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Name: charon coonfield
Bio: gayle developed a small lump in her right front wrist. biopsy determined it was a soft tissue sarcoma, with amputation feb 17, 2010. she's recovering nicely, taking naps when needed, and enjoying every moment of every wonderful day. in december 2010 we discovered oral melanoma cancer. gayle had two surgeries to remove tumors, but the ugly disease took her from us december 12, 2011. love never ends.

Recent Posts (All Posts)

love never ends
it is with a heavy heart, that i post that we lost gayle today.  she was about 22 months post amputation for soft tissue sarcoma, and was nearing the one year date of identifying the existence of oral melanoma.  she had two surgeries to remove the (More)
what a great day for a walk!
sunday was our first every morris animal foundation k9 cancer walk here in knoxville.  the weather was great, and the turnout was unbelievable!!  gayle got a little tired, but was a trooper thru the whole afternoon of visiting and excitement.  sam (More)
she may have a finance degree, but she can't add....
charon is a goober when it comes to counting...even with only three legs, i knew her numbers were off.....geesh, today is my 19 month ampuversary for pete's sake!!! geesh, she's so hard to train, but i guess i'll keep her. gayle (More)
2nd UPDATE!!! counting our blessings...
yesterday was charon’s birthday – she dare not even think about september when the news of gayle’s melanoma diagnosis came last december.  but gayle is a warrior, and again, she sat by her charon’s feet, napping and having puppy dreams, as t (More)
come walk with us in september - i'll be the one doing the 'tripawd hop'
charon & i are registed for the first annual Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer Walk in knoxville.  we'll be 'hopping' on sunday september 18th, so everybody should try to plan on being in knoxville that weekend to walk with us.  there's plenty (More)

Recent Comments (All Comments)

hope you can snag some sleep while your two 'babies' sleep!!! it will get better, we promise. charon & spirit gayle (More)
welcome!! poor oscar, having to go through all of that pain and such, when that leg was obviously wanting to be gone. he will do fine on three legs - although we'd recommend you keep him a little confined/controlled for the next two weeks until the incision is healed and sutures are out. the pain meds can make our pups loopy, and it takes a (More)
we remember the shock of learning of gayle's cancer, and then the second diagnosis of melanoma. writing about your experience is very important for you, and for us. we don't need to dwell on the heartbreaks, but we need to acknowledge them and give ourselves permission to feel the pain. charon & spirit gayle (More)
bailey, we are declaring it 'bailey day' here in ET!!! the monkeydogs are getting extra treats and we are celebrating your wonderful 18th birthday!! be careful, now you're legal to be drafted into the army!! charon & spirit gayle (More)
sounds like you guys are on an excellent adventure. geesh, mulligan on a golf course - that's funny!! charon & spirit gayle (More)

3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. My Chiweenie, Shadow was diagnosed with Lymphoma December 9th and does not have the more aggressive type T form. He was started on Prednisone 1.5 ml every 12 hours and his lymph nodes shrank but only for about a week. He was also started on antibiotics at the same time. The only symptoms he has are swollen lymph nodes, intermittent fever and a slow progression of muscle loss and therefore weakness. When the Vet ran out of liquid Prednisone,a he had to have pills desolved and they made him vomit. When back on liquid the vomiting stopped. He no longer can jump on or off the bed. He recently could no longer jump on the couch so I put a dog bed mattress in front of it and he uses it as as boost. He no longer hikes his leg when urinating because weakness is causing loss of balance. He initiates play every day. Takes daily walks and pretty much lives his normal routine and life. Until this week, the Prednisone made him randy and he was often trying to mate with my spayed Heeler. Lol I know the time is getting near when I will have my Vet help him reach eternal rest and. I am grateful for the two good months the meds bought us and any more additional time we might have. My wonderful Vet says I will know when it is time. Shadow will refuse one day to eat permanently no matter what I prepare for him. He may become reclusive and move around less, even for water. He may or may not suffer seizures or breathing difficulties and if he does, it will immediately be time. I will not have him suffer or just exist. Then it will be time and because he has been my loyal and gentle, funny friend, I will not hesitate. I will miss him horribly but have been trying to prepare myself. Blessings to all who take this difficult journey and to their beloved canine companions.

    • Carol, our hearts go out to you, we are sorry to hear about Shadow’s diagnosis. He is so lucky to have such a loving parent like you. This is the hardest part of the journey but when we put their needs ahead of ours it’s all they ever want. You’re doing a great job helping him transition. Hugs to you both.

  2. Is prednisone an acceptable treatment for a return of osteosarcoma where treatment options are limited? Our pet already had one front leg removed due to osteosarcoma two years ago and we just learned the cancer is back in her other front leg?

    • Peter, I’m sorry to hear about the recurrence. Pred is usually given when lung metastasis happens and breathing becomes difficult, but all cases are different and it’s not always the best solution. Your vet will be able to tell you the best course of action but if you are not happy, get another opinion to put your mind at ease. Please let us know how we can help, join us in the Forums OK?

  3. So so so helpful, thankyou x

  4. Awww Calypso, you are poetry in motion! Mesmerizing.

    Thanks for posting this beautiful story.

  5. Can someone please help my dog had his arm amputated today, but the vet didn’t wrap it up. I am worried do I warp it or not I can’t understand y they didn’t. Thanks Cindy

    • Cindy, not all vets will wrap the incision area. Ours didn’t when Jerry lost his front leg. If you are concerned please call your vet. Then join our Discussion Forums where you will find lots of support from pet parents who understand. See you there.

  6. Mom wanted to point out that Liam is certainly not running long distances with the bigger team (not just because of his surgery, but also because he is an old guy), but he is enjoying short adventures at a leisurely pace with the older dogs to keep his mind happy and his body conditioned.

    She also said that even if we did end up having to amputate the leg, he might have been able to run in harness like I did!

    Xo from Spirit Calpurnia

  7. Diane & John (Maximutt) January 28, 2016 at 8:02 am

    We love you Cemil!! You are an inspiration to everyone, and you are an amazing boy!!

  8. Christine Kelley January 27, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    This post just made my entire day – year actually!! Hugs to both you and Cemil!!! (I was just thinking of Cemil and wondering how he was doing.) It’s such a thrill to see him doing so well as an OS survivor and 10 years old too!! Fantastic!

    Love & Hugs,
    Christine & “angel” Malachi (ASD, 3 yr OS survivor).

  9. We just came home from the neurologist where our do, Jake, had a MRI. We were expecting to be told that he had a herniated disc. Instead the MRI showed 8 tumors on the small area that they did the MRI on. Our Jake does not appear to be in pain but he has a “broken wag”. he is a golden retriever and his tail does not move anymore. He is also having trouble going to the bathroom. Things don’t come out the way they are supposed to. I don’t know what kind of cancer he has and so I am not sure if it is the same kind that the original Jake had. We are heartbroken! And not ready to let him go. But the idea of something happening and him being in severe pain is very frightening. We owe it to him to protect him from that. Thank you for the ideas of talking with the oncologist about strong pain meds and being prepared in case something happens at night or on a weekend. My heart goes out to all of you who have been through this.

    • Joan we are very sorry to hear this. Please get a second opinion, it will put your mind at ease and help you decide the best course of action for him. We all send our love & hugs to your sweet Jake.

  10. I love it. Thank you for sharing Cemil’s journey for those of us who joined way after him. He is so awesome

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  11. I’m so inspired!!! Cemil, you give me and Buddy great hope! Thanks for sharing Cemil’s story!!

    Julie and Buddy

  12. Now if this doesn’t provide hope and inspawration for large dogs, for any dogs, I don’t know what will!!

    It was quite enlightening to read how Cemil has re.ained happy and content by adjusting his lifestyle based on what works for him! Dogs don’t focus on what they can’t do as a tripawd, they find joy in everything they can do! I think one of the biggest “trade-offs” is the amount of spoiling we bestow on our Tripawds! I love how Cemil just barks out his wishes and his Mom comes running with water or to be with him for his Mama moment. Love that!!

    I know when I first started this journey with my beloved Happy Hannah, a somewhat chunky Bull Mastiff, Cemil was such an inspawration! And look at him now…still inspiring, still a Beacon of Hope!

    Cemil is a Tripawd. also a Senior Big Tripawd! Such a treat to see that around here!

    Now Cemil, I think you’ve earned the right to have breakfast in bed now on occasion! Refuse to go to the garage….I bet your humans bring it to you on a silver platter!

    Thank you for this insightful peek into Cemil’s journey. I bow down in awe of this magnificent dog and his magnificent humans!

    With love

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  13. I bumped into your blog about Presley when I searched for information on Tan Yu Tang. I couldn’t hold on my tears reading her and her last day. I am feeling what you have gone through cos I too am facing the same journey as you. My beagle April was diagnosed lymphoma last November. It was one of the saddest day in my life. I couldn’t accept it cos she is only 5.5 years old. She is just like a baby to us.

    Her usual vet prescribed her with cumin, shark cartilage and DMG. He’s not in favour of chemo and so do I. I lost my brother-in-law the same week we found out about April’s condition. The chemo sort of killed my brother-in-law.

    Her condition deteriorate during Christmas. Her paws were swollen that hindered her walks. I could see that she was in pain. All we wanted for Christmas was to see her through. We thought we were lose her before the year ended. So, we went for second opinion. The vet encouraged us to send April for chemo. I objected it. My daughter read about others’ sharing lymphoma and asked the vet for prednisolone. After taking the steroid just for the night, she was much better the next day. I was shocked and scared to see her recovered so soon. It could mean that the drug was so strong. The swell of her growth subsided by 30% within two days and her paws healed within a week.

    Next, my daughter did a research on holistic treatment and found a acupuncturist in Kuala Lumpur. BTW, I’m from Malaysia. Dr Susanna Santhiram-Hofherr is a certified acupuncturist. From there, I was introduced Tan Yu Tang. So, I tried searching for info on Tan Yu Tang in late December. Just now after April’s acupuncture session with Dr Susanna, I wanted to find more. That’s when I read about Presley. Sorry that I brought this up since she left you and your family almost 8 years.

    When reading the blog on Time to Say Goodbye, I realised I too will be facing that dreadful day. I am not sure if I am strong enough to be there. If I don’t be there, I know I will not forgive myself. Every day with her is a blessing. Each time I looked at her, I tried to hold back my tears. Sometimes I couldn’t control them and the vet advised me not to cry in front of her. I will treasure every moment with her as you have treasured yours. Thank you for listening to my story. Sorry if I have caused you any inconvenience. God Bless! Jenny

    • Jenny, thank you for writing and sharing your experience. We are so sorry about April and know how hard it is to cope with a cancer diagnosis. Your vet is right though, don’t cry in front of her, there will be plenty of time for tears someday far away in the future. You are doing great, and so is she. You have her in the care of a great vet, may she have a long, long time and more happy memories with you. Live each day at a time and make the most of it, this is exactly what our dogs want. Many hugs coming your way across the oceans.


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