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3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. I don’t know how I missed this. He did great with this surgery and glad to see that he was enjoying his run

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Does anyone know if it is available now? Our dog just had her amputation last week. Her cancer has not metastasized.

  3. This is awesome. I sure hope it is on the right track for finding a cure for this horrible disease.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. Andy,
    Stewie and I would like to extend our sympathies and caring thoughts your way! Doobie sounds like a very special fella! You have all been very blessed to have had him in your life! Doobie was there for you in your darkest hour and he will continue to be at your side! These beautiful souls that we love so deeply here on earth, will always be with us and are waiting for us when we are ready and will help guide us to where we find our own wings!
    Doobie is with your beloved late wifes spirit now and may i offer my deepest condolences for this great loss in your life! Your newly wed was clearly sent to you at the right time. She got to know Doobie and fell in love and now she knows how great your loss is!
    God Bless all of you!
    Petra, Paul, Stewie, Spike, Chester, Miss Lily and Ted ❤️

  5. Thank you for sharing your story about sweet Doobie. No matter how much time we have it is never enough. Thinking of you in your time of sorrow.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  6. I would like to start by saying thankyou to Dr. Boston for her time and incredible expertise! What an incredible procedure it is that you have developed! A lot of dogs are going to thank you all over the world, it may take time, patience and possibly a lot of trial and error, but isn’t that what life is all about?! WEll done!!
    But i would also like to say thanks for being so honest! It is very refreshing to have such an open minded and insightful person to listen to! You made it very easy to understand you, rather than hearing a lot of vet lingo, i heard things in terms that I could understand. Thank you.
    I have often wondered about how insurance could have possibly helped us in this situation and now I am armed with more information and questions than before.
    I realize once again, the huge challenge that Dr. Bill Sones and Dr. Laurie Page took on when we asked them to do Stewie’s surgery for his front left leg amputation. And then to take on the Chemotherapy for Stewie, it really was a big deal in hindsight. And I now know this, because of all of the insight I have gained through this site.
    So I take my hats off once again to our incredible vet team, in our very small village! But also a huge thank you once again to Jim and Rene for offering all of this incredible information to be shared! Knowledge is power right!
    All the very best from Super Stu and his Pride!

  7. This is fantastic!
    Way to go you guys ! I wondered what happened to this topic it secretly disappeared
    Thanks Tina & Manfred;), Teresa & Miss Cow & Amy & Izzy !
    This will help so many people !
    Love to all ❤️

  8. This is WONDERFUL!!!
    And we are sooooo lucky to have the best of the best helping with the translations!!! Thank you TINE, TERESA AND AMY!!! Manni, Eurydice and Izzy are somproid!

    Love to all!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  9. Dear Rene, dear friends,
    A year has passed since my darling boy breathed his last in my arms. To say that I have missed him would be the greatest of understatements. There has not been a day when I have not thought of him, whispered to him, held him close in my mind and heart. The first half of the year, in fact up until August, seems like a blur to me now – looking back it seems like I did nothing but grieve. I would spend entire days and nights howling with pain, to the point where family and friends worried about my mental state. To some it just seemed weird and excessive. Others advised me to go on antidepressants, or “Just get a new dog”. But Connor deserved all of my tears. Now, as the full cycle of the year turns, I see that my grief, though still present, has changed. Outbursts come, like a sudden rainstorm; I let them take me, give in and sob and cry my eyes out, and then the storm passes after a while, and my life goes on. He seems further away now, and while I see the inevitability and the rightness in that, see that it’s part of healing and letting go, yet there is a part of my heart that is fighting this, still wants to hold on, is saying, “Oh please don’t go, I will bear the pain, only don’t go!”. I know that I will move through this painful stage, and gently let time and distance bring an end to the struggle. In any case, his memory has not dimmed – it is clear and bright; in waking hours I will picture our happy times, his happy grin – oh how that dog could smile! – I will see before me. In sleep, he comes to me in joyous, ecstatic dreams, that leave me warmed for days. And I thank God, daily, for the gift of my dog, who taught me what love is. I think back on his illness, the decision to go ahead with surgery, and even though we both suffered, and there were dark days and nights of sickness, worry, fear and exhaustion, even though I am now struggling financially as a result, yet if I had to do it over I wouldn’t change our course. I am convinced that the surgery bought us time, not very much, but a few more weeks; each and every day of these brought us moments beyond price. And it gave me time, too, to accept what was happening, to have the chance to give my all to try and save him, and at the last, to somehow find the strength to bid that Dark Angel, who I had fought so hard against, to come – yes, come, Blessed Friend, you are needed – and take him from my arms into yours and gently release him from his pain. Thank you all for your kind and loving comments, they meant a great deal to me when I first read them a year ago, and they mean a great deal still, and telling our story here has been a huge comfort to me. Give your pup a kiss on the nose, for me and Connor, and do not let a day go by without gazing into the adoring eyes of your best friend. They are our loving Creator’s kindest gift to us.
    Nina Hettema 2/1/18 Covelo, CA

    • Nina, you so beautifully articulated what it’s like to grieve the transition of a forever dog. Connor is proud that you have come so far in this past year, and grateful too. For only in allowing ourselves to move through the grief transition and see it for what it was, are we able to open our hearts to other creatures and give them the love that they deserve. Connor will always come to you in spirit and never be far from your side.

      Thank you for letting us know how you’ve been. What a beautiful letter to us all. I promise you we are giving our critters extra smooches in honor of your unforgettable boy.

  10. I am so pleased to report that for the 2018 races, Alea and Kaan placed first overall (three weekends in a row) for the 3-dog races! It is so wonderful to see Kaan and his family enjoying the life he loves. Here’s a link to a photo from yesterday!

  11. If we use the link above to purchase from Amazon – will this benefit Tripawds? My mom is known for using the wrong link to purchase tripawd merchandise and she wants to make sure she does it right! Let us know.

    Thank you,
    Hannah B Dawg

  12. This was great! We met with Dr Marcellin-Little last September when he consulted on our puppy and her missing back paw with her UC Davis specialist Dr Jamie Peyton. His expertise was so appreciated. We had her first fitting today and I sure hope he gets to see her again.


    We are absolutely pawtying with Gayle and sweet Sessy 🙂 🙂 🙂 This calls for stea, cake and ice cream
    Tha ms for letting us celebrate such an I inspirational milestone with Sessy and her human! 🙂 we love them both!! 🙂

    Extra hugs and a bid dose of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too y

  14. My min pin Tripawd has been on Galliprant for just over a month. While his pain is decreased, his appetite is also decreased and he sometimes feels poor enough to refuse his other meds. I also hear occasional sounds of gastric distress. Will take him for a follow-up this week to see if it’s the Galliprant and if so, what other alternatives are available.

  15. Emerson is a gorgeous boy with a big beautiful heart, and humans who love him to bits – right from the get go he’s always been a puppy with a can do- attitude, just like his humans Dee and Jez. Thanks for sharing his story – and the video – wow! he is one very happy doggie, I cried buckets when I saw it, it’s beautiful to see him running free (and up his usual mischevious self no doubt!)

    Thinking of you all, big hugs from us xxxxx
    Carrol, Wayne, Mitch, Sophie and Diesel

  16. Thank you all, and to Tripawds again! Sunday morning and we’re just back from Curl Curl again – a 34-degree Sydney morning, mind you, so a little hot for a black Labrador, half bouncing around and meeting other dogs, half slumped in the shade! In the last week he’s entirely regained his pre-op personality, and yesterday was so enthusiastic to go walking that he made it down all the 70 steps we have from our front door to the road (coming up them is still one of the goals to be overcome). Best of all, his biopsy has come back as being on the less aggressive end of the osteosarcoma scale, with a low chance of metastasising. Who knows, of course, but he’s certainly happy and pain-free at the moment, and back to focusing on when he might next be able to get food from us. Love to all – Jez, Dee & Emerson!

  17. This is the second time in my life with my boy, Jagen, that I have waited after a limp to bring him to the vet. I’ve had rotties since the 80’s and it seems that I spent more wasted time at vets then not. So in my great wisdom-twice-I waited hoping it’ll work its way out. First cost me a second ligament tear on the opposite leg
    and misery for my boy and now delayed bone cancer diagnosis. If I’d of brought him in sooner…….they are so stoic! He doesn’t act like he’s in pain. I will never, ever do anything like that again. With the bone cancer, he started limping and I thought his nails were the problem. He’s super active and a jumper. No other signs. If I’ve a forever rottie owner like I am, I will now no better. Once he wouldn’t put his foot down and he wasn’t going towards better the answer to get to my vet was clear. So, now I’m posting on the post page for Tripawds. Thank you and also my thoughts are with all of you who are working through this along with my baby boy and I . I’ve learned a lot and we’re finding help during this unusual time. This is a new hiking trail we’re on. He’s with me and I’m sure we’ll experience some pretty interesting and life changing things here too. The Best to Everyone and your Babies. Jagens mom, Sherri

    • Amazing.. I have a Boston Bulldog, had been favoring his left hind leg for the last couple of weeks, thought it just his hips hurting, he is 11. Took him in for an exam and x-rays and they said it is cancer in his lower left back leg. X-rays are at surgeons today and should know if he is a candidate for amputation, baring finding any other signs of the cancer in his system. I keep praying for the best, he is very active, and don’t act like he is any pain at all. Even the vet said he couldn’t believe how much he runs around.

  18. I pick up my 7 year old baby boy today at 11:00. This boy, the love of my life is a rottie who rescued me when he was 6 months old. He “had” bone cancer and is now a special Tripawds like all the other wonderful babies I’ve been reading about these past few days. All of you and your Tripawds have helped me so much with your stories. I don’t have to tell you how difficult this decision is with so little “expected”. Thank you for helping me believe its a good thing and understand more why. I’m home finishing this post, Jagen is sleeping. He walked into the vets exam room after crying for me in the kennels as happy and normal looking as if he’d been boarding there. I’m amazed how he can manage. I’ve got to get some weight off of him. It is the right decision. Soooo, I’m on my way with my boy on this Tripawd journey. Never did I ever imagine this. I’m overly blessed by my boy and the support I see for us on this site. All of you and your furbabies have made a big difference in mine and Jagens life. Today, Day 1

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