helpline anytime.

  3. Love to All❤

  4. One friend of mine had a husband who wouldn’t allow her to have their out of control male dog fixed. So when he was out of town she had the surgery done. The husband didn’t seem to notice! Mind you, most people would notice if a leg is suddenly gone.


  5. I feel very sorry for the ones who has to deal with a family disagrement. I was lucky, mine was all in! But the difference is, they know me well regarding my pets..I work in a vet hospital, my pets are my family and my “real” family knows this since I was a young child. They know that disagreeing with me isnt an option LOL But they dont, they know that I have a good judgement. I had positive reaction when they saw how Novak was walking and running like nothing had happen. Its not cancer related, so its a bit different… and even me, have a different opinion if I had to amputated due to cancer, Im not even sure I would or do chemo after that. See, I have a tripawds, I work in a vet hospital and even me dont know what I would do in that situation.

    Im sure that beeing thorn between a spouse and your own decision must be difficult and like any other disagrement, talking about it and seeing both parties is a must to get to a final decision.

    • I love your strong attitude and approach! When it comes to amputation, I’m guessing most unenlightened people don’t see the situation as any different whether cancer is involved or not. As for your thoughts about amputation and cancer, it’s wise of you not to jump to any conclusions about what you would do, since you’ve never been in that situation. That shows me that you are open to anything once you analyze all the facts. Most people aren’t willing to hold off on spouting off their opinions, even if they’ve never traveled that road. Thank dog for Novak and you, for being such pawesome ambassadors. You are changing hearts and minds!

  6. It was the worst time ever, when my family (mom) was so against Nitro’s amputation. “How can you DO that to him” was a question I heard over and over. I finally blew up at her, read her the riot act, and actually cut off communication with her for several weeks after his surgery. Being the first-born, responsible, obedient kid I was, this was hard to do, but necessary for my sanity. I wouldn’t let her see him for months afterwards either. Today she sings his praises and brags how well he’s doing. I also had “well-meaning friends” tell me their opinions without being asked. I’ve discovered you really know who your true friends are when dealing with an emotionally stressful situation like this.

    Paula and Nitro

    • Haw haw, go Paula! Look what you did by standing up for your decision. You changed your Mom’s mind…that’s like turning water into wine when it comes to moms of a certain age! Good for you! And I agree, you do find out who your true, non-judgmental friends really are.

  7. Ditto on the second opinions. My family vet, who is great, felt that Otis’ arthritis would be a problem if he had an amputation. The surgeon we consulted with, who does many amputations, often for cancer, felt that Otis would be fine. And he was!

  8. WOW!!!!!!! That is amazing! happy Ampuversary Daphne!! You lucky dog!!!!

    Julie and Spirit Buddy

  9. Will do my friend❤

  10. beautiful pictures! and such a big smile on her face. makes it all worthwhile. Like you we are around 12 months post-surgery and like you we are trying to enjoy every minute together. Keep it up and more pictures please!! 🙂

  11. Thank you for featuring us and thank you for your kind comments!! I love this site!

  12. This was a great read as someone who is only on day 9 of amputation recovery with our girl. It is tough, and the future is scary too, but this brightened my day!

    Congratulations Manni and Mom!!

  13. Wonderful “go to” sources for any cat on this journey!!

  14. I just happened across this on Pinterest! When I saw my sweet Izzi’s picture I was so proud! Thank you for featuring her and for sharing the info about what saved her. I hope it can help someone else in the future!

  15. Does the MERSA only show up at the insicion sight? Our Rotty has a sore on her cheek since her amputation in Oct. The Vet is aware and sold us a spray to use.

  16. I have been worrying about Gracie’s gait (foreleg amp); she seems to slighty favor the back leg diagonally opposite her missing leg. I noticed this when we first adopted her (3 weeks post amp) and I notice it still. I have taken her in for a knee assesment to a well repsected orthopedic vet and he didn’t see anything odd that wouldn’t be explained by her weight distribution. He didn’t feel the need to xray. My regular vet thought maybe a partial CCL tear and had us put her on severely restricted activity and Rymadil for 4-6 weeks. We have done that and she still has her funny, hopping gait, with an occassional mis-step with that leg and a sort of odd “swinging-wide” of that leg. Additionally she doesn’t seem to put full weight on that leg often when she is standing still (when eating for instance). I was heartened to see the video of the other foreleg amputee in this article. His “hop” is just like Gracie’s. And, I hope she is just fine.

  17. Oh Manni!! You absolutely melt my heart! I could look at photos of you all day long!! 🙂

    And because your human had the courage to listen to her inner voice, you now CELEBRATING A MIRACULOUS ONE YEAR AMPUVERSARY …and WAIT…there’s more! We get to celebrate a HAPPY TEN YEAR BIRTHDAY!!!

    Manni and his Mom stayed the course through a rough recovery, including a long bout with phantom limb pain!

    Thank you so much for sharing all of the thought processes you went through to go forward with the amputation and the hurdles you faced during recovery.

    And the best part of this post is seeing hiw incredibly happy Manni is and how much he continues to live life ro the fullest!! Manni sure know how to BE MORE DOG!!

    You are a ROCK STAR!! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS can’t wait to see more photos in his blog! Such a handsome boy! 🙂

  18. Four days ago i received news the lump on my 7 yr old boxer crosses lip is cancer. Devastating. I cry everyday. He is a therapy dog and has helped others now i need to be there for him. The vet has put him on prednisone and cephalexin. It has lessened the swelling a bit but i know it is just prolongong the inevitable. I am ok with that as i have not come to terms yet. He looks at me like he is asking why i am crying. He sleeps a lot now so i know he is battling this disease. He had a rough start in life by being in and returned to the SPCA for 2 yrs of his life. I could not have asked for a better dog. Everyone loves him. He loves everyone. I am hoping he hangs in long enough to be able to go on a couple horse trail rides again.


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